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A Royal Inside Trader


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Love it.. Pelosi is part of the elite that are ‘special.. not under the same laws as “we the people” and I always did think that Martha Stewart got a raw deal.. Martha conducted herself with grace and poise and did the ‘punishent ‘ they gave her without whining.. She bucked up and faced jail and made a positive out of it. Then picked up and went on with her life.. Martha Stewart is a hundred times the woman that pelosi is.. Thanks for this cartoon.. 🙂

  2. I’ve allway’s wondered why anyone would want to be a politician. All the crap about serving the people is just an excuse to insider trading and great pension’s and the very best of health care for life, provided by tax payer’s holding more than one job just to survive.
    I tried to do more research on this and found thing’s like Mitch Mc Connel’s net worth is 20 million dollar’s and he’s never held a private sector job. I’m a democrat so i’ve tried to research the GOP and i’ve come to the conclusion that the reason they won’t vote to raise taxes on the rich is because they are rich.

    1. Your research based on liberal blogger myths… If your research was accurate Jessie, you would have found that most of the high wealth is held by the democrats… Corporations and the rich don’t pay taxes, because when you raise their taxes they always pass it to the consumer to maintain their profit margin, and in this economy would be disastrous. That is why the GOP dose not want to see taxes raised, it would only hurt the people you think it would help…. What makes me sick is all these rich Democrats exploiting the poor for their votes.. Making you think they’re looking out for the little guy while they line their pockets… Kennedy, Kerry, Dodd etc, etc… Hypocrites.

  3. And to prove that people like Pelosi believe they ARE the ruling class and we are the common class is the fact that she does not believe she’s done anything wrong. She is completely deluded, and insane and we all know the definition of “insane” and that is someone who keeps making the same mistake thinking there will be a different outcome.

    She is making all the mistakes thinking she doesn’t have to worry about outcome being any different than it always has been for her, and that is, she continue’s to get away with committing high crimes. Who has the guts to go up to her with a couple of U.S. Marshall’s and tell her she is under arrest for insider trading and a few dozen other crimes she has been committing for decades. I’d love to see it, and I hope that with a real conservative who wants to bring respect back to the government by the people, they would start arresting these people who knew they were committing crimes and didn’t have to ever worry about it because of who and what they were, and that is a “sitting Congressman, Senator, etc.” That cannot any longer be all they need to be above the law. No one is above the law, and if we let this practice continue we will looose our civil society and fall into the kinds of societies like Mexico has.

  4. Everyone all over the world can see that American’s don’t have the courage to call the cops on someone who is committing a crime, even in a place where it should be the hardest to committ a crime, the government. But, also to those of wealth have always been those who have to suffer the least because of their wealth and the power it commands. And why? Because if Pelosi finds out that you are going to be trying to have her arrested for taking the profits she believes she is due, she will make a call to people she knows are loyal to her, and that don’t cost to much money, in other words they sell out cheap, and tell them to find out what they can on you and she prepares her statement that she might have to use to the press, of course she knows no one in the press will ever ask her about it, maybe, and it’s her and her attorney’s version of the reason why she made so much off of stock sales from companies that are now bankrupt, and other stock holders got nothing. Can she explain why that is? I doubt it, but she’ll have something to say that adequately covers her butt.

    And I still say that if Obama is serious about taxing the millionaires and billionaires then I believe the taxation should start with all the rich *ss Democrats who have more money than anyone in the government. There are more multimillionaires, and billionaires in the Democrat Party than in the Republican Party. That is a fact.

    And Pelosi is one of the richest, if not the richest in the government. I think that I would require that they show a complete and total wealth assessment that includes everything she and her husband own and have. She may complain that her husband shouldn’t be included with her income and investments because the tax is only on individuals, but I would come back and say that it is on their entire family if she is filing “joint return” on her income tax. It wouldn’t anyway, I want to know what she’s got going on and how much she’s got.

    And then tax the hell out of her and all the rest. But I would be purposely and only tax the Republican’s what Obama was saying, 2-3 % more on them. Ha, ha. Let’s see how the Socialist Democrats like being ripped off!

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