Tea Party Express/CNN GOP Debate Tomorrow Night at Florida State Fairgrounds

2012 GOP Presidential candidates will square off at the Florida State fairgrounds on Monday, Sept 12th, 2011, in a debate sponsored by the Tea-party Express and CNN. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer will be the moderator.

The fairgrounds are located at the intersection of Interstate 4 and U.S. Highway 301 in Hillsborough county with easy access from all parts of Florida. The event will be on shown live on national TV on CNN and the following is a basic rundown of the schedule and basic information from our friends at TeapartyExpress.org.


Event Location:

Florida State Fairgrounds inside the Special Events Center Building

4800 U.S. Hwy. 301 North – Tampa, FL

(must enter via MLK, Jr. Blvd.)

Event Timeline:

•5:30-6:30 PM Priority Dinner Seating for Live Debate Ticket Holders going to the Expo Hall building

•6:00-8:00 PM Dinner & VIP Sponsors Meet/Greet with Mike Gallagher

•8:00 PM Debate Watch Party begins with Mike Gallagher as Emcee

•10:00-11:00 PM After Party (free entry with dinner or watch party tickets)

Event Ticket Options:

•$60 Dinner Ticket with Debate Watch Party & After Party (includes food and drink tickets, watch party & after party access, and includes free parking)

•$10 Ticket for Debate Watch Party & After Party (does not include food, cash bar available and parking fee collected upon entry)


•Table of 10 Reservations and Sponsorship packages are available. Call (813) 639-1903 or (813) 349-8240 for complete details. You may also email Barb Yoder at barb@salemtampa.com.

Sal Russo, co-founder of The TeaParty Express conservative grassroots organization says that the main theme will be heavily focused on economic solutions and other conservative concerns from grassroots Tea party groups across the nation. For the folks across America that just can’t seem to grasp just what the Tea Party movement actually stands for, I shall explain it in their very own words from the above-linked website:

The Tea Party Debate is a truly historic, first-of-its-kind event that will bring conservative candidates for President together to discuss tea party principles, and determine which candidate has the best solutions to lead the United States of America and her people into greater freedom and prosperity. The debate demonstrates that the tea party, which began as a small grassroots movement, has grown tremendously in size and influence to become a powerful force in American politics.

The Tea Party Debate will focus only on the core principles and values of the tea party movement: limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility

Despite the constant attempts to paint the Tea Party grassroots conservative movement as extremist, there is not anything “extreme” about wanting our government to stop the massive debt-spending that will damage America for decades to come. What I do find “extreme” is demanding a government so bloated that it will burden future generations of Americans with trillions of dollars of debt, while taking away their freedoms to live and prosper in a nation free from big government oppression through over-regulation and corruption. The opportunity to succeed in life through hard work, strong family values, and personal responsibility is what made America the greatest nation on earth for over two decades. Those principles are increasingly absent in every big government Socialistic Nanny-state nation today, leading not to prosperity and freedom, but to oppressive poverty.

The State of Florida is a very important swing state in the 2012 elections, and I encourage all Floridians to be a part this historic debate, and come on out to the fairgrounds and show your support for our wonderful group of 2012 conservative Presidential candidates at this. It is located in a kind of wide open, relaxed country setting with plenty of parking and very easy access from all corners of Florida. For any out-of-state supporters who are thinking of coming down for the debate, it is a simple matter of taking I-75 straight down to I-4 eastbound and getting off at the fairgrounds exit. Please be advised that once you are near the fairgounds you must enter at the MLK , Jr blvd- Florida  State fairgrounds entrance. If you are planning to attend and have any questions, please call the TPX number above or leave a question in this comment section, as I will be checking them all day today and tomorrow  to offer  help with directions or any other concerns. We hope to see you there.


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