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The Entrepreneur is the True Economic Engine

President Obama feels it’s not too radical to ask corporate jet owners and millionaires to pay higher taxes. As our government bureaucrats express their ability to create jobs, they actually hinder the true job creators. These oracle geniuses conveniently fail to recognize the entrepreneur as the true economic engine to our economy. Whether it is the gas station owner, the farmer or the retail store owner, the entrepreneur is what defines American Exceptionalism.

Only China and Japan are two other countries with economies large enough to support our federal government’s massive $3.8 trillion spending habit. They spend more than the countries of Germany, France and England. With a spending addition such as that and a $14 trillion debt, our federal government has become a drag on our economy and they have the nerve to demonize the corporate jet owners.

Over 188 large bureaucratic countries prove the greatness of capitalism. The government is a blunt instrument and only should be used for things such as national defense, securing patents and protecting individual rights. There are too many examples of oppressive governments hindering the entrepreneur. There is not one corporation that could run off the government efficiency and still survive as a business. As our governments claims investment in courthouses, railroads and electric cars, they forget to realize that these are support mechanisms, not products that create a demand. But they must pay for this through taxing or borrowing from our future generations. Whichever way, it reduces the wealth for our children and ourselves.

During the 1960s, our nation embarked on a goal of putting a man on the moon. After a decade and $3 billion later, we proudly met that goal. Even though putting a man on the moon is a proud endeavor, some champion NASA’s failures as successes in the private sector world. Yes, they provided the technology for hand-held vacuums, firefighter breathing apparatus and safer runways but this is only evidence of their failures at the attempt to meet their original goal. They are championing NASA’s failures as a success, not a good case of money well spent. Today, NASA is shutting down, providing Muslim outreach and soon hitching rides to outer space from the Russians. We stopped at the goal of putting a man on the moon over 40 years ago and took it no further.

Nearly a half century earlier, an entrepreneur named Thomas Edison was literally lighting up the invention world. He would be awarded 1,368 patents during his lifetime and have accomplishments equally as impressive as NASAs and enhanced mankind’s life forever.

As our government housed massive computers in rooms, three college dropouts in a garage would invent the personal computer. It would create more wealth than anyone could imagine and they revolutionize how humans interact. No one can say that they do not pay their fair share in income, sales and property taxes to name a few. They provide real jobs where a true product is created where people are incentivized to demand it. Hence, supply and demand.

The Constitution does give our Federal Government some authority, for example, to establish a Post Office. But in the 1970s, our Congress made it an official monopoly. Because of this, FedEx and UPS are not allowed to deliver non-urgent letters and may not use the Mail boxes. As we, the citizens, are responsible for the maintenance of mailboxes, USPS dictates the use. According to the WSJ, the USPS lost $14 billion in 2009 and 2010. They blame electronic mail but it clearly demonstrates another inefficiency in our government to conduct business.

In addition, the entrepreneur takes the imagination and makes it reality. FedEx was turned down by many bankers because those bankers saw no need for overnight delivery. Boy, were they wrong.

American ingenuity saved the lives of the trapped Chilean miners. Even though NASA is plastered propaganda of their contributions, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia provided the drill bit that was delivered by…guess who? FedEx. It was the individual entrepreneur, including the Chilean miners that saved their lives, not any bureaucracy. But they were surely there to take credit and the media obliged.

With our 1930s “New Deal” and the most recent $1.5 trillion stimulus and bailout packages, the evidence is that Keynesian economics does not work. Whereas Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and other computer whizzes brought true prosperity to the 1990s, the government loves to claim their fame to that decade. This was a period to where the true entrepreneurism was unleashed with no restrictions. And, of course, the government now wishes to control it through net neutrality.

For our government they must pay for their expenditures by taking it away from someone else. Free healthcare isn’t free and as long as the federal government is involved, it will not be affordable either. But they must take it from the citizen to give it to Planned Parenthood or PBS. This means that they are taking the consumer choice away from you and you’re funding abortions or a news organization when you could be giving to your local church, buying a product you value or working harder for society so you can reap the rewards of your hard work.

When you are taxed to fund other organizations, remember they are taking your consumer’s power away. Within a free market society that is your power, the dollar, in which you earned, and the government thinks that it knows best on how to spend it for you.

