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11,000 Freed from Bonds of Despotic Employment by Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland is continuing to show how dedicated they are to peacefully exercising their right to protest. Who wouldn’t want to stand in solidarity with these martyrs? They’ve already shown how impassioned they are about liberating the 99% from the tyranny of oppressive corporations. Why else would they be breaking the windows of small businesses and setting fire in the streets? And the nerve of the police to respond to the mere exercising of their civil liberties by tear gassing them and shooting rubber bullets!

And in their latest act of rebellion against ‘the man’, they’ve closed down the port of Oakland! This selfless act has managed to liberate 11,000 people from the bonds of despotic employment, and cost an estimated loss of four million dollars to the already struggling port. Another victory against the evils of capitalism! Wouldn’t it be great if now we could just shut down all the ports? Let’s envision that for a moment. Shutting down ports like those in Oakland is a strategy highly indicative of Cloward and Piven- overwhelm the system, in this case by shutting down shipping and forcing it elsewhere, to the point where it can no longer handle the pressure and collapses. Then someone like George Soros can step in and institute an open society- sound free and just to you?.

But do the protestors realize the full implications of this? Shutting down the ports and forcing business away means no more imports. Which means no more exotic products, like the coffee beans used to make those expensive lattes the anti-corporation protestors love so much. (Yes Starbucks, this hurts your profit margins!) And by the way, does Starbucks, who is introducing a new cup with a Nutcracker whose face is the Guy Fawkes mask that the group Anonymous and other Occupy groups have been sporting, realize it’s the kind of giant multi-national corporation that these people want to shut down and eat the CEO’s of?

John Galt, if you’re reading this: I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask any other man to live for mine.

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  1. Katherine, You are an idiot. Either that or you are a whore to big business, getting paid big bucks to write propogandist drivel in hopes that the Fox News consuming dullards in America, the poor souls who exist on microwaveable, genetically engineered food, spend their days glued to mindless television programs and haven’t had an original thought in years, will be swayed to ‘feel’ negatively about the Occupy movement. You are ridiculous. I can’t even get angry, I just feel sorry for you.

  2. There, there, dear Katherine, those are your meds, not mine. For symptoms your delusional system of thinking, intermittent difficulty looking at yourself in the mirror after the inane drivel you pen, not being able to sleep at night for who you get into bed with to further your aspirations.

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