Judge Judy: I’m Sending This Tape To Congress

Yet another parasite leeching off the tax payers.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I’ve got a great idea, why doesn’t Obama just go after HIS people and collect all the money THEY owe to society that they haven’t paid up since the 60’s when they started this FREE RIDE they are on? Why doesn’t he go after his people and get their SKIN in the game, their companies, their corporations(if there are any, and I’m not talking about Black CEO’s who are working for a White owned corporation, I’m talking about if there are any wholly owned Black corporations), why doesn’t he go after his people and straighten their butts out? And if all this money they get for nothing is “repairations”, then they can forget that because we’ve paid them enough to just do whatever they want with it and not use it to make something of themselves. I think Mr. Obama needs to think about the condition of HIS people and consider that after 6 trillion dollars that mostly White people have paid in taxes, all the money that came from nowhere for all the 60 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities that went to mostly Black social and domestic spending programs for a people who are just exactly like these two.

    I think that would go a whole lot further than the taxes that are going to be taken from mostly White working people to pay for….what? More of the same? More of these kinds of people? No thank you, I think that money would be better spent on doing something I want to do with it. I pay my bills, all the White people I have ever met in my life have always paid their rent, and if they saw they might be short one month, they would have chopped off an arm rather than be late, if that’s what it took to get the money so that they wouldn’t be late!

    $70,000 dollars paid to this boy in repairations, plus $450 a month, plus a stipen of $1,000 more because he’s Black? I think he’s had enough money paid him so that he can become a musician? Yeah, sure. He doesn’t have enough sense to be anything. And yeah, I can tell just by looking at him!! Idiot, it’s what he’s doing and how he talks that tells me he is uncommitted to anything but himself.

    How about this. How about if we start making the poor pay taxes, make the poor get their sorry butts out and get a job, make the poor have to work and pay their own way through college like lots of people have to do, and maybe, just maybe he might grow up to be a responsible person because he would have had to EARN everything he did!!!

  2. And speaking of “repairations”, it’s White liberal Democrats who would think that White conservative Christian’s were the ones who owe it to Blacks, and it’s White liberals who write the laws that has taken trillions of dollars from mostly White working people so that Blacks can collect “repairations” for how they were treated for two hundred years in the cotton fields. White liberal Democrats agreed with Black leaders and community organizers that money should be paid to them for their suffering and mistreatment. But did they tell the Blacks who it was going to be that would be paying this money to Blacks? Did the White liberals tell these Blacks that it would be ALL Whites, or just Whites from the South, or who exactly? What group of Whites were going to be responsible to pay all this money to Blacks, did the White liberal Democrats commit to being the dummies? I suppose that since it sounds like it was White conservative Christian’s who were hiding behind their Bibles while they were slinging those bull whips, then I guess it has to be them and their decendents who has to pay the repairations.

    Wait a minute, there were Northern White Democrats who had slaves to. Oh, gee!

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