Herman Cain; Obama Cain’t

Joy Behar is going to blow her waistband attempting to convince us that Herman Cain is a racist or that we are racists for supporting him and not Obama.

Herman Cain
However, Behar needs to understand that we conservatives face a moral dilemma. Can’t she comprehend the fact that we are wondering if we would be racists for supporting Obama? After all, he’s half white! But seriously, folks, it is going to be a lot of fun watching the Marxist Democrats marching in lockstep trying to destroy Cain. They won’t be able to do it. Cain doesn’t have skeletons in his closest like a certain POTUS we all know. Besides, given his pizza background, Cain has a really thick crust. We can’t say the same thing for the current occupant of the White House.

Cain is taking the Republicans by storm. A true conservative, Cain is amply demonstrating that one need not be a RINO in order to win the Republican nomination. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, grassroots Americans are amply demonstrating that being a RINO is a losing proposition. They (we) are moving in droves into the Cain camp. The only candidate standing in Cain’s way at the moment is Mitt Romney. Time will tell if Romney fades into the night. In the meantime, Cain is nipping at Mitt’s heels by demonstrating that fearlessly telling the truth to the American people is a winning strategy.

It has often been said in the game of chess that the best defense is a good offense. Cain must be a grandmaster. Instead of tucking his tail between his legs and watching the communist rabble run amok on Wall Street, Cain is taking them on headfirst. On Sunday, October 9, 2011 (that would be today for those of you in the Beltway) Cain denounced the communist protestors as “jealous” people who “play the victim card” and seek to “take somebody else’s” Cadillac. The protestors’ antics are simply the same old game. They cry victimhood. Cain is the anti-victim. The protestors attack big business. Cain rightly points out that dependency on the government is the real form of slavery. The protestors demand a free lunch. Cain explains that the concept of self-reliance is closely tied to liberty. You can’t remove man’s ability to provide for himself and his own and still see him standing nobly and independent on the rock of freedom. It doesn’t happen that way.

Remember, Hitler and the Nazis were young, worker party socialists who attacked the banks and land owners, ousting the governing conservative Weimar Republic. Hitler thrived on the youths’ anger over vast unemployment and a nation mired in economic depression. Hitler and his followers had an enemy: The banks – the Jews. Their Wall Street, if you will. Today’s protesters are either ignorant of this history or are happily repeating it. Either way, it’s a scary proposition for America’s future when the model of change mirrors such origins.

Cain is a threat to the biggest industry in America: The Dependence industry. There is no level to which the left-wing communist mobs will not stoop in their attempts to assassinate Cain’s character and denigrate his accomplishments. Liberal racism is going to be on full display in the days and weeks ahead. The pure vitriol which the left is attacking Cain is testament to the threat he poses to them. Make no mistake about it; the left is afraid of Cain. Marxism is a failed concept of self-government promoted as virtuous and found attractive by those dumb enough to believe the disingenuous arguments of the leftists. The reality is that their communist masters will just take what they need from others with no obligation to give anything in return. The communists preach to ignorant fools, those hoping to pause the Marxist revolution at the point where they are become members of the totalitarian ruling class− controlling the disarmed povertized masses created by the Marxist revolution.

Marxism is a flawed ideal where the individual puts everyone else’s needs above his own. The individual soon notices that his own needs are not being met and quickly begins to resent those he is supposedly working for (hence the protests against Wall Street). Before long, the individual begins to slack off, knowing that his efforts will only reward others, and it is only the work of others that will benefit him (which is quite the paradox since they protest Wall Street but it is the wealth generated by the private sector that finds its way into their pockets via taxation and the subsequent inevitable welfare handouts). Eventually, the standard of living for this society will begin to plummet. In the end, the people, yearning for freedom, will try to escape a communist society. In order to preserve the Marxist utopia, those caught escaping will need to be shot. But don’t take my word for it. Ask anyone living in East Berlin from 1950 to 1990.

