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OWS Still Keeping it Classy! Defaces 9/11 Statue

Well, the Occupy Wall Street Crowd just gets better and better every day.  Public nudity, unsanitary conditions, insane “demands”…there is just no end to ridiculousness and disrespectfulness of this “movement”.  Now they’ve defaced a 9/11 Memorial statue (via Gateway Pundit).  Nothing says ‘reasonable’ like a complete disregard for a national tragedy in which nearly 3,000 innocent people lost their lives.   Stay classy, OWS!

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One Comment

  1. You did not describe “the defacing.” Just fact checking. The entire OWS movement put a flag bandana on the head of the statue on Seward Johnson’s 1982 sculpture piece called “Double Check” in Liberty Park. The statue portrays a businessman sitting in the park looking in his briefcase? Wow. The nerve. They’re completely out of control I tell ya. 😉

  2. That’s the 9-11 Memorial Statue? You’ve got to be kidding. That was somebodies idea of what 9-11 meant to America, it whoever’s mind? You’ve got to be kidding. How about that kind of businessman, who by the way lost his job permanently because of what the damn Muslim’s did to his company that day. Of course it was the needless deaths of nearly 3,000 people that we want to memorialize, not some stupid statue of a businessman looking into his briefcase. But, how about that same kind of businessman standing over a Muslim in his nightgown and turbin bent backwards with the businessman’s hands around the Arabs neck strangling the life out of him. I think that would have been a much more appropriate statue than some guy looking into his briefcase. Unless that statue was of the guy reaching into his briefcase taking hold of a electronic detonator about to flip the switch, with a map of New York City with all the mosque’s “x”ed on it, and a note pad with the address written down on it. From that statue the observer can tell that he is probably about to set off some explosive device at that mosque he has written on the note pad. That would be much more appropriate, than some guy looking into his briefcase.

    It doesn’t bother me that much to see what was supposedly done to the so-called “9-11 memorial” statue, because it’s not much of a memorial of anything except some guy looking into his briefcase possibly on lunch break seeing that he forgot his lunch that morning leaving the house.

    Sarcastic enough for you?

  3. Or to be more modern, the statue of that businessman would be reaching into his briefcase same scenario of a map of New York City laying in the briefcase with the mosque’s “x”ed on it, and some address written on a note pad laying next to the map, and the guy is reaching for a cell phone to dial the number that sets off a bomb of a mosque at that address. That’s like Al Quaeda does it, so we could pay them back for what they did to us, you know, an eye for an eye. Can we think of some other better statue that would indicate how much Islam is hated for what they did, that what Bush did, by running to the nearest mosque in Washington and begging them that we don’t blame Islam for what happened, that day doesn’t reflect in any way what was in most of all American’s hearts that day. Some statue of this guy looking into him briefcase doesn’t reflect in any way what American’s still feel about what Islam did to us that day.

  4. Anonymous say’s it’s called “Double Check” by Seward Johnson would apply to either of my scenario’s of what would be more appropriate for how American’s feel about what was done to us that day. The guy is “Double Checking” “test” on his device to make sure the wiring is okay and it’s ready to blow up that mosque he’s written down on his note pad.

    1. The statue was placed where it is in 1982, nearly 10 years before 9/11.

      A placing a flag bandana on it is defacing it.

      That’s what I love about the way art impacts the mind. The interpretive dances around art can be absolutely beautiful.

      February 2011 an amendment to reduce FY11 funding to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by $20.6 million was approved by the House of Representatives. This amendment was on top of the $22.5 million funding reduction already recommended by the House Appropriations Committee. The House FY11 continuing budget resolution now included a $43.1 million funding decrease to the NEA, which represents a 25% cut from current funding.” The vote went along party lines: 214 Republicans voted for the amendment; only 3 Democrats did. Why do the Republicans hate the arts one minute and then scream like banshee’s if one placed a bandana on it, in the next minute?

      What an odd people.

      1. Were you aware that people adorn and dress up this statue frequently? It wore a “hard hat” for a bit commemorating the rebuilding of the Twin Towers Memorial for a period, for example. The flag bandana commemorates the protest of the moment for…. the protesters. It’s public art dear. Not sure how to respond to your “defacing” blather.

        How about you occupy yourself in looking up “Robinhood Tax. We’re marching across the nation October 29th in more than 900 cities, in a way far bigger than we did on October 15th, to make everyone in this country aware specifically of what a Robinhood tax is.

        Brace yourself. This is looks like it’s going to be one long cold winter for the army of the defenders of the 1%.

        1. Anonymously yours/alert/aware/etc,
          Why don’t you explain the “robinhood tax” plan to us. Is it a well thought out proposal? Tell us who it collects revenue from and where that revenue goes. Help us understand who would be exempt from paying income taxes in the plan. How much revenue will that remove from the coffers? Which services would you cut off due to the loss of revenue?

      2. when people are losing their homes and wondering where their next meal is coming from the idea of art is probably the last thing on their minds. If you want to make a donation to the arts feel free dont make me do it if I dont want by giving my tax dollars to it

  5. Nice to see the leftists fact-checking conservatives. Have ya figured out where the hell those 57 states are located at yet, of even better, just how a minority in the Senate is soley responsible for blocking the UNION graft bill posing as a jobs bill? Or maybe fact-checking and explaining just what the criteria is for a saved job and what concrete proof would constitute it being saved due to the chosen ones policies?

    How about fact-checking the CBO while your at it? You know the folks who say Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive Socialists are now responsible for the 3 largest deficits in U.S History? How long has Barack been in office? Better fact-check that part too there.

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