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Been noticing a lot of God hatred lately. Fine by me if someone believes or if they don’t. Really couldn’t care less. But it is the Atheists that push that if a person believes in God that somehow equates to ignorance, stupidity, backwardness. As if by being an Atheist is somehow an enlightened person and has become a superior over all others by just not believing.

I call BS.

I would say that anyone that has an attitude of superiority such as that had better look into the mirror and face their own demons, there may be something wrong with their life perceptions and self esteem. Not believing in a God has no bearing on intelligence whatsoever; just as we all know that a certificate on the wall does not really mean a person is smart. Wisdom is gained by experiences. One group feeling they have superiority over another has a word; bigotry.

Now the other people I truly have a problem with are those that dedicate their time to belittling and attempting to convert people to Atheism. I have to ask, how dare you? What business is it to you what a person takes into their hearts and minds and chooses to believe? Now you can say religions attempt conversions, and you would be absolutely correct, however I have yet to have a Mormon I turn away from my door exclaim how stupid I must be for not wanting to believe as he does.

I believe in free will as a natural state of humanity, it is no one’s place to push their God or anti-God views upon me. To push, force, belittle, tower over, or intimidate. Anyone that does from either side is no better than the others which they oppose. That is my mind on the issue, and I continue to find it odd that militant Atheists do not even see their own hypocrisy on the matter.

Now it is no secret to my friends or readers that I am an Ayn Rand fan and have had many mini discussions on the compatibility of Objectivism and Religion. I say they are, for it is not the person’s personal beliefs and the choices involved that are not compatible. It is the religious man-corruption that is not to be mixed. It is the corruption of the ideas put forth from mans early basic sense of self, natural rights, and advancement twisted by religious leaders for power and control. It is when one man takes advantage of a weaker mans mind for control that is against Natural Law.

If the Looters of Christianity would drive home “God helps those which help themselves,” the world would be that much stronger. Instead we get those seeking more and more alms.

I would also point out that the moment any believer in Objectivism can no longer tolerate anyone else’s mind they have lost the lessons. No one man(kind) may hold power over another, which is just basic Rand.

This applies very much to the Atheist with a superiority complex, the moment an Atheist believes he has become a more evolved being is when he became a full hypocrite and transcended into exactly what he perceives people of religion are.

In Galts speech he points out the use of religion to siphon off free will, desires and to make one sacrifice himself for the greater good; that greater good usually meaning the coffers of the Church, Mosque, Synagogue etc. In today’s America it also means the government and political ideals. Liberal ideals.

Our government today has become the master of forced sacrifice for the sake of others. All in the effort of buying votes from the Looters, to BUY POWER. The Looters benefit by taking from the Producers. This in turn facilitates the increase of forced sacrifice via the government tax-whip.

I would have to ask, does anyone believe if tomorrow the world became completely wiped clean of religion that mankind would be altered? I doubt it myself; there will still be the same issues of power and those that will use force against other men for power and controls. Look to those that wish to destroy religion, their own action to control humanity and turn us from being individuals to being a collective.

Where is the “all trust worthy” scientific community that spent the last 15 years lying to the world about global warming in order to facilitate the world wide Cap and Trade redistribution of wealth scheme to turn the lighted parts of the globe back into the dark ages? Should we trust them any more than a man behind a podium or calling to prayer into a minaret? I would say no, because even the most trained mind in logic has proven to be no guard at all against greed and pursuit of power. Having an education and self proclaimed sense of enlightenment does not create humanity, it works to control and dictate.

Where is the scientific mind? We have people in science telling us that forced reduction in population is needed. Do I have to tell you what forced reduction spells out to be? If I do: It means murder, infanticide, forced abortions, culling the herd. Where is the Liberal scientific advanced thought process that cannot care less about a baby in the womb? Heartbeats, brainwaves no matter, kill it if you want. Is that really the resulting thought process of an advanced mind? Or of an indifferent killer? Are they of the kind of mind that would cry for kittens while advocating death to a human fetus?

We have an entire last century with millions murdered in the effort to stifle religion. For power over men’s minds millions have been wiped off the earth. I gave this point to a friend and he gave me a list of individuals that are/were atheists. It is not about individuals, it is about regimes and governments. Using atheism to murder the opposing thoughts; that belief in any other power besides than the government is worthy of a Death Sentence.

Now here would come the usual point of, “that is what religions has done in for centuries to convert humanity,” and yes, it is true. When was the last Crusade, Spanish Inquisitions? Again I would point out that those were all about power for men. God was the tool. Force the implementation.

Today it is the environment and politics, for example, how many millions have died from malaria because of DDT no longer being allowed? Malaria: what a shame in today’s world to die from that disease when it is entirely preventable. All in the name of unproven science, millions of people have died. But at least those that wanted the ban can feel good about saving some minnows, maybe.

So, how does one group hold sway over the other? They don’t, nor should they. Anyone that wants to believe that they have the right to hold power over any other person or group, often with disgusting smugness, well, again, look into the mirror and study your own self first. For it is easy to point out flaws and folly on either side of the fences.

What I can tell you is that the moment that any person or group that begins to attempt to live my life for me, or to put mine and my families lives in danger, well, they had better expect the same in kind.

A long time ago I had a girlfriend that smoked, when being hassled by non-smokers she would say, “I don’t try to make you start so don’t try to make me stop.”

If that is not a universal basis for mutual respect nothing is.