So Yes, President Obama…those evil corporate jet owners and millionaires are not the cause of our governments dismal revenues or addictive spending problems.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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One Comment

  1. Great article. And that is what I was saying on another story about the kids in Georgia who had their opportunity to experience what being a private business owner felt like. And I’l guarantee you it feels great for a kid to make a little money on their own. Even if it’s just ten bucks, it’s wonderful. They are so happy and proud at the end of the day. And they can’t sleep that night because they are so excited about getting out there to make more money tomorrow. And I said, “Why are they able to do that?” getting out there and make money off a product that has a need, and is purchased by people who have the need for their product? It’s because those kids live in America where they are FREE to make all the money they want to make. You are FREE in America to become rich enough where if you need a jet to take you to meetings fast and get back fast, and you have the money to do it, then you are FREE to buy that jet and do what you want.

    Ohhhh, but not in Obamaland! In Obamaland you are not free. You have to turn all you make over to the government so they can give it to foreign countries that hate our guts, and give it to sorry bums who fake illnesses so they can get on Social Security Disability for the rest of their lives, like alcoholism, and drug abuse. Those aren’t disabilities! I’m disabled and I can tell you it’s not nice and fun. It sucks. I can’t put my time into making money, getting raises, getting promotions, or owning my own business and watching my idea take off and maybe becoming the next Gates, who knows? But that’s just it, liberalism destroys American’s right to be free to go out and make our own way and become rich maybe by being free to sell an idea of a product to people who see a need for it and are willing to give me money for it. That’s the American way that liberals hate. My question is…WHY? What is it about me living the American way, and they living the American way? What’s the difference between me making money the way I want, and liberals making money like they want to make it? I don’t get it. Why do they feel threatened by me, but I don’t feel threatened by them doing the same thing? See. But liberals hate the fact that I have the same right to make money just like them, but they want me to take money from the government just so they can make the rules that I have to live by, and take whatever money the government thinks I deserve? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  2. It’s Marxism. It’s liberalism, Socialism, and Communism that America is up against. Obama is making headway in overthrowing our government. And that’s what it is, he and the Democrats are overthrowing our country by using Socialistic methods they have learned as taught to them by Communists, and examples from other countries economies, and they are trying that here. Why? Because we’re the last country that has never been taken over or defeated by any thing or people. These people are our enemies, and since they concider this a war against our Constitution, then why aren’t we at war against them? We aren’t acting like we are at war, we are acting like it’s the same ‘ol times like the same ‘ol times forty years ago. It’s not. This is now, that was then, to quote a movie title. But it’s true. WE need to be on the attack. But until we can get rid of the last ‘ol country club Republican’s like Boehner and McConnell and the rest who’ve been in government for a long time, and replace them with conservatives who know what we have to do and aren’t afraid to do it. And the rest of us need to get rid of these murderous Democrats and everyone who Obama picked for his administration and replace them with conservative Democrats who understand what is at stake and are willing to work with conservative Republican’s to get the country protected from this ever happening again.

  3. The Republican Party must go to war against the Democrat Party and the Obama regime. And that’s what it is. As long as these Socialist Democrats and Obama are in office America will continue to go down the drain. The Democrat Party and the Obama regime have alot of power to do pretty much whatever they want. So far the Republican’s have been able to temporarily put a halt to the Democrat spending. I for one don’t care about Moody’s credit rating going down for the country. Really that’s a good thing if you look at it this way. What lowering America’s credit rating will stop Democrats from borrowing any more money from any country…period. By not raising the debt ceiling will prevent the Democrats from printing anymore money. So that shuts the Democrat Party down, Obama to except for one thing and that is, Obama’s ability to make Presidential Directives and Executive Orders. He can still hurt this country bad, and there won’t be anything the Republican’s could do from the Congress. I’m not in any way in the government, have never been a representative, and have absolutely no knowledge of parlimentary manuvers these conservatives in the Congress could do, and I don’t know what there are in Senatorial moves Reid could pull and get things done that would continue to hurt this nation. Obama could order the drilling rigs in the Gulf to shut down thus causing the gasoline prices to go up even further making it nearly impossible to deal with the rise in costs everything would go after that.

    But here’s what would happen if Obama did do that. He would be flapping in the wind as far as who he is and what he plans on doing to this nation. He could go on TV and tell us his continued lies that he has been telling since before he was elected. But I believe the American people would finally see who this man is and that is he is a Marxist and he wants to bring this country down. Maybe it will take getting really bad in order for some of the American’s to finally wake the hell up and do something to pull this nation back from death.

    Call your representative and tell them to vote FOR the “Cut, Cap, And Balance” Constitutional amendment to force the government to balance the budget before they could do a single thing more to us.

    Remember what Obama said out of his own lying mouth. He said, “I believe the Constitution is a document of negative rights for the government for what it can do for you and what it can do TO you.” If that doesn’t tell you who he is then you are still asleep!!

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