The Anatomy of “Objective” Journalism

In 2008, talk show host Sean Hannity declared, “Journalism (the unbiased reporting of the facts) in America is Dead.”  He’s right.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  When the goal is to make headlines by making headlines, you know straight forward reporting is gone.  So why try to fake it?  If you’ll notice, this article originated at “Conservative Daily News”, not “Try-to-fake-objectivity-but-really-have-an-agenda News.”


Yet there are still millions who beer-pong this impartial-flavored Kool-Aid by the bucket full and think they are still not being swayed.  The articles and opinion pieces you see here at CDN are presented without veil or cloak.  It’s news and information – from a conservative point of view.


So where do you go for the other side?  Anywhere that says they are objective and here’s are some of the imbedded land mines to look for.

Our guinea pig for this lesson comes from an Associated Press article covering the Cain campaign in Tennessee.  You can read it here in its entirety, but let’s take some excerpts.

The article draws you in with a quaint story about how Herman Cain overcame a technical snafu by entertaining the crowd with a stirring rendition of “Impossible Dream”, sans amplification.  This was actually quite a risk (for the article, not Cain), since someone just might interpret this to mean that there is finally a candidate who can function without a teleprompter – this guy must actually believe what he’s talking about!

But rest easy, the attack begins now.


Momentum restored, Cain launches into a pitch for his signature 9-9-9 tax plan, and the crowd is right there with him, chanting 9-9-9 along with the Georgia businessman.


The keywords are ‘pitch’ and ‘chanting’.  Pitch implies a sales pitch.  The article later even goes so far as to insert the deliberate phrase “ever the salesman” into one of the sentences.  This of course, insinuates a “Harold Hill” type slick con job, as the spellbinder slips out of town with the good folk’s money.  Really?!

And “chanting”?  What comes to my mind are these moronic, odiferous, public defecators in front of wall street – strike the thought of any intelligence in this little hillbilly Tennessee town.


There are many reasons his bid could fade as quickly as it rose. He acknowledged Friday that he will trail former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry significantly in fundraising. Cain has never held elected office and could wilt under the rigors of the campaign trail and the withering scrutiny coming his way.
The article makes no mention of the fact that Cain did not “wilt” under the stress of chemotherapy while batting cancer 5 years ago or that he didn’t “wither” when he took over a failing Godfather’s Pizza franchise and turned it around.


On Friday night Cain, who is African-American, drew about 2,000 people — some in workshirts and overalls and nearly all white — to a feed barn in rural Waverly, Tenn.
OK, why the references to race at all??!!  Some people are REALLY trying to fulfill Dr. King’s dream – content of character, not color of skin.  And the ‘feed barn’ was stuck in there to automatically devalue the opinion of this nearly all white crowd – can’t be having you thinking that we are edumacated down here in the sticks… yek, yek, yek!!


“I love him,” gushed truck driver James Bland after Cain spoke. “He doesn’t talk down to you. I think he gets the working man.” “And it makes me so happy that he’s put God back into things,” chimed in Bland’s wife, Karen.


Gushed… Obviously this guy was so overcome by his primal backwoods emotions that intellectual reason has just flown out the door – plus, he’s a truck driver, I mean really..  And his faithful doting wife, ‘chiming’ in with her man (cue Tammy Wynette). And let’s not even get into that ‘God’ thing.


Cain doesn’t ignore the race issue, saying that some critics have called him “a racist” and an “Oreo” for leaving the “Democrat Plantation.”


How can he ignore when people keep throwing it back up in his face?!  In all fairness (not objectivity, fairness), Cain is the author of the words ‘Democratic plantation’, but what do you expect when the man can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a racial reference coming at him from all sides?


Tea party activists make up the backbone of Cain’s support and he speaks their language fluently. “My fellow patriots,” he begins some sentences. References to freedom and liberty pepper his remarks.


So using ‘language’ like “patriots, freedom and liberty” are part of the ‘activist’ Tea Party rhetoric, because, Lord knows, a NORMAL citizen would never use these words in their conversations.  Not to mention that they are only used as verbal seasoning and shouldn’t be confused with real substance.

I could go on, but I really want my lunch to stay down.  Feel free to read the rest of this “objective’ article for yourself.  Get in some practice by reading other ‘objective’ sources, yes even Fox.

But don’t blame the writers.  Most of them probably don’t even know they are doing it, just don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is no bias in news reporting anymore.  As the old Latin saying goes, “Caveat Emptor” – buyer beware!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Ever-the-salesman, Barack Obama, (while putting the youth of this country permanently in debt with 3 times the federal deficits as G.W.Bush,) instructs the uninformed sheep to chant” Four more years!” during today’s perpetual campaign trail via strategically placed teleprompters. Oh ya baby, 4 more years and another 5 trillion in debt for the children to pay off.

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