Racism In America

August 28, 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech to a massive crowd of two hundred thousand plus people. The crowd was made up of many different races of people, not just black, not just white. On that day, people gathered and united for a common good. Even though race relations could have exploded into violence and unrest many people of our nation united to solve a long standing problem.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

These immortal words were a driving force behind actions taken to correct the injustices that were so prevalent in those days.

My question for you is this: have the words and dreams of Dr. King been twisted and perverted?

Rep. Allen West has been in the news a great deal. Rep. West has stated that he has been called such things as “Uncle Tom” and “sellout” for standing up for what he believes. Rep. West received numerous decorations in his military career before he retired in 2004, but it appears that his biggest battle might have just begun. Those on the left seem to have set their sights on Rep. West, especially fellow Floridian Rep. Wasserman-Schultz.

Recently I came across an article by Lloyd Marcus entitled “The Black Code”. Mr. Marcus answered some questions I have had for several years and even gave some new questions and thoughts to ponder. I understand that like people tend to group together whether it is on the basis of religion, culture or even race. What Mr. Marcus opened my eyes to is the existence of the “codes” that exist among many groups- be it blacks, whites, liberal or conservative to name a few. Some people live their lives by such a code while others don’t. Mr. Marcus described some of the repercussions of not adhering to the “Black Code”.

“Consequences for violating The Black Code are severe. I boldly proclaim myself to be an unhyphenated American rather than the politically correct term, “African-American”. It never occurred to me my statement would be seen as a violation of The Black Code.”

Mr. Marcus explained how the code played into the election of Obama when he ran for president.

“The emergence of Obama as America’s first black presidential candidate automatically activated The Black Code in the hearts and minds of most black Americans.

Obama’s socialistic ideas, anti-America associations and friends were irrelevant. Once again, I found myself odd man out with family and black friends.”

This is when I asked myself a couple of questions; isn’t it just as racist to vote for a person because of their skin color as it is to not to vote for them for their skin color? Doesn’t this kind of thinking contradict Dr. King’s teachings?

 “But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.”   – Dr. King


“Al Sharpton and the usual suspects along with their sycophant clueless puppy dog white liberal media exploit The Black Code at every opportunity.”-Lloyd Marcus

Over the years, people such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have successfully manipulated many Americans for nothing more than their personal gain while others have used the “race card” to push their liberal agenda.

When Rep. Allen West sent his email to Rep. Wasserman-Schultz in response to her attack on him, the head of The National Black Caucus stated that he was “furious” with Rep. West. Where is this “Black Code”? Does Rep. West not qualify for inclusion in the loyalty the “code” dictates? Am I to understand that the “code” does not apply to black gentlemen (or ladies) that hold conservative values?

“Exploitation of The Black Code is the left’s strategy to defeat the tea party and get out the black vote in 2012. Their think tank went something like this:

“I got it!

Let’s call the tea party racist.

We’ll accuse them of opposing Obama’s race rather than his agenda to fundamentally transform America. Instinctively, blacks will flock to the polls in defense of their brother against those white tea party rednecks.”- Lloyd Marcus

The Tea Party racist? Was it not the Tea Party that was the driving force behind the election of Rep. West?

The left’s tactics push people of all races to look at candidates based on anything but their content of character.  They will play the “race card” at every chance and lie about candidates to distract the American people from what really matters. They do not want the U.S. Constitution to remain. They want to turn this great nation into their personal socialist playground.

I commend and admire people like Rep. West and Lloyd Marcus for standing up to the pressures of the politically correct in defense of our great nation. We should all hold people of their caliber as true patriots. We need more people like them no matter what color their skin is.

I hope that all that read this will read Mr. Marcus’ article also and above all else, do what Dr. King dreamed about, judge (especially your candidates) by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.
– Benjamin Wallace



Lloyd Marcus article

Text of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech

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  1. I have explained this and explained this, that everything that liberals have changed in this nation since the 60’s have been for the benefit to only Blacks. Liberals have changed the attitude of White people, and only White people by using the race card for everything they wanted to accuse Whites of depriving Blacks of. They used White supremicy when it came to “fully integrating” the non-Black education system in America that existed before the liberals forced the Supreme Court to order that Blacks will go to all schools that formerly were non-Black public schools. Instead of concidering what that meant in the damage that just ripping the doors off the non-Black public schools instead of preparing Black students for entering an education system that they could not in any way be prepared to be able to hit the ground running, instead of testing all Blacks who were scheduled to enter the particular non-Black schools in their town/cities. Testing would have put Blacks who had excelled in their schools and we would have gotten the best of them instead of just anything and anybody who happen to be going to some Black school that liberals were ordering closed. Getting the best Blacks who were ready to step up to the level and more importantly the “STANDARD” of education found in the non-Black public education system that had put men on the moon, was what liberals should have been forced to protect, and preserve. Instead liberals made everyone more afraid of the lie of denying Blacks of the education they deserved. Did they? Some did, and could have been the best of the best. But the rest needed to have stayed in their schools until they were ready to make the step up in the standard of education found in America’s non-Black schools. And that especially included the high standard found in our colleges and universities. That’s where no remedial courses were neccessary for kids coming into college out of high school because they had been well prepared for college, instead of not even having the level of education suitable for graduation to a junior high level school, not college is what liberals caused our schools to fall to.

