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Speak of the Devil


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Ah yes, the good ‘ol days of singular despots, dictator’s, and tyrrant’s. The good ‘ol days of Castro, Arafat, Hussein, Gadahfi, Komenni. The days of CIA puppet Central American dictator’s by the dozen. One day it’s Papa Doc, the next day it’s Eddi Amein, and the next Kim Jon IL, Mao, and Krueshev. That may be going a bit to far back. But these days we don’t have the luxury of focusing our hate towards one or two individuals from Aftrica to Iran to El Salvador, to Vietnam and China, Russia. Nooooo, these days it’s Islamic terrorist groups that are so numbered they don’t even know who they all are themselves. There are Marxist rebels in the jungles of the Philipines and Muslim terror groups who are fighting each other. And in Europe the leaders of Batter Minehoff are retired old men who sit around and remember the days of blowing stuff up and the adventure of getting away with it. Even Italy has their terror groups, Germany has their neo-Nazi organizations. And those are groups we who are good American’s recognize as being a threat to everyone around the world who are civilized and are trying to keep their country in one piece and their people alive.

    But to young leftists here in America they don’t even know who any of these groups are nor have they ever heard of most of them. And the sad part is, they don’t even care to know. They aren’t taught them in public school, but who is taught is how evil Ronald Reagan was and how he messed up the world, and did bad things by selling weapons to Iran in exchange for money to buy weapons for the rebels who were fighting the Marxist in the jungles of El Salvador. These kids today are taught how wonderful Bill Clinton was and how much a great leader he was, and how much greater Obama is. Kids don’t even know who we fought in World War Two, they don’t know how Adolf Hitler was or which side he was on, our’s or the enemy. And what’s sadder still kids these days are being taught America doesn’t have any enemies but people those wicked Christian’s hate so much, and if you have parents who go to church are brain washed into believeing that we caused 9-11. And if some kid has grandparents who are older than 65 as most do, the kids are told that whatever they know is of no use to the kid because that information is to far out of date to be of any use these days, and the kids are being told not to pay any attention to them when those old people try to teach them something. The kids are told to tell these old people that whatever it is they’re trying to tell them, doesn’t apply to them these days.

    But while our young are paying more attention to getting high, we’ve got Al Quaeda pouring into our country from Mexico. And after they figure there are enough to do what they have to do, they are going to attack us and murder millions of innocent, ignorant young American’s and in those numbers will be all those old people who don’t know what they were trying to tell the young about who our enemies were. To late.

    1. Great points Willow, the only thing I can add to it is, the worshipers of Mao and Marx have infiltrated most of our so called institutions of Higher Learning and thus have educated our dear leftist, progressive leaders. The foxes are in the hen house and most of our youth do not know what that even means. Our Nation is being destroyed from within.

  2. Tony – right on the money! You just continue to hit them out of the park. And Will & Diane – not a single thing I can add… you’ve both pegged it quite brilliantly.

    1. Thank you Steve for commenting… I’ll let God judge him, but thinking with my humanly biodegradable brain, I’m thinking it can’t be good where ever he’s at right now.

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