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Obama Gets His Wish


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. I wonder if they will have 57 candles on his birthday cake for his 50th birthday. Now that would be funny stuff.

    1. Great cartoon, Antonio! Obama must be the happiest kid ever to get so much that he wanted without having to work for any of it.

      57 candles! lol @ John!

  2. On Obama’s 50th birthday… the dow plummets over 500 points, the worst decline since he has been in office.

    That is Obamas birthday gift to America.

  3. Yeah, none of these economic problems were inherited from the Bush Administration. ALL the problems in this country are because of the Obama Administration who took office, remind you, after the financial and economic melt down. The democrats hand a $236 billion dollar budget surplus to Bush and he reciprocates by smugly leaving the Obama Administration, and every other American citizen with a $1.3 trillion deficit — and projected shortfalls of $8 trillion. But yeah, it’s definitely Obama’s fault.

    You people are so blind, it’s historical. People will be reading about you idiots in the history books one day. How do you rationalize your skewed views on so many topics? Brainwashed maybe?

    1. WOW!! Yeah right, Obama’s been in office for 2.5 years and has nothing to do with the economy. Now who is brainwashed???…. Does 9-11 ring a bell? How about the democrats “Affordable Housing Act” from Carter and then Clinton? You know, where democrats forced banks to keep giving loans to folks that could afford to pay them back??? That Financial wreck was brought on by liberal/socialist and is continuing through Obama today. It’s going to take a fiscal conservative president/house/senate to fix this mess and get us back on the road to prosperity.

    2. Obama might have inherited an economy that wasn’t doing so great as well as two wars. Let’s remember that he extended the two wars, started a war in Libya, cash for clunkers, bail out after bail out, cap and trade, he pushed to prevent new oil exploration, covered up the gulf oil spill, and has taken the most extravagant vacations of any president in recent memory. He’s spent more time hiding his past than he has on his foreign or domestic policies.

      It’s time to wake up Stan. Which party was in control of congress in 2006? Who had control over the purse strings in the last two years of Bush’s term? It was your buddies the democrats. You can’t completely blame Bush, he may have had a hand in the down turn, but Obama is the one digging a deeper hole every day.

    3. You know it’s really interesting to me how much the libtards cry about the economy Barry inherited from Bush (which oh, by the way was in no small way mishandled by the democratic Senate and House) 2.5 years ago, yet Governor Perry doesn’t complain at all. Why is that?

    4. Stan, stop believing everything the left nuts tell you! Clinton did NOT hand over a surplus. He failed to reveal the money he took from Social Security to make it look like he did. Check the US Treasury web site for actual numbers and you will find there hasn’t been a surplus or balanced budget since Eisenhower! Do your own research and stop believing what politicians want you to believe!

    5. Sorry it was not Clinton that handed Bush anything it was Congress ( A republican Congress)
      It was not Bush that handed anything over to Obama it was Congress (A democratic Congress)

      Unfortunately for all of us people like you have no idea how inducted into double speak you actually are. Black is white and white is black as long as it fits your narrative. Things have changed now. It is not republican nor democrat any more. They are both a problem.
      Now it is Liberal vs Conservative. Progressive vs Libertarian.

  4. Clinton handed Bush a Vandalized White house, an economy in freefall, bad intelligence about Saddam’s WMD’s, intelligence gathering agencies that did not cooperate with each other, and the Democrat machine from day one sent the “Hate Bush” message every day in the media.
    Bush set about fixing what he could, opposed by Democrats every step of the way. The liberal trolls are still at it. Anyone who suggests that we have a budget and live within a budget is said to be distroying the country. How can insanity be found? Listen to the Democrats!

    1. Agreed.
      Unfortunately no one remembers that.
      The only thing that might budge them toward Romney is an extra 15 cents for their pizza.

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