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Cop Killer Troy Davis Gets "Last Minute" Reprieve: Or Not, Executed at 11:08

Troy Davis, a convicted cop killer from Georgia has been given a literal ‘last minute’ reprieve from his 7:00 PM date with the lethal injection needle at the Jackson Prison, where he has been on death row.  Davis, whose case has received international attention, was convicted of shooting a Savannah police officer in 1989.

According to his lawyers, he has been given a temporary reprieve to allow the Supreme Court to review his case. Attorneys for Davis have been asking for a retrial based on several witnesses that have, over the years, recanted their testimony that helped convict Davis of the crime.

Authorities have stopped short of using the word “stay” of execution, but only that Davis has been given a temporary reprieve. Crowds of nearly 200 supporters for Davis went from sorrow to jubilation only a few minutes after 7:00 PM Wednesday night as it was revealed that the condemned man had received the reprieve.

This is an ongoing story. We will publish more information as it becomes available.

It appears that Mr. Davis has not been granted a reprieve. He has been executed in accordance with the sentence handed down by a jury of his peers. As of 11:08, this convicted cop killer has been dealt the punishment the American justice system awarded him.

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One Comment

  1. There are actually about 1000 supporters of davis there, many more than 200. There are many police officers there in support of davis as well. Over 50 congress members have asked for him to be pardoned, as well as many other justice and politics figures. Democracynow.org has live coverage.

    1. Police officers supporting a cop-killer? Only in liberal la la land could they try to sell that bunk. Let’s see, get two or three policemen out of 50,000 to say well, maybe they should review the case, and then put it out as “Widepread support by police.” The reality of this case does not line up with the propaganda coming out of DemocracyNow and it never will when we look at the facts.

      1. Dj redman : “…and it never will when we look at the facts. ”
        Could you please tell me what those facts are?
        Because there was no physical evidence against troy davis, and one of the 2 people who maintained a testimony that he did it was the other suspect, who obviously has personal incentive to point the finger.
        Petitions were signed by the former head of the fbi, former district attorney, etc. And I’m not sure who you were quoting when you said “widespread support by police” because I did not say that. I simply said there were many officers there in support, and I recognize that “many” does not by any means imply “most”. The reports of only 150 or 200 people there only refer to the ones allowed on the prison propery. The riot police would not let more than 150 on to the property, but right across the street were 100s and 100s more. There was a live recording going on, I saw it with my own eyes.

  2. I don’t know the facts of this case, but if the Georgia state of appeals denied this, most likely there isn’t enough evidence to overturn the case.

  3. S,

    I was watching local coverage and they reported 200. There were probably more, I heard the Al Sharpton bussed in about 100.

    He will NOT be pardoned. The US Supreme Court does not have that authority anyway. Only the Governor and President have that jurisdiction and this is a state case. Governor Deal will not intervene. The Supreme Court has granted a temporary reprieve to see if there is a violation of Constitutional process, not to overturn the conviction or hear the case. At most, they can say there is sufficient evidence for review and probably hand it back to the State.

    At that point, the state courts could recommend a retrial, but he will not be released, pardoned, commuted, etc.

    Also remember that these people who have supposedly recanted their testimony, they are doing so in public, not in a court, under oath.

    At least, a few more days. At most, a retrial.

  4. No problem. Shell casings from BOTh scenes matched up just for starters. Then we have oh say 40 or so reasons proving he did indeed commit the crime IE WITNESS testimony- as in EYE witness from several of his very own friends. I don’t suppose you believe eye witness testimony of people within 10-20 feet of the crime qualifies as ” Proof?”You know as people who watched him walk up and finish of the policeman with a shot to the head execution style?

    ANY former this and that can sign a flaky “petition”. but oops that does not, IN FACT count as credible testimony in a court of law. They killed the killer and this planet and it’s law-abiding citizens are better for it.

    This exposes the truth about Liberal attempts at manipulating the truth in this case quite well here:



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