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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Tony…we have already seen that they will “Uncle Tom” Herman to death. Likely won’t work though! Love the cartoon!

  2. Cain is going to play hell on their plan. Great graphic demonstrating reality. The cards will still get played, but they’ll have to work a bit harder doing it – talking about the MSM.

      1. Tony,

        I would like to say that I have lived in Georgia all my life. I have been following Herman Cain when President George W. Bush was in office. Herman Cain had a weekly column in our hometown paper. Herman Cain is an honest man with a voice that will tell it like it is. Yes he is an excellent business man and that is what we need to stop all of this spending the dems love so much. He is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects. I would vote for Herman Cain any day over Obama.

  3. The twisted truth about what the Socialists are saying about Cain as the Republican candidate is, he is a cover for the racist tendencies in the Tea Party activists. Cain is a good scape goat for all the sins of the Tea Party members who say racist things under their breath at rallies where no one can hear them, and Cain isn’t liked that much by real Blacks because he bowed down to White bankers to get the money to build his businessess. They are saying Cain would kiss a White man’s butt to move up higher in the polls.

    Cain is his own man. The problem I am having with him as about the only candidate left to vote on, is his lack of political experience and his lack of knowledge of how things are done in Washington. That may be a good thing though as he won’t know have any preconceived notions or habits to have to re-experience.

    1. Cain is indeed “his own man.” Let his record stand for itself. Please. The interesting aspect is, Cain is the Koch brother’s original response to Obama… as a special interest corporate spokesperson. Check his ties to their organizations.

      The problem is… he’s the Republican corporatist’s response. Funny how conservative’s can’t see “how so”, afterall, he’s a black man asserting, publicly, that he is Blacker than Obama! That flies as gold… with conservatives… period.

      Cain, being his own man, unfortunately simultaneously disconnects himself (already has) from “brown skinned” constituencies (Texas Latinos this week – unbelievable and unforgivable) in his playing to acceptable Tea Party notions about his being racially acceptable.

      Never mind that he’s a genuine flop in appeal to both minority constituencies and all non-conservatives. Has no chance to recover – he is who he is. Nevertheless, seemingly conservatives believe he’s some sort of clever play, not so very different from Palin as Palin relates to some futile notion of having general appeal “to women” outside of circles of conservative women. Whatever. Seems logical conservatives would do well to be more genuinely inclusive. But the exclusion stuff is apparently what makes a conservative a conservative these days.

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