Running Theme in GOP Debate – Choice

While the democrats claim to be the guarantors of choice in the United States,
it seems that it was the GOP presidential candidates Thursday night that demonstrated themselves to be the new voices of the “pro-choice” movement.


When asked about the federal governments, “infringement on the 10th amendment” (that basically leaves all decisions not mentioned in the Constitution to the States), Ron Paul answered, “it would be the responsibility of the President to veto every single bill that violated the 10th amendment.”  This in effect would give more choice over issues facing us today to state governments and individuals, rather than the federal government.


I mean, you ARE pro-choice aren’t you?  Hmmmmmmmm?????!!!


Rick Perry, who has been chastised for his stances on Social Security was asked about whether he supports making the program state-run, rather than a federal entitlement, said that even in Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts that, “almost 96% of the people on [the state retirement system] are off social security.”  They don’t pay in, they don’t get anything out.  Sounds like a choice and…


You are pro-choice aren’t you?  Hmmmmmmmm?????!!!


Almost all of the candidates were given the opportunity to respond to the issue of education.  To a person, they expressed interest in returning control of education back to the state and local level.  Vouchers, tax
credits and, as Governor Johnson put it, “create 50 laboratories of innovation” were all variations on a single theme.  Give the CHOICE of how we educate our children back to the states and to
the parents.


Again, you ARE pro-choice aren’t you?  Hmmmmmmmm?????!!!


Dr. Ron Paul defended his Pro-life stance on abortion (although he does support exceptions in cases of rape), that ultimately it should be a states rights issues as it was before Roe v. Wade in 1973.  Sounds like a choice to me and…


You are pro-choice aren’t you?  Hmmmmmmmm?????!!!


Herman Cain even pointed out that he would NOT have had the choice to act to treat the stage 4 cancer he was diagnosed with back in 2006 had Obamacare been in effect back then. He would not have had to CHOICE to act on his, “timetable rather than the government’s” – which is probably why he is still alive.  He wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make the CHOICE to run for President – and…. I mean, really….


You ARE pro-choice aren’t you?  Hmmmmmmmm?????!!!


So, it seems like the only CHOICE that liberals are in support of is the one that, if selected, would result in a human (albeit prenatal, it’s STILL a human) being denied an entire lifetime of choices, but when it comes to your healthcare, your kid’s school, Social Security or your state’s right to decide or delegate decision making power to its citizens, the answer is clear.




So embrace it, Conservatives are the new (and always have been) party of choice!

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I strongly support and back the 10th Amendment. I made sure that my state was one of the one’s who voted to stand on the 10th Amendment when it came to opposing ObamaCare, and reject the government’s intrusion on our health care decisions, and where we go for health care to be between us and our doctors, not the government. There are a lot of doctors in my city. Many are specialists, but many more are GP’s. I don’t have to stay with one doctor. I am literally free to go to any doctor I want, or believe can help me. As a vet I can even go to the VA if I “choose” to do so. But as far as the government deciding where and who I see to help me with my health care problem’s, the government is ONE choice, not many. Obama says the health care bill would give American’s more choice when added to the choices we already have. But that is a lie.

    America has always been a country of choice. That is the foundation that our nation was formed by, and that is you can come here and start a business that sells the same kind of product as another business that is already here. And in the process you are allowed to sell your idea of that product freely and without any interference from the government. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. The Socialists are the ones who don’t want choice because that breeds freedom. Liberals don’t like freedom and liberty because when people are free they don’t need any help from the government, and liberals are all about the government controling everything and that is Communism. So if you want choice get rid of the Communists because they are the ones who are trying to take choice away from everyone in the country. That is only if you oppose what they stand for. If you are with the Democrats then you have all the choice you need, but only what is offered within the government. If you need money, there are only two or three choices you have with the government, Social Security benefits, Social Security Disability, SSI, or Welfare. That’s it. But it you are free you have as many companies to choose from for a job as there are. They have as many different kinds of work conditions, they have as many different pay choices as they have, and there are as many different choices of how much you will be paid and promotions and company benefits as there are companies to choose from. Now, that’s choice.

    Liberals don’t want you to have that many choices. They also believe in having “too much freedom” to. What the hell is that, “too much freedom”? I don’t know. I can’t even figure out what that is, “too much freedom”. Does it mean that you have to many choices when you are that free, to be able to go around and put in your resume to all those places is a waste of time and gas? I don’t know. You are to free and you can live in squawler if you want, and it can look like those programs on TV that we see where people are “hoarding” and are having to crawl over bags of all the stuff they are free to buy? You can buy all the dope you want to the point where you end up in a hospital? And what, you wouldn’t be able to do that if you were in some kind of confined, fenced up, complex where you can’t go anywhere, buy anything you’re not told to buy, and can’t use as much energy you want to buy?

    Is freedom the limits on what kind of light bulbs the liberals claim are harming the planet? They claim that using a certain kind of light bulb causes the power plants to generate more power, and when the generators are turning that fast they put out more heat to burn those kinds of bulbs, and in doing so puts to much heat in the air which causes the weather to change from what it would be if that area was cool, and the changing of the weather causes more weather changes in areas of the world that don’t need it(and they can blame us for somebody else’s weather?) is reason to take those freedoms away from us? Yes, because Maurice Strong says that we are liable for the weather in other parts of the world because he believes that what we produce here in America causes the weather to change in some other part of the world, and that’s wrong? How can he figure that out to show how what goes on here in America can change what goes on in some other part of the world. Well, that is partly true, but not in the way he believes it is. When the choice is to use your own resources without regard to what happens in some dirty little African country, then I choose using our own resources!

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