Michael Eric Dyson is a "Post-Intentional" Boob

Michael Eric Dyson – professional whiner and racist – pulls out his 10 dollar words to point out how Herman Cain is a sell out and “delusional”.  Dyson takes issue with Cain’s claim that racism is not the most common thing holding back Black Americans these days.  He wants Cain to recognize that Blacks are still discriminated against and have not been allowed to achieve success, or even the access to the opportunities that result in success.  Also, Dyson is a New York Times best selling author and college professor.  I guess those things don’t pay well when you’re Black.  He probably found that fancy suit of his at the local thrift store. Racism!  Dyson also introduces us to another fancy new term, coined by a fellow professor-y friend: post-intentional racism.  Racism never ends!  Even when you think you aren’t racist you really are.  Post-intentionally so!  You should be ashamed.  Personally I think Mr. Using-My-Middle-Name-Makes-Me-Sound-Smart has an issue with Herman Cain’s race, and its NOT post-intentional.  Its just racist.


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One Comment

  1. It’s really easy. If you are a drug pusher, that last thing you want to see is all your “clients” get off drugs. If you are the Democratic party, you don’t want people who are hooked on government to realize it hasn’t helped but hindered them.

    ONLY Herman Cain could say this. No other Republican could ever say this without being labeled racist…. AND IT NEEDS TO BE SAID!

    I have seen it all my life with some. They try a little and when they don’t make it because they gave 12% and others gave 100% they scream racism.

    This country needs Herman Cain, but we wont get him, we still want to cling to our guns (for liberals this is the vitriol they spew) and their religion (big government)!!

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