Florida Senate Race Pits a Patriot Against Moderate Progressives of the GOP


In the swing state of Florida there currently is a tropical storm brewing in the form of a group of candidates vying to replace far left Liberal Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senate race in Florida in 2012. In order to ensure we do not negate the conservatism of much heralded freshman Senator Marco Rubio, we must do the proper research to identify the most conservative candidate, while also looking out for big spending progressive Republicans posing as conservatives. This task will be a lot harder to do than first meets the eye, as we can see by the already bloated list of U.S. Senate candidates vying to replace big government Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in the 2012 elections below. Candidates in bold represent the top three in recent polls. Two of the frontruners are in fact, forms of progressive moderates, while one candidate stands out as simply a true conservative American Patriot.

United States Senator (FL 2012)

Candidate List

Agbede, Akinyemi (REP)

Fisher JR, William E. (REP)

George, Alexander L. (REP)

Hasner, Adam (REP)

Ilnyckyj, Alexander (REP)

Larose, Joshua (REP)

LeMieux, George S. (REP)

Long, Deon (REP)

Lynch, Chuck (DEM)

McCalister, Michael E. (REP)

McNeil, Ron (REP)

Stuart, Marielena (REP)

Trujillo, Lesther (NPA)

Incumbent  Senator Bill Nelson ( DEM- Liberal)





U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (Bloomberg File Photo from the Sun


Florida conservatives are currently weathering a hurricane of divisiveness and dysfunctionality within their very own party about just who is the authentic, most valid conservative candidate for the 2012 U.S. Senate race so far. Good strong debate about these candidates is generally a good thing, but we all know what they say about having too much of a good thing. It can sow confusion and create chaos, and it appears to have done just that so far here in Florida. Even the Tea Party groups are somewhat divided in just who would best serve as the next U.S. Senator from Florida. We do have what appears to be a very solid group of conservatives ready to inject some true conservative principles into the U.S. Senate on behalf of Florida in 2013, but it is still a long way until the elecions. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (Bloomberg File Photo from the Sun

This long time-frame, however, also allows the deeper-pocketed candidates more time to try to “buy” support for themselves. If we look at past electoral  history however, the most wealthy candidates have generally turned out to be the worst at actually representing the people who elect them. I give you the current Mayor of New York city, Mr. Bloomberg, as a clear case of the uber-rich being elected to public office and then turning their backs on the people. The mayor is a media mogul billionaire and won the election by controlling the message and fooling the people. To back up that statement about these types of governmental elitists, we see Bloomberg blatantly ignoring the wishes of the people in this definitive example of tyranny:  Bloomberg Stands By Decision to Leave Clergy out of 911 Ceremony.

For those of you who would like to bring up the separation of church and state mantra, I ask you then why did the elected Mayor of NYC put the full weight of his office behind the building of a mosque a few blocks from where Islamic terrorists killed some 3000 innocent Americans? This is a great example of why people should NOT vote for the richest, most politically-connected person on the ballot, ever! That kind of tyranny, brought on by uninformed voting leads to people like Bloomberg dictating just who can and cannot be present at the 911 memorial next Sunday. Maybe the people across America should stop referring to Bloomberg as the mayor of NYC, and instead give him the title he truly deserves: The Tyrant of NYC. Shame of the people of NYC for letting this happen.

