They Aren’t Taking This Seriously

Obama and ReidThe debt mess is a huge mess and a whole slew of people aren’t serious about cleaning it up.

Yesterday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scored John Boehner’s plan and said that it only cut the deficit by about one trillion dollars over ten years. That same office scored Harry Reid’s plan and said that it would cut twice that in the same time period. Neither are serious efforts at curtailing spending.

Our current national debt stands at $14.3 trillion dollars. We ran a $1.4 trillion deficit just this year. Boehner’s plan wouldn’t even fix the amount we overspent this year and Reid’s wouldn’t cut enough out of future deficits to remedy the amount of overspending for which Obama is to blame.

Paul Ryan was serious when he presented his framework that the DNC killed by showing images of grandma being pushed over the cliff in a wheelchair. Seriously? Of course not.

Cut, Cap and Balance was a serious proposal to finally end the runaway spending in Washington, killed by the Democrats in the Senate and Obama threatened to veto it even if it had passed.

Our members of Congress are not taking this seriously – why not? Probably because a large portion of Americans aren’t paying attention and both Republican and Democrat politicians know it. These are the moderates in America. They don’t closely follow the news, but show up at the polls after having read an article or two the weekend before. There may be no way to get those voters to pay attention other than by letting August 2nd happen without a deal.

The media isn’t taking things seriously either. They are using the same scare tactics as the Democrats. Throwing “default” and “credit rating downgrade” around as if those things aren’t going to happen within a few years one way or another. Why isn’t the main stream media revealing the truth about what August 2nd would really bring if no deal is reached?

First, on August 2nd, there will be no default – none. Not one t-bill will have its yields unpaid. In fact, the Constitution requires that Congress pay those obligations and we will have more than enough in regular revenues to service that debt for the next few years.

There is also enough revenue to pay the troops, send out Social Security checks and take care of Medicare beneficiaries. These, however, are choices that the Obama administration can make. The President could order the Treasury to pay government union employees before funding Social Security or Medicare. Only the President could decide not to pay seniors while funding one of his own priorities and he has levied a veiled threat at our retirees stating that he might just do that.

If our credit rating were to drop to AA+ from AAA, there would not be a worldwide scramble to dump U.S.-backed securities. AA+ would be on-par with other high-quality investments and would still be one of the safest in the marketplace. It is unlikely that an auction would fail or that an interest rate increase (and price drop) would be required to keep investors buying the nation’s debt.

Since Harry Reid and his band of miscreants have said NO to every single viable attempt to cut our deficits and balance the budget, the debt ceiling will do it for them. If no deal is reached, on August 2nd Congress will no longer have the authority to issue more debt. They will have to service the interest on existing debt, pay our troops, issue social security checks, pay Medicare claims and not much else until they can come to agreement on how to fix the mess that they have gotten us into. They will finally have to take the national debt seriously.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment


    July 28th, 2011

    Mr. Obama, you were elected to be the leader of this United States, to defend our Constitution, our sovereignty, the rule of law and promote the economic and welfare of the American people. Americans voted for you because your promised of big changes in American policies and the eradication of the corruption that made Washington the cesspool of traitors, that for years they sold the integrity and values that their position as representatives of the people, command.
    Mr. Obama you know and the whole country knows, that you are nothing but a big mouth, talk but not action, you promise but never deliver, you are ignorant of the damage you done to our country, with your expending policies, to get this country out of this economic mess, you said that you are a professor of the US Constitution and at will you trash our constitution and the rule of law. Now you are expending your time vacationing and playing golf, while our country is going down to a sure destruction, you demand for congress and the senate to do your job, where is your budget? where is your leadership to resolve this economic mess?.
    Mr. Obama, we need to make this very clear; you work for us, we are the American people that voted for you because you promised that you will take our country out of this mess and make Washington responsive to the people of this United States. Mr. Obama we the people is your Boss and you must listen to we the people; please do not betray us any more because we have enough and we are not going to take any more, do not push our country into a revolution.
    Mr. Obama this is what we the people want you to do, you are not to be play with us, you must do what is right for the American people or there will be consequences. your 2012 budget proposal projects a deficit of $1.6 trillions Dollars; while you are proposing to cut $1.1 trillion Dollars in deficit over the next 10 years. Mr. Obama is this a joke?

    Mr. Obama, these are the policies that must be accomplished now to get our country on the right path:

    1- Cut expenses, we need to cut 1.5 trillions Dollars per year- Balance the US Budget – and increase our expending ceiling only to pay for the interest on our national Debt. not increase expending should be done to cover any other expenses.
    2- Re-store the Social Security Trust fund, money barrow from the Trust fund must be pay back and not money collected under the 1935 Social Security act. should be transfer to the general account to be use by congress on other policies.
    3- Jobs and commerce produce taxes to meet our country expenses, our position on this issue and create the jobs this country needs to meet their financial obligations is:
    a- Revise our free trade policies and the outsourcing of American jobs. this country must stop globalization, because it will destroy America. Free trade only benefit the multinational corporations, the world banking system and the corrupt politicians that will become puppets of the elite of the new world order.
    b- Enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders, illegal immigration is our biggest threat to our national security and the biggest burden to our communities. We are not racist, we know what we are, “Americans with a great concern for our future and the future of our children”. The invasion of illegal aliens, is a great economic burden and a threat to our national security.
    4- End the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, our country do not have any business in dictating policies in any other foreign country or engage in overthrowing governments because they do not conform to our strategy to get their natural resources or their oil. The best policy for peace, is respect to other countries rights to self determination. We are the biggest Hypocrites, for years we supported Dictators and the worse of the worse violators of civil and human rights when is convenient to what we want from them; we became a country without values nor principles that is why the world hate our government, not the American People. You Mr. Obama, cry for national security while you promoted open border policies and order the Border Patrol not to enforce the laws.
    Mr. Obama, these policies will reclaim our country and get us going on the path of prosperity. We the people is convince that continue expending money we don’t have, will destroy our country’s economy and the future of the American people, we are asking all the Washington politicians not to compromise, because; we will never compromise or sell out. We will never become what they are; traitors that their only interest is their job security, knowing that their actions will destroy our country and the future of the people they represent.

    Juan Reynoso
    San Antonio, Texas

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