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United (OWS)


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Gads. Seems we’re pretty damn significant after just a month and a week. (?) Still portraying us as hippie simpletons? Nazi, communist, Obama, Dems, Anarchist, Socialists, Soros, unions, professors, teachers, first-responders, soldiers, students, unemployed, Acorn, etc, lol! In a year, at this rate you’ll might empty yourself of all the boogiemen under your bed. Once you’ve done that… what you have to say will not matter – all credibility will have been spent. Wait. Maybe not. For centuries there has always been a ready audience for another “end-of-days” assertion isn’t there? But, again nice illustration despite the substance itself.

  2. Geez- The latest OWS headlines are pretty well documented about just who the Occupiers are: Here’s a couple in case you missed them, as surely you must have been out of News range for the past month:

    Like the criminally convicted, vote-fraud and corrupt pimp and prostitute advisors ACORN at OWS:
    The reincarnation of the defunct New York ACORN chapter — a group called New York Communities for Change — is a big supporter of the protesters in Zuccotti Park.

    Read more: https://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/acorn_taking_root_again_amid_protests_S7oqpPcxPTpqp3uH2cEjQI#ixzz1byYlTLIk

    And the NYU “professor” preaching about rethinking Marxism at OWS on video for all to see:

    And the always popular Heroin dealers living in tent at OWS with a 6-yr-old:




    And the NAZI Party /CPUSA parties just love being involved with and promoting OWS:

    And of course this video of the Head of CPUSA marching with OWS surely must have been made by some right-wing-extreme Gremlins from Pluto:


    Just saying that the truth contained within these Occupy expose’s did not happen does not make it true, especially when staring in the face of all this proof. It does in fact, show Anonymous Awakening to be a propagandist in denial of reality and nothing more.

  3. What a profound toon Tony! This IS what America will look like if we don’t Constitutionally take back our Republic from the Marxists and the Socialists who are trying to claim her for their own!
    This OWS movement didn’t happen over night and we will have to work very hard to get America back to being the Free Country that it once was!
    Voting and elections is where we start!
    No more illegals allowed to vote! They must show that they can provide US status via a birth certificate to vote! Here in Cali, all it takes for them to vote is a DL and Cali issues DL’s out like candy to anyone! A DL is NOT proof of nationality!
    Great toon Tony!

    1. Thank you Corkie.. Your comment is so true so true.. Sometimes I feel we’re Running out of time, as this bunch of tyranny loving socialist continue to dismantle the country we love.

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