To get back to the original topic of the Florida U.S Senate election of 2012, we must keep in mind the historic track record of the dangers posed by wealthy elitist powerbrokers within our government. Most newly elected officials generally  start out as representing the poor or middle class, and then skyrocket into the elitist group of tyrants ignoring the will of the people in a very short time while enriching themselves at the expense of the very people who elected them. The term drunk with power comes to mind here. This scenario applies to the old guard GOP connected U.S. Senator and now 2012 candidate George LeMieux today. George never won the election, but was “appointed” by our former Progressive Republican turned Democrat, turned independent ex- Governor of Florida , one Charlie Crist. George is also Charlies former chief of staff, which tells us all we need to know about Mr. LeMieux. I just happen to remember Mr. LeMieux stating that he does not want a lifetime in politics, and would not be running in the 2012 election right after he was “appointed “ to his current Senate seat.  Mr. LeMieux has gotten a taste of elitism within the U.S. Senate and now he wants more in the form of being elected in 2012. George LeMieux will never receive my vote however, based on one simple reason: He never sent me a valid reason about his questionable votes that I asked him about in many, many phone calls and letters. Not one single viable answer. My main questions for Mr. LeMieux stem from his unwavering support for the big government expansion called the Food Safety Bill here.

At the time of the above-linked article, Adam Hasner appeared to be the most conservative candidate to replace Liberal Democrat, Senator Bill Nelson in the 2012 elections. Upon some deeper research into Adam Hasner’s resume, we see another zero-accomplishment- lawyer- turned- politician who hasn’t really done much of anything in the private sector. This is a good example of what is widely known as being a career politician, while noting that opposition to this form of elite, good ole boy manufactured politicians is also at the cornerstone of the grassroots Tea Party movement. We need an increase in people who have proven work records and successful private sector resumes running our government(s), not career bureaucrats who have never done anything except line up at the public taxpayer-funded trough.  Adam Hasner is simply a career bureaucrat. Also of note is the fact that in Mr. Hasner’s bio, among the “awards” he has received is an award that is indicative of his past Climate Change support, IE: the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Legislative Appreciation Award of 2006. With the recent exposure of 3 taxpayer funded  U.S. Solar companies going bankrupt  and costing the taxpayers over a billion dollars, we see what happens when the government meddles in what should be private industry. While Hasner does bring extended legislative experience from working in the the Florida House of Representatives since he was first elected in 2002, his lack of private sector work and any proven successes in the business sector should make him it difficult for any grassroots conservative voters to vote for him in 2012. Hasner also seems to have the support of most of the GOP establishment behind him lately. That would be the very same wishy- washy GOP moderates who had a big hand in creating the big government mess we are in today.

The last of the “big three” highest polling Republican candidates to date for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida in 2012 is also the least known candidate, Colonel Mike McCalister. First, let’s get the manufactured controversy over Mr. McCalister’s military service record debunked. Meet the Colonel here.

After reading the facts in that detailed report on McCalister’s service record, let’s move on towards his actual record as a career bureaucrat shall we? That’s right folks, Col. Mike McCalister has no record as an elected official lining up at the public trough. Mike McCalister did made a pledge to all Floridians and  Americans when he announced his entering the 2012 U.S. Senate race and it can be seen in it’s entirety  here.

His pledge starts with a simple enough paragraph that should not be taken lightly:

“I pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; and to willingly fulfill the constitutionally enumerated responsibilities and powers of my elected office.”

Anyone who has ever been around long-serving military personnel understand just how serious they should be taken when making such a statement, or pledge. Mike McCalister is not the wealthiest candidate in the field, nor is he a career politician. Both of those supposed non-qualifications to run for the U.S Senate in 2012 should instead, point to him as being the type of grassroots conservative this country so desperately needs today.

The main reason for my support for Col. Mike McCalister for the U.S. Senate in 2012 can best be summed up by the final paragraph in his pledge to the people of Florida and all Americans in the above linked page:

“I pledge to be open and accessible to the people of Florida either directly or indirectly with myself and or staff members to ensure your voice is heard in the Senate.”

Considering the current state of elitist politicians completely ignoring the will of the very people who elected them today, that would be a quite refreshing and a very welcome change to the way they currently do business in the U.S. Congress. Col. McCalister has pledged that much-needed change to the people of Florida and America. Let’s send our current Senator Marco Rubio some real conservative support in 2012 in the form of Colonel Mike McCalister for U.S. Senate in 2012.

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