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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Somebody from our side needs to be in New York finding out what NGO’s numbers of these people are from if they can find out. Some are from this Bust Ad’s outfit from Canada who was supposed to be the people who started this protest. I’d like to know who the hell these Canuk’s think they are when they aren’t from America, they’re from Canada. They don’t have anything to do with our problems, if Canada has financial problems, it’s their’s not ours, and visa versa. So how is it that our government can give a permit to demonstrate,what is it that they called it to get a permit from the City to gather for political purposes, that a city in the United States would be giving a permit to do that to some non political party organization from a foreign country?

    There are probably so many Socialist/Marxist/Communist/anti-Israeli/anti-American NGO’s organizations behind this, and the one thing I noticed right off was that amoung many of the professional signs that these “ordinary citizens” were waving about, were many “home made” signs just like the ones the Tea Party activists carry at our rally’s to show that, “See, we’re just like the Tea Party people and we are grass roots and aren’t being supported by any big organization, like the Tea Party’s are, we’re just “concerned American tax payers just like ya’ll”. Yeah, right.

  2. Along with George Soros’ name in the roots there should also be another one added to them, and that name is Maurice Strong who is a multimillionaire, banker, financier like Soros and is many times involved in the same things Soros is involved in. Maurice Strong has many times declared that the super rich are the ones who are funding the steel mills pollution of our air and water, the mining that is striping the Earth from under our feet, and the forest/paper mill owners who are raping the land and deforesting the poorer nations who are desperate for money so sell out to these fat Wall Street tycoons, while the land of those developing nations is bought out from underneathe the poor people who live in this countries, and whose nation belongs to as well. If you ever do sign a contract with these people or a treaty like our State Dept. has many times, these fat cats will come take your country away from your people, is what Soros, Maurice Strong, and many others seem to want to convince all these dumb people who are protesting and demonstrating for what, they have no idea. They’re just following orders.

    Think we can have another Nuremburg Trial when all this is over?

  3. WillofLa,

    So far on this site, conservative “blame” for this movement has been, Obama, Sorro, unions, “simpleton” street hippies, professors, etc. Add the Canadians. Interesting.

    Imagine if the “blame” for the movement, what was actually “behind it all” was really just how mainstream the protest movement’s message actually is. What if a rag-tag group in NYC armed with cardboard and markers and a sense of courage was the “somebody” that actually took action to do something and say something about what most people in this country have thinking? What if people that heard it recognized it and thought, “Hey these people are admittedly a little weird looking… but they are in fact transmitting a lot of messaging that resonates for me and is fully on target.”

    What if you knew THAT was actually what you were facing? You’d still chase Soros, unions, Canadians and so on and so forth – wouldn’t you. Interesting. You guys are a very odd people.

    1. Actually, they are chanting a message the Tea Party has been preaching for two years but the press downplayed the Tea Party. But now that the Radical 60s professors, their students and now the .unions would decide to protest Wall Street two years later.

      Where were they when the Tea Party was protesting the true culprits? Our corrupt federal government. Seems rather late but I guess if it was contrived then its right on time.

      Why did they start the protest now?

  4. WillofLa,

    I am an Occupy protester. Let me tell you about myself. I am in my 50’s. My computer/internet sophistication is very high. I set up my first business website in the early 1990s. Most of the people that contacted me on that site were students asking me if it was really possible to make money on the internet. I have owned and operated numerous incorporated businesses, e.g. storefronts, consultancies, etc. since. I have signed the front side of all my paychecks for more than 10 years. I have a undergrad degree in political science and most of a grad program completed. I don’t resent your calling me, and a half-million other protesters, “dumb people.” Make no mistake, this is not the Tea Party or their “revolution.” Actually I am watching with interest the same people calling me dumb, who do not understand what is happening, flail about swatting all directions as they pass through their cognitive dissonance. It will all be clear to you soon enough what this is really about. It’s a war on greed, wealth disparity, politicians bought for, corporations moving environmental costs off their financial statements, etc. as well as the institutions serving as vehicles for it.

    1. Watching you and yours march us toward tyranny is very disturbing. This is an orchestrated effort using useful idiots to deflect peoples attention away from the disaster this president has presented us. Big intrusive and oppressive government policies have put us in this situation via Fanny & Freddie and the “Affordable Housing Act” forcing loan institutions to loan money to people who couldn’t pay it back by liberal elitist. Right now we need more capitalism and less government getting in the way, that is if your real intention here is to improve the economy and create jobs, but something tells me it’s not..

    2. There is plethora of Intelligent tools throughout history. It is just as much a universal truth that intelligence never equals common sense.

      I have no question that there are well intended protestor who share many of my own thoughts. But you are a major fool if you think that there aren’t a great many more of those whose agenda trumps your own. You are so well equipted to suspect Republicans but you give a pass on the idea you may have traitors in your own camp.

      Peace out!

