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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. I thought I read yesterday that it was a fat lady –Rosey was her name, I think? –that called for the beheading of rich people…..
    And, too…..the sign of today is not visible: the one about killing Jesus again when He comes back…..
    I recollect reading that the teacher-union junk of a couple of months ago, in Wisconsin, was supposed to be the trigger for the staged riots that would “let” O shut down the elections & become dictator –that flopped, because of the good, good Americans…….now I wonder if this attempt will do so….. ) :

    1. We’re awake alright.. We saw what these loons were up to before the media did, and that the lefty communist and anarchist are organizing it…. Collapse the system and rebuild a socialist utopia is their objective.. Destroy the REPUBLIC and use democracy to advance a totalitarian government. If anyone doesn’t understand this they are in a Kool-aid induced coma.

  2. And that’s just what they all look like!! A bunch of dirty lazy freaks demanding what they’re not going to get!! Great duplication of who they are Tony! Love your work!

  3. “We the people who hate America” how aptly put Tony. Funny how they bitch and whine about how they hate America yet never seem to move to their Socialist Utopian countries, such as Cuba. Here is a memo to the wanna-be Communists, Socialists and Che-wearing neanderthals at the Occupy crowds: Get the F&*# out if ya hate it here so much!

  4. Ya should have put a bandana on the faces of a few of these cowards that are such courageous champions of the left that they have to hide there faces.

  5. I like the guy on the right, with his back toward me. It looks like he’s contemplating suicide… “Jump Man! JUMP!”

    1. Yeah TJ, Tattoos, piercings, dirty, sloppy clothing winners, can’t figure out why they can’t find a job… Would you want to hire anyone like this???

  6. ~~Some of these morons claim it’s about student loans~~I remember something about college loans being in one of the stimulus bills or bail outs~ Anyone remember obummer saying this?

  7. Did anyone see Bob Beckel on The 5 say these protests are in every city in the US, they are huge man! What a flake. Greg said, Well Bob can we expect to see you pulling up there in your limo ? He’d fit right in.

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