Illegals Crossing Back Into Mexico for Better Life – Mexico’s 4.9% vs. United States’ 9.2% Unemployment Rate

Well, Obama has had many failures since taking office with high debt, and high unemployment numbers. But there is one thing he is succeeding in doing – driving illegal aliens back across the southern border. I’m guessing this is not good news to him.

In a recent article I read it said: “It’s now easier to buy homes on credit, find a job and access higher education in Mexico,” said Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, Mexican consul general in Sacramento. “We have become a middle-class country” talking about Mexico not the U.S.

The United State’s high unemployment rate will continue until either we remove Obama from the White House before the 2012 election or after the 2012 election when he is voted out. Obama’s economics would have been okay if the United States was not financially in trouble – we just can’t afford the Obama economic “wants” list – and right now we can’t really afford our “needs” list either, especially after the two year spending spree the Obama administration has been on.

The article went on to say that:

In 2008, at least 836,100 undocumented immigrants filed U.S. tax returns in California

How is this possible? If they are here illegally – hence the phrase “undocumented immigrants” –  how do they get tax identification numbers known as I-10s? If the U.S. government knew there was 836,100 illegals here – they should have deported them – not taxed them. Out of nearly 3 million illegals in California the government decided the partial taxes collected from the 836,100 covered the 2.5 million illegal workers sending tax free money back to Mexico, rather than deporting the whole bunch.

Mexico’s economy is growing at 4%  to 5%, benefiting from low inflation, exports and a strong banking system while the United States economy is growing but according to a government report that shows a weaker than expected growth of just 1.3%  from April to June – one can see why illegals are going home – thanks Obama.



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  1. Too bad the housing bust, the subsequent bail-outs, the first war time tax break (for the rich) and those two ridiculously expensive wars (one of which was completely pointless) all happened on Bush’s watch, otherwise this article and it’s silly graphic would be legitimate.

    1. Not to mention the racist undertones implied by making the president look like Urkel. Nice.

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