Cain is talking truth to the American people and the great masses of Americans are responding to his message. We know truth when we hear it. We crave it. And we sure haven’t heard any truth from the Obama Administration. If Cain is a radical then give us more radicalism. Cain teaches the revolutionary philosophy that we should change ourselves before we try to change the world. Cain tells us to live on a budget. Cain preaches the Gospel of living within our means. Cain teaches us how to invest on a regular basis in order to create our own nest eggs. Cain teaches people to live disciplined lives, which is something the people of Europe didn’t learn and now they are paying the price of their mutual folly. Basically, Cain doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Liberals hate Cain. He makes them, the Liberals, sound so stupid when they call him a racist. Liberals hate Cain even more because the Tea Party loves him, and they, the Liberals, claim the Tea Party is racist against blacks. Cain exposes Liberals for the liars they are, and Liberals hate him for it. Liberals cry out that Cain is simply the flavor of the month for the GOP. But the bitter truth for the liberals is that any flavor is better than the bitter bile currently being spewed from the Obama Administration. The fact that Cain’s flavor is sweet is doubly bitter to the liberals. The contrast is compelling grassroots America to action. The masses of Americans in flyover country are demonstrating the lie that liberals spew that conservatives are racists. The liberals, such as the beloved Joy Behar, simply can’t explain how conservatives are thronging to the campaign of a black man. That just simply isn’t supposed to happen in Liberal Land. But that is exactly what is happening. Conservatives like Cain, and why? Because they don’t care about the color of his skin! True conservatives don’t even care about the color of their own skin, for that matter. All true conservatives care about is the content of Cain’s character. Now, where have we heard that concept before? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Cain is a man of character. Obama is nothing but a character. Cain takes on the Wall Street protestors. Obama winks in support of them. Obama preaches the false Gospel of dependency. Cain preaches freedom and independence both to blacks and to the American people as a whole. Obama hasn’t done anything for the blacks other than instilling in them the notion that they are victims who deserve to be treated as such. Obama hates to see blacks who have made it on their own without claiming to be a victim because it invalidates his communist rhetoric. Cain destroys that myth. Cain didn’t wallow in his misery. He rose above it. He shows all people of all colors that they can reach their dreams through hard work. Cain and the conservatives are not the racists in this country. The true racists are the leftists.

Cain gets it right again. These protesters are supported and funded by Soros money, unions, and various organizations for the Democratic Party. These protesters want what others have worked for and they want the government to take it from you and give it to them. This is the basic principle of American socialists. They wouldn’t be protesting if our country was poor. There would be no one to take from. But because our county has become rich from capitalism, they want to take this wealth. It is ironic, that they do not realize that by protesting Wall Street and the so-called rich, they recognize the wealth and prosperity that capitalism has provided for all Americans.

Cain has a fighting chance to be the GOP’s nominee for president in 2012. With the exception of Romney, the other candidates are slowly falling by the wayside. The Cain Mutiny has begun. Long live the mutiny!

Cain really impresses us. Al Sharpton? Not so much.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Very good article Polar! You have definately done your research, and it shows. I only hope that by Nov. 2012, the ppl for Obummer will open their eyes and realize what he’s doing to our country.

  2. Liberals have already started in on Cain trying to prove “he isn’t black enough” since he sat out protesting for civil rights in the 60’s. (Re: Lawrence Odonnell – Cain interview this past week)

    Oddly enough… Odonell didn’t mention the DEMOCRAT FILIBUSTER of the Civil Rights Act during that same period. Cain should have brought that fact up.

    Odonell epitomizes what the left in this country thinks about blacks: If you are black, smart, and a self-made millionaire… you are not black. And it makes white democrats shake in their boots when blacks refuse to be bought with welfare programs, and choose conservative values of INDEPENDENCE instead.

  3. Excellent expose’ on why the left hates “The Hurri-Cain.”

    I also see that now both sides of the progressive puke pile are bashing Cain’s 9-9-9 plan over the weekend. They wouldn’t bother bashing him if they weren’t very afraid of Mr. Cain and his true conservative principles. Florida spoke up against the establishment GOP and their fluffy moderates when Cain won the straw poll, which also awakened many independents across the nation. Florida is getting redder by the minute and the GOP Primaries should be real interesting down here.

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