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Grenades R Us


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Paul’s foreign policy is George W. Bush’s foreign policy: quit being a global bully and defend OUR country, not everyone else’s.

    Nice art though, you’ve got two men that were right for so long (yet ridiculed by the establishment) in one cartoon. Good stuff.

    1. Thank you Monster
      He dose loose a lot of GOP voters with his foreign policy views regarding Israel and the wars. Wonder how it will pan out toward the convention?

      1. I think an America-first foreign policy, rather than an “anything for Israel”, tail-wagging-the-dog foreign policy is exactly what we need. Like Paul says, Israel has 300 (illegal) nukes…nobody’s going to invade them provided they start acting like good neighbors and stop trying to cleanse Arabs from their land.

        1. I’m with Monster on this one. I think that Paul will take care of our own borders, and let the rest of the world take care of itself. If Israel has to fend for herself, that doesn’t mean that it will end in Nuclear disaster. I support Israel, but I don’t think that being directly involved is the best policy right now. Fiscally or Militarily.

  2. Nail on the head! Ron’s foreign policy views send him right into crazytown….. It’s like his foreign policy was written by an eight year while watching the Disney channel….

  3. Ron Paul will leave Israel no choice but to bomb the Crazys. is that what WE want? The Muslim world respects and very rightly now fears the USA and OUR Marines and Army and Navy and Air force. All Israel has is the bomb. Paul thinks thats the end of it? Its the end of the world maybe. An Armageddon or bust scenario is what Paul is setting up. Paul is a freeeekin wacko. What do we do if Israel bombs Iran into the stone age? Paul says we do nothing. Paul is living in a fantastic world of idealism and non reality. Itd called PaulBot land.

    1. Sorry but the FREEEKIN crazies are those who think we can throw our weight around, bully countries, set up puppet dictatorships that oppress their people, support violent groups and dictators and have no negative consequences, including newfound and justifiable enmities. The crazies are those who would place the sovereignty of Israel above, or even on a par with the US. The crazies are those who support SAddam, then take him out, support the Taliban against the Norther Alliance, then 20 yrs later, reverse alliances, support Bin Laden, then kill him, support Noriega, then arrest and imprison him, despite having no legal authority to do so. How about that Libyan operation, where our CIA trained rebels with allegiance to Muslim Brotherhood and el Quaida? Talk about crazy. What does it take, how many inconsistencies, how many illegal, immoral acts by our government and especially our CIA will it take for the REAL crazies to wake up???? Right now we have US troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, for WHAT? In part, to supply our CIA with some extra spending money. Wow.

      1. Ken, you are hitting the nail right on the coffin. We need to get out of foreign affairs and fix our country before we keep dishing out more money that we don’t have to people we don’t know. Sorry, but I am an isolationist and I believe you don’t create trouble for your need to have a Military Industrial Complex to make your friends rich. If anyone believes that we are over in the middle-east do to terrorism, you need to stop drinking the kool-aid for a few weeks and look it up.
        Speaking of which, Carl, where do you think this “Arab Spring” is headed? We are going to end up in a war with Iran soon I believe.

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