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One Comment

  1. And liberals are always whaling about the power the right has had over the years to hold onto outdated racist practices of having prayer in school, when it was clear that no one was being “forced” to pray. But liberals can come in and “force” the change to no prayer in school, or any other religious practices like bake sales to support after school Christian activities, was a violation of people’s 1st Amendment rights to freedom of religious beliefs and religious practices “shall not be infringed.” It seems to me that atheists have more power to “force” people to bow to their demands than any Christian religious practice ever had. And where do atheists get their power to “force’ people to bow to their demands that no prayer, no on campus Christian activities, no kid will bow their head sitting at the lunch room table, and any that are seen doing that will be expelled, and arrested by a cop and handcuffed for being a threat to all the other kids rights and freedoms to not be caught bowing their heads. What a bunch of BS!

    Liberals always try to convince people that they are more free to do what they want, and those people who are Christians are in chains and cannot be free to express themselves like atheists can. And that liberals are more free, and people who clutter their lives with the restrictions of some religion are the ones who are dumb and stupid to let them selves enter into any agreement to live that way. But what they don’t realize is that humans do need to be restricted and must pray in order to receive the self control that humans need. And it is because when humans are allowed to act on their “human nature” they are liable to make up laws that would stand a Christian up against a wall and shoot them in the head, and people wouldn’t even know that doing something like that was “wrong”. And it’s the Holy Bible that teaches us to learn right from wrong, and be able to judge things and others so that we can not find ourselves one day standing in a circle with some Black Mass going on and we didn’t even know what they were being told would happen, was the wrong thing for them to be doing.

    Liberals believe that people should be “free” to live any way they want. Okay, so what is the problem they have with our wanting to be Christian’s. It’s because it has been Christianity that has controlled this nation since it’s inseption, the developement of the culture that was based on the disipline the Bible teaches us, the developement of the culture and what was right and what was wrong. Otherwise, it Christian beliefs weren’t employed, and atheist type beliefs were employed the entire country would have been a nation of chaos, confusion, murder, Satan worshiping, human sacrifices, animal sodomy, and all sorts of filth. What, liberals wouldn’t know that all that sort of thing was “wrong”? No, they wouldn’t. It takes something greater than an intellect to truely know what is right, and what is a wrong thing. And liberals have shown us with more racist practices throughout our society and the disconstrution of our culture where liberals believe that it’s alright for illegal Mexican aliens to come into our country and steal billions of dollars from the taxes of legal citizens to pay for taking care of them? And speaking of taking care of somebody, look what a bang up job liberals have done for Blacks. And look how wonderful of a job liberals have done with unleashing the EPA on the country. You can’t do anything that might hurt a lizard in putting in a oil well which would provide thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in income. What comes from saving the little lizard, in jobs lost, and income evaporated. Liberals allowance of atheists to have their way in our society has done damage, whereas the generations of Christianity shaping our society produced the prosperity that this nation was known for.

    Which would be better guiding the future of America, non believers, or people whose faith guides their lives and the prosperous direction the nation could go in?

  2. “I believe in free will as a natural state of humanity, it is no one’s place to push their God or anti-God views upon me.”

    I agree with this view 100%. I neither push my views about religion on anyone, nor will I tolerate those who push their views on me.

    It’s funny. I have a “No Soliciting” sign on my door. It works for almost everyone, but it never works on religious zealots, pamphlets in-hand. When they ring the doorbell (ignoring the sign immediately above the buzzer), I politely point to the sign, and tell them, “the sign says no soliciting.” About half will ignore what I just told them, and ask me if I’ll take their pamphlet, to which I politely SLAM the door.

  3. What throws people off is the question that liberals put to us, and that is of moral equivilentcy, that is they came in back in the 60’s and said, “Why do I have to go to church, when God is everywhere, and if I worship Him while sitting on my front porch, what is the difference in how He and I relate to each other?” It never was that we were trying to ‘force” everyone to go to church, it’s just that it was the way everyone who called themselves a Christian had done it. So when pressed to actually “think” about it, because we’ve never had to answer a question like that before, we were stuck for an answer. Liberals took that as, “There is no difference between sitting in a pew, or sitting on my front porch.” kind of an answer that took off from there with everything White Christian conservatives stood for, and what America had stood for, for generations of church going being the way to tell a Christian from one that had, “back slidden”. We felt guilty that we couldn’t answer that question of what is the difference between us and liberals who believed that they were just as capable of dointg good out of their own intellect as we were from our faith. We felt guilty for not being able to show them the difference between a Christian and a liberal who believed their brand of “good” was just a good as our “good” was. We struggled with it for many years and all the time liberals were deconstructing the country.

    Well, it took us a while but we finally found the answer to the question of what the difference between Christian good, and liberal good that they came up with in their “enlightenment”. And that was just it, they weren’t “enlightened” because they were just using their own intellect, and nothing else. We on the other hand were capable of doing “real good” that stuck to the person for the rest of their lives because it wasn’t us that were doing the good, but God doing good “through” us! That is the difference between our good works and the shallow, needless, plastic, meaningless good that liberals were doing and calling it the same as ours. It’s not and thus the answer to the question they asked us, and embarrassed us with in the 60’s, and that is just as the Bible says, “…when two or more are gathered together in my name, I am with thee.” And that is why Christian’s are capable of doing good that last forever and liberals good lasts as long as it takes for the person to walk around the corner, and it’s forgotten, and that is we are doing good from the heart, and from many hearts comes much good. And when Christian’s are gathered together in church, much good comes from it and outward into the world. Liberals have to spend billions of dollars and huge organizations in order to accomplish what two or three Christian’s praying together can accomplish for no cost at all. That is the difference. And if liberals ask, “Well, how do you know that God is not with us when we are doing good?” And that is easy to answer as well, and that is look how much longer that good that we do lasts, and look how long yours lasts. Ours lasts as long as the people live, and yours lives only until the next administration, and the money is cut off. Ours is from the “rock of ages”, and liberals is from the courts.

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