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Hurricane Irene Update: Downgraded, Deadly

*Updated 11am 8/28*

Irene, now a tropical storm, made her 1st landfall at Cape Lookout, North Carolina at about 7:30am EDT Saturday with winds of 115mph. The storm then traveled up the east coast, made landfall at Little Egg Inlet, NJ, then moved through the greater New York City area at barely hurricane wind levels of 75mph.

The storm now has winds of about 60mph and tropical storm force winds extending almost 200 miles from the storm’s center. Irene is expected to weaken considerably now that she has made landfall.

Millions of Americans up and down the east coast are still without power and several communities in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York have experienced devastating floods.

New York City’s  mass transit system remains shut down.

With one-in-four Americans living in the path of this storm, it could also be one of the costliest weather events in history. Some estimates place possible storm damage at $16.9 Billion.

As a nod to the seriousness of this weather event, President Obama cut his vacation short.

Sunday morning briefings from the governors of Virginia and New Jersey demonstrated concern for further flooding and the damage that will result. Losses will be extensive as Hurricane Irene turned out to be more of a flood event than a wind event.

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One Comment

  1. I’m from Louisiana and Hurricane is our middle name. This to us, is just a big thunderstorm with alot of wind for awhile. The average thunderstorm down here, now, drops three inches of rain. And if it’s any more than that, it drops six inches or rain and 40 to 60 mph winds. I told my wife that long ago when I was younger if we got a inch of rain, that was really a bad storm. But now, a inch is just a mild shower. It’s weird how that has changed to what it is now. It’s one of those things that people claim is man made global warming. They say, “See, these storms wouldn’t be getting bigger if it weren’t for that planet warming up. Look, what they just said refutes what they are saying because man cannot do anything that would cause the whole planet to warm up. Let alone, change the weather.

    But whatever is going on, be it Sun spots, radiation at higher levels being thrown out, the core of the planet heating up, besides that other planets of the solar system are warming up to. So it may be just the Sun. And by the way, didn’t Obama claim that he was going to lower the temps, lower the seas, and all this other natural stuff he counldn’t have any affect on? Why didn’t we see him out on the beach up there at Martha’s Vineyard and command the hurricane to go out to sea and leave us alone and not do any damage? He could have stood out there on the beach and spread his arms out and boom that big voice out across the ocean to calm it.

    These preparations that New York is taking is really something. I think that once this storm is over the people of New York might ought to take a look at their lives and decide what their priorities are. How many are going to stay in the city?

    And I almost forgot, has the mayor of New York told the police they have to stay and protect the city from the looters who WILL stay for the hurricane!

    During Katrina the Blacks were looting the pharmacy’s in the middle of the storm because you could see Blacks roaming around town during the storm with rain suits and poncho’s on. Some didn’t have anything on but their street clothes, the big baggy shorts, oversized tee shirts, and Nike’s running around town. The only thing that stopped them from ransacking the neighborhoods was the flooding. What that did was drive them to the Northern part of the city to raid the rich neighborhoods. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with these guys roaming around during the worse hurricane the country has ever seen, but just think about it. What better time to rob some place than in the middle of a hurricane. You know there wouldn’t be any cops out to catch you and you’d have just about total freedom to do as you want, even rob a bank if you knew you could get in the valt easy enough where it wouldn’t take hours. Hell, you’d be caught if you took to long to break in. I can see it now when one of them says, “Listen!” The guys listen for a second and say to the guy, “We don’t hear anything, what are you talking about?” “That’s just the point, the wind is gone, I think the storms over!” “Oh no, I see a cop car coming down the street!” That would be the scenario you know. But I know there was a lot more looting going on in New Orleans during the hurricane, besides what we saw on TV with the Blacks stealing boxes and boxes of new Nike’s when they needed food more than twenty pairs of shoes, other than the fact they might be able to sell them for more money to buy food, but what buying? People were being allowed to steal things like food, baby stuff, and anything that could help with their survival. But later the cops were stopping Black looters with stealing anything other than stuff to survive on. And I know for a fact that the Chief of Police told the cops on the street to “Shoot To Kill” looters who were stealing stuff like shoes! Bloomberg should be giving the same orders. Of course there will be plenty of people still around before, during and after the hurricane.

    So let that storm blow, okay?

  2. I don’t really have anything to say about Obama, because he really doesn’t count as far as what these states have to do to deal with the storm. What can, is , will do about anything that has happened because of the hurricane? Nothing. He can send out Napolitano and Sibelious, and whoever, but the people will be the ones who will do all the work when the storm is past, not Obama. And that is how it should be. The people and the states should be who saves the people instead of the government. What did FEMA do after Katrina anyway? The state government did all the clean up, and the money to do all the rebuilding came from the taxpayers Fed. income tax in the general fund sent to the governor of Louisiana to be used to do all the rebuilding, and all we got was those trailers Blacks lived in for over a year.

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