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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. what the heck is your point? the federal gov’t has been subsidizing energy companies for decades. it doesn’t matter if its through tax cuts or loans…money is money.

    do you have personal problem with solar energy that makes you all snarky. but from looking at your toons (nice drawings btw) i can tell you have drunk someone’s kool-aid.

    1. The thing is, money isn’t just money-when the government is involved, money is something they took from taxpayers because they thought they could put it to better use. In this case, Obama gave millions or billions to these ‘green’ companies. One was building solar panels (which don’t work yet), the other was a roofing company. Both received the aforementioned cash to ‘create jobs’. With those amounts and those jobs, you could employ several hundred workers, right? No. With however many billions between these two companies, not even 40 jobs were created-and those were all ‘administrative positions’. In other words, they largely went into the owners pockets rather than job creation-and we only found out about this embezzlement and waste of taxpayer money AFTER they went out of business-which should have been all but impossible with this amount of money. Obama’s support usually turns out like this-his largess goes to companies that can’t compete, which means that everything he puts money into is a waste. Most people who are paying attention have noticed that Obama’s support means either financial ruin or a takeover as GM got. Maybe you should take some more econ lessons before you accuse Tony of bias…

  2. A.F. I get A big kick out of your cartoons, your always capturing the true spirit of the message. I wish you could draw a cartoon 4 “Fast and Furious” where Obama is caring Eric Holder under 1 arm like a little kid and he has Janet Napolitano under the other arm. They should get them on these charges…much worse than Watergate.

  3. Last night I heard a caller from a girl who was in administration at Solyndra. She doesn’t work there anymore and felt like America wasn’t getting the truth about what the deal was. She said everyone knew from the start that the company was going to fail because no one wanted their product. She said they didn’t have enough sales to do anything. She said that was the reason why they got all that money was to keep it propped up until is could get enought business to survive. But she said they all knew it wasn’t going to make it. She said that they were building machines and structure right up to a week before they filed for bankruptsy. She said that Solyndra didn’t have to give the money back they had got from the government, either. She said the owners just kept all that money that was left over.

    Do any of you think, “How could people be so corrupt that they would keep all that money and not think they had to return what was left over?” Yeah, if you weren’t a liberal you would think those things, like, I wouldn’t have taken it to begin with if I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do anything with it even after I got it. This girl said that there was so much waste it wasn’t even funny. She said their product wasn’t that good either and was not as efficient as the owners claimed it was. She said the whole company was a fraud, and a scam just to get big money from the government, and they did to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. And it was just a ripoff of taxpayer money, and they didn’t care. She said most of those “green” companies are scams just like Solyndra was. And Obama knew these people to.

  4. It’s like I heard a long time ago and that was, if green industries were worth investing in, people would have been investing in them long ago. Of course there’s the excuse that it’s because of the return on investment from the oil and gas industries that has been in existance for so long that nobody wants to invest in something that would eventually replace the oil and gas industries. But when oil exploration continues fo find huge pools of oil that hold more oil in them greater than all the oil of all the Middle Eastern countries combined, it’s kinda hard to think that investment needs to start going to these “clean” energy R& D that these small companies are doing right now.

    I read an article in Scientific American a few months ago that was about a fuel R&D company that has made “gasoline” equal to the energy output of petroleum made from weeds. That’s right, you read it right, WEEDS. All you have to do is gather weeds, no matter what they are and put them through their process and out comes gasoline that runs cars as well as petroleum, and less waste gases come from weeds naturally. Mostly water comes from the weeds fuel and hardly little to none waste gases. And it’s those “green house gases” that we hear about all the time that we are supposed to fear. Well, I actually thought about what “green house gases” are, and I had to ask myself questions, like, what happens in a green house? Plants thrive in a green house, that’s what happens. And why do they thrive? Because the air is allowed to balance for the better growing condition of the plants, which means that the CO2 level is allowed to be what it’s supposed to be, which is 0.32%. That is one third of one percent of the whole content of the air we breath. If any of the other gases were lowered to what CO2 is we’d die. God created this planet so that it would develope to the point where it is now through a natural process of developing itself and have the gas levels where they are now. There was a time when CO2 was much higher and there weren’t any plants growing then until the level of oxygen and CO2 were balanced, like in a green house.

    So, green house gases aren’t evil. Green house gases aren’t bad, and they don’t harm the planet. As a matter of fact I found out that the CO2 levels are a little low for maximum plant growth, which puts more oxygen into the atmosphere, and absorbs more CO2 from us, and water, and buildings, and trees, and all the other carbon dioxide producers on this earth with us. The high level should be around 680 or so, that’s six hundred parts per million, and the lowest where plants start dieing is around 350 or so. Right now it’s somewhere between 450 and 550. Kinda low, but kinda high because it fluctuates in our “dynamic atmosphere” we live in.

    But, that is the reason why investors don’t support these green clean energy industries is because there’s no return on their investment right now, and investors don’t want to loose that money for nothing. Obama doesn’t care about what is lost. He figures that there’s going to be a loss in the early part of starting a business. And whose money is he using to get these industries off the ground? Ours!! What has HE got to loose? Nothing but our money, and he dosen’t give a damn about that!

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