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99% sign of the Times


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. I find it humorous that the Occupy Baltimore folks literally got the plug pulled on their little picnic. City officials have turned off electricity that they were stealing to power their coffee pots and laptops. They’re thinking of using bicycles to provide power. Hey, if they’d do that for REAL, think of the alternative power potential!!

    1. Now, you KNOW that bicycling to generate electricity is VERY bad for a carbon-footprint. Seriously. Think of the CO2 the pedal-pumping protestors will produce, panting painfully from parched lungs. It’s preposterous. Dee-thpickable.

  2. Perfect toon Tony! And it’s going to get worse! I imagine that it won’t be long before the Reserve will be called in when they start breaking windows, looting and perhaps killing someone!
    Remember, Beck forecasted all of this!
    Again, well done Tony!

    1. Thank you Corkie… Yes, it’s funny we new about this months ago, and most of the OWS’s only found out a few weeks ago… Most still don’t even know why there.

      1. OMT! Speaking of Beck and how he projected that all of this would come to pass. Think of his “friend” Bill O’Reilly who he did several “BOLD FRESH” tours with last year, who was at one time making fun of Beck’s projections. I wonder what Bill is thinking now?
        The only way for us to fight against this “socialist movement /takeover (occupation)” is to start in our own hometowns and to start the resistance now. I wish I could get out there and do some serious Tea Partying in person! Instead, I will have to do it on my computer anyway that I can!
        Thank you for letting me do that Tony over on your FB page!
        Your toon is right on my friend!

  3. Further more the liberals are asking for GUN registration when the slime balls are breaking into buildings and setting fires in different cities. I will keep my gun loaded just in case.

    1. In today’s world I am sick. LOL… I’ve never had the urge to crap on a police car, or blame haves for what I don’t have… Yes I am very twisted.

  4. It burns me up that they’re destroying many small businesses. The Mom and Pop stores are hurting worse than big business with this crap going on. Most of them are the 99%ers. Sickening. Thanks for seeing this, too, Tony.

  5. I emailed Bloomberg a week or so ago and asked him where were the protection of the small eateries who are loosing 40-50% of their business because their customers are afraid of the protesters who have been intimidating them. I asked him why hasn’t he sent the cops down to Wall Street and make sure the protesters are minding their own business and leaving the customers alone. These people are just trying to get a lunch before it’s time to get back to work. I asked him why wasn’t he doing his job and protecting the people of New York City instead of these people who came and are from no telling where. I told him he needed to get off his butt and do his job before he finds himself thrown out on his ear. A few days later I got a email from his office telling me they received my email.

    The mayor is making a very bad example of what mayor’s are supposed to do to protect the cities people instead of showing the invaders he was going to stay out of their way and they were free to do as they wish, and aren’t we seeing that for sure. Rapes, muggings, robberies, crapping where there are no facilities, the trash, the filth, and drug use, drug sales right out in the open, alcoholism in public, and in daylight, the absolute worse of what we could expect from human beings. The absolute worse that people can be expected to act. “Anonymous” comes on the radio I heard on Sean Hannidy and the person was saying that they were going to push America into being the kind of country where everyone was happiest. And I said, “What kind of thing is that, Socialism, Marxism?” These people are stupid!! These people think they actually know what they are saying, they think they know what they are doing, they said that we have to get ready for their taking over our country. Well, I have news for them, they aren’t but a tiny little percentage of the overall population nationwide. And they aren’t going to take over anything because real American’s won’t let them take this country away from us. They say they are the 99% of American’s? What? I doubt it very seriously if they are less than 10% of the population and that includes all the people who vote Democrat, and that might bump it up to maybe 20% of the whole population in America. So what number are they now? I’ll bet all but the tiniest percentage of these protesters are even registered to vote.

    These dirty scum bags like to pretend that they are all united in mind, and you could figure that if you were smoking pot and were stoned out of your mind, but when it comes to human beings you can’t count on more than one or two to be like you. And these people are stealing money and drugs, sleeping bags from each other, and food, and ipod’s, and ipad’s, so they all can be trusted to think alike and do the same thing at the polls. My butt.

    1. You make some huge points here…. This is simply a MOB mentality movement! A mob is like beast with no rationality or direction and reason. Sure there may be few people in the mob that think they’re rational, but get caught up in the insanity.

  6. Quite a few people would be surprised to know what a lot of teachers are realy paid ..It used to be an honorable calling but now its just another way to take from the tax payers without any sense of owing their kids a decent education. Fortunately their are a few dedicated teachers left but they aren’t out protesting anything ..

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