    The next thing liberals did was strip the highest quality of skilled, educated, experienced and qualified workers America’s manufacturing and industries had making everything American’s used everyday of their lives. Liberals demanded that every place of work have a certain number of Blacks working there in order to place an equal number of Blacks employed in jobs they were kept from having before due to their lack of training, education, skills, and experience in order to be able to do. Liberals demanded that laws be passed that forced employers to hire what was termed “quota’s” and added the term “equal opportunity” for Blacks in America so they could get a piece of the American pie. Liberals used organizations like the ACLU and Black organizations to force legislators to pass bills and regulations onto businesses to make sure they were not discreminating against Blacks in who they were hiring to fill jobs vacated by Whites who were either leaving for other employment, or who had been laid off because the new Federal law required that that company hire more Blacks whether they were qualified or not. Then the government decided to give employers Federal grant money to use to train incoming Blacks to use to teach these unqualified Blacks how to do these jobs that Whites had been fired from to make room for more Blacks. Employers had so many problems with unqualified Blacks demanding to be hired and the courts ordering employers to fire more Whites that employers put their demands on government for help with this problem. So employers were given special tax cuts for employers to use the money they were saving from their taxes being lowered to use to teach Blacks how to do the work. And the grants were the other thing.

    Liberals used the race card to force Whites to accept Blacks no matter what existed in the law before. Constitutionally a person has the right to do whatever they want with their own property so long as it’s within the law, of course. But liberals weren’t satisfied with White people having the Constitution to protect them from having to share with Blacks the property that belonged to White people. So liberals passed the “Fair Housing Act” to force White people to sell their property that duely belonged to them and that they had the Constitutional right to sell to anyone they wanted to. And think about this. Why would you have to sell your property to some people who just didn’t happen to own a house, or be able to own a house? You are going to sell your property to someone just because they don’t have one? That ‘s why it’s always been up to the person who owns the property to sell it to someone who has the credit to be able to meet the banks rules and qulify the buyer to be able to buy your house. That’s the way it’s always been. But liberals believed that that was racist to not have to sell your property to a Black. And they played the race cared to make Whites feel guilty for not selling their house to a Black. Liberals have always used guilt to force Whites to give up their rights and give them to Blacks, instead of making Blacks get out and earn the money and the credit rating so that they could buy a house just like everybody else has for all of time.

    These are just some of the things that liberals did to our society to make things “equal” just for Blacks. They will tell you that it wasn’t and there were other races that weren’t being treated right by Whites, but it’s all lies and deception, and unconstitutional. Do you think that an employer has to give a job to a certain race, qualified or not just because they can’t do that work, but since there aren’t as many of that race working there it’s somehow unfair for that race? What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. What liberals should have done was to have the legislature pass a law that said that if a qualified Black came to your shop, or business and they had had the experience to do all that you needed for the job they were applying for, you had to hire them. You couldn’t discreminate against them just because they were Black. That would have been just fine. And if your kid was smart enough and had the grades and passed the entrance exam to get into a school, then they had to be let in. That’s just real life because you have to do that in order to qualify to get into a college. That would be fine, because then we would not have had to get rid of all the college prepatory schools and course work that was in most all the high schools in America, especially the South. Southern Universities were some of the best in the nation. Noble prize candidates came from more schools from the South than anywhere else. And it took smart kids to get in and you had to pass the test to get in some of the best schools in the country. And up to a time they were all non-Black public and private colleges and universities. And they were the best in the world. World class education is what you used to get.

    And I thought that’s what liberals told us that’s what Blacks wanted, and that’s a better education than what they felt they were getting in their schools, since by law they were all Black before the Supreme Court ordered “full integration” of every school in the country especially the South. That’s where their big push was because the South had the “separate but equal” policy. That meant the same amount of money and programs were being instituted in the Black schools as was offered in the non-Black public schools. My state, Louisiana was the last holdout to finanally be forced to get rid of “separate but equal” laws, and institute the “consent decree” which the courts ordered Louisiana to put in place to get the ratio that liberals wanted to see in all the non-Black public schools which was 60% White, and 40% Black. And it went so far as to order that even in every classroom, 60 – 40. That didn’t happen because since some school districts were mostly Black, there were this tiny little percentage of White kids who were ordered by the court to have to attend that Black majority school. Many schools were over 90% Black years after the “consent decree” was ordered because there just couldn’t be but so many kids who could go to those schools. What did the liberals want White families to be forced to move into a Black neighborhood just so the numbers would come out right for them?