      FYI – I’m a veteran as well, well educated, have no credit card debt nor have I an upside down mortgage. It’s called being responsible and never expecting to live off the government teat.

  5. WillofLa,

    I forgot to mention that I’ve never been arrested. I served my country in the military and received a couple expedited promotions, good behavior medal and honorable discharge at the conclusion of my service term. I have also seriously contemplated in the past couple of days the possibility of allowing myself to be arrested in protesting for the badge of honor it would represent for me. I have spent some days in an Occupy camp. I believe understand what is going on. What is happening is determined organically inside the group. There’s no headquarters sending down directives. If you or anyone else have any intelligent questions of me I will be sincere and genuine in my replies.

    1. WillofLa,

      Huh? You said a lot of stuff in your post, just not sure what your point was. Are you for the radical left wing loons who are occupying Wall Street? If so, why?

  6. Brian,

    I’m not sure of reason for the timing. Probably multi-pronged. Disenchantment with Obama’s progress probably a part of it. (?) The original group of NYC protesters were a dozen deep. It probably just worked out for people’s lives/calendars. (?) Temperatures are not below freezing yet? (?)

    Frankly any time period would have fallen into some political cycle somewhere. If this were all about Obama energizing his base for re-election…(which it is clearly not)… it should have been done in August or September next year, in my opinion. Obama has no control over where this is going but it certainly will change the election landscape, probably the entire political landscape for him.

    1. Anon,
      You keep alluding that I point toward Obama which I haven’t remotely done. I know Obama has washed his hands of this but nothings to say that Organizing for America or the Democrat Party. The Wisconsin Democrats had it on their schedule about a week prior to the event.

      As for the timing, I believe we won’t make it to next year because these protests will overload the system (i.e. Fox-Piven) to where Van Jones’ “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” will be instill and then the suspension of the Constitution and finally a police state. With the riots and Obama in house, citizens will be preying to have government intervention.

  7. Well done Tony! The occupation of Wall Street by the radical left wing lunacy are all that Obama has left to follow him! They are the ones who will vote for him in November 2012!
    This is an awesome toon! Will be anxious to share on FB!

    1. Thank you Corkie.. I think we’ll all need to work over time to offset the media adulation and misinformation on these loons. Amazing how different they treated the tea party.

  8. Brian,

    The Tea Party’s promoters and organizing, funding, etc. are too problematic for these people. Their message is corporate greed, not just banks, but oil companies, corps like IBM burying capital in R&D campuses/jobs overseas, etc. too. Further, the Tea Party was overtly Koch (oil money) funded and mostly about cutting taxes, (or extending 2% tax cuts) which translates to social program cuts. Finally much of the messaging was attacking candidate Obama vs. the banks. The occupy people are not dumb. The Tea Party’s was as “grassroots” as Fox is “fair and balanced.

    Trust that the media cameras focus on the theatrics and seeking the most fantastical. There’s miles of footage left on cutting room floor that was not interesting but included groups of 10 to 20 people making decisions about march routes, timing, etc. What their public statements will be. Then they send their group’s elected rep to a group of elected reps who hash out the details doing their best to represent their group. There are differing sorts and levels of committees and affinity groups. There is a lot of structure actually. Painful. Slow. Problematic. And extremely intrinsically, organically, democratic.

    1. It’s all in Steven Lerner’s plan to collapse the system.. He’s been talking about this and planing this for months with the help of George Soros money. Our writer’s would do well with the full scoop on this.

  9. Corkie, check this out: https://www.occupytogether.org/

    This movement is not about supporting Obama. In fact it represents a very serious warning to him. Obama is going to need to adjust to address this movement. Whether he does or not ultimately… is his call. Nothing has been proposed to him or anybody for that matter.

    1. This whole movement has been organized by Obama’s people, Steven Lerner (SEIU) and funded through Soros money… I just read one of the useful idiots signs ” A job is a Right.. Capitalism doesn’t work”. Proof they have no clue.. Where do jobs come from??? The job fairy? I think these people who have been spoiled by a capitalist, free market society are biting the hand that’s been spoiling them, and have no clue of the horror they’re wishing upon themselves and the rest of us… What brought about their ipads, computers, DVDs, clothes, food, cars, etc ????? Government didn’t produce any of those things, capitalism did.

  10. Anon,
    Yes, we know its a warning to Obama, it’s part of Van Jones’ plan and many other revolutionaries’ end result. We do not need that history lesson again but it looks as though we’re going to get it.

    “Top Down” .- ..rack up a extensive federal debt, bail out Wall Street and intentionally move jobs overseas
    “Bottom Up” – Occupy Wall Street
    “Inside Out” … economic collapse which is far worse than the Great Depression, possible famine and the begging of government intervention.

    1. It’s all in Steven Lerner’s plan to collapse the system.. He’s been talking about this and planing this for months with the help of George Soros money. Our writer’s would do well with the full scoop on this.

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