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What’s For Dinner?


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Are you sure this is a professional politician? This seems the Standard American Diet (SAD)…

      1. We live in a celebrity culture… it’s always interesting seeing how the sheeple view the 3-ring circus in Washington and think something serious is occurring there!

        I miss our “debates” on FB… it’s all too easy to win when you can just ban people when they get the upper hand and make sense…. can’t have independent thought! Must believe the Republicans are superior to the Democrats… nevermind they belong to the same party!!!

  2. Love this toon Tony! Hilarious! Was drinking my coffee when I was reading this… It’s been awhile since you made me spit on my computer… Is that peas I see on Obama’s pizza? LMAO! Well done my friend! Now I’m off to get the Windex!

      1. I for one see a pepperoni pizza… you’re skills will have to mature before you can draw peas!

      1. Sara,Fantastic post. I agree with you, I am 26 years old and it seems to me that our generation is extceped to go to college and get degrees before starting a family. However, I believe that college is just not the route every one our age is supposed to take, although they choose to do so because of pressure from parents, or becuase it is simply whats extceped from society.I agree that a couple should be stable enough to lead a married life before deciding to have children, however I do believe a marriage will not simply provide a nurturing environment for a child in itself. I have seen parents my age or younger be fantastic and responsible parents without a marriage certificate, and I have seen married couples who are terrible parents and terrible spouses.The bottom line to me is simply this, people need to be responsible when it comes to premarital sex. If you can not handle the responsibilities of a child and provide an appropriate environment to raise a child you need to take the proper precautions to protect yourself, and be prepared that those precautions still may just not be enough to prevent a pregnancy.I applaud you for stating your opinion. In this day and age of where it seems like everyone knows a young person who has had an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock and has been unprepared for that pregnancy, it seems politically incorrect to call them out and say they made a mistake . I disagree. I feel people today are unwilling to own up to their mistakes, and the young people of today need to be made aware of the fact that just because some people in society accept this kind of behavior as normal , it is not formally acceptable if you expect to be successful. Keep up the great work, young people need to be encouraged to express their opinions even if it not the most popular opinion. Sara B

  3. To Jayson Quilantan… Can you perhaps let us know how YOU have come to the conclusion that what Obama is eating in Tony’s brilliant political “cartoon” is the standard American diet? We know on FB that you stalked Tony and bashed all of his cartoons and his “other” groups. It looks that you are going to start doing it here too! Are you going to add bashing American’s also?

  4. Corkie, don’t try to use logic on Paulbots. It makes the diodes on their left side ache terribly…

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