    This is the atrosity the liberals made our once world class education system into. Some would say schools are better now 45+ years since the ordered integration came about. But when you figure that over thirty percent of public school kids were found by a nation wide test given to public schools by the National Geographic Society that kids could not find their own state on a map of the United States. That’s better?

  3. Both my parents were teachers. My mom taught Art in high school. She had a Masters in Art from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.. My Dad taught medical school and taught Anatomy. But in between jobs at universities he would teach history in high school. So don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I have talked to teachers both old and young many times over the years to see how things are going, and they tell me the truth about how the government has made politics out of everything. I remember how school was all the years I went because I liked school so much it is just ingrained in my memory. So come on you disbelievers, tell me I’m wrong and I’l rip you apart!

  4. And if none of you have not ever heard the term “non-Black public education system”, I guess you wouldn’t because I made that term up a few years ago. It came to me because I had been beating around the bush for years trying to say that in a nice way so as not to offend any Black. But then I realized that what difference does it make, most Blacks hate White people any way so why should I be nice. And in thinking about it when I was writting about the subject that ‘s when it came to me. It’s concise and to the point, it explains without being wordy, and it describes what our schools were, “non-Black”.

    Now, does that mean all White? No. Not at all, and I’ve been to lots of different schools all over the United States being with my Dad as he would transfer from one medical school to another for the special courses he pursued. Some were up North , most were down South and Texas, Colorado, everywhere. And there were always some Mexican’s, Hidu kids from India, American Indian, Greek kids from Greece, and other European nationalities besides just your ordinary Japanese, and Chinese kids who were second generation American’s, which means their parents were full blood Japanese or Chinese and spoke those languages. Every race was in all those schools I went to…except Blacks. They all had all their own schools. Now up in the Northeastern part of America Blacks went to school with Whites and had for generations because of the manner in which that part of America had been inhabited, especially during and after the War Between the States. And out West like in California Blacks went to school with White kids out there to. But there were plenty of schools in the US which were all White because there weren’t any other kids in those districts other than White kids.

    But after liberals pushed integration down everyone’s throats in the late 50’s and 60’s that’s when liberals thumbed their noses at the “STANDARD’ of education America had and dumped it in the garbage to be rebuilt by liberals over and over again through the many years afterwards trying to get it right. Well, when you don’t have a standard to go by, but just some fantasy of an idea of what it is supposed to look like when you get through, it’s like some kind of acid trip and you expect the world to still look like it did when you were tripping, after you come down. It doesn’t. It’s reality when you come down, and that’s what liberals saw after every attempt to make education have “equal outcome” for everyone. Real education never has an equal outcome. You give the class a test over the subject you teach, and every kid is going to do a little different from the other kids. Some consistantly do well, and others consistantly do not. The one’s that consistantly do badly you have to do something else with those kids and back in my day it was “Trade School”. You send them on to learn to do something where they can make a living and that’s all you can do with them. They won’t go to college and become a doctor no matte how much their Black mother thinks they should, but it’s because Whites make it to hard to get into the medical university for any Black to have a chance. LIE. No, woman, it’s your kid is to dumb to even get out of high school let alone get into medical school. Liberals are to scared to tell the truth to most of these Black mothers. Instead liberals just come up with another program to see if that one will work.

  5. Over many years the liberals have used the race card very effectivley to trick the black community into indoctrination to the democratic party. They have played the race card to render hatred and mistrust betwwen different races for they could furher thier socialist agenda, the old play both sides against the middle routine.
    Everyone is created equal by God, but for centuries men have tried and succeeded at pushing one group or another into a lower class category. These tactics have been used for many different reasons, greed, fear or hatred toward a particular group. In our nation today the liberals have pushed the poor and minorities to the bottom just to say that they are trying to help them, all the while forcing them to become more dependant on the government. Liberals say that they are for the minorities and the poor but it is all a ploy for control over everybody. The liberals take people by the hand while stepping on thier heads to make sure they cannot rise out of thier situation. Like Mr. Marcus stated in his article, most in the black community believe in conservative values. The problem is that these same people have heard the same people that secretley hold them back say that they are fighting for them for so long that they believe them. We are in desprate need of good black leaders that will open the eyes of the remainder of the black community to see who truly is trying to keep many of them down.
    I remember getting to know a few elderly black gentlemen when I was younger that exibited the pride and self respect to depend on themselves and not the government. They helped teach me that nothing is given for free by the grovernment that does not require giving up something else. Those gentlemen gave equality to those they met, they did not care what color you were but did expect the same respect that they gave.
    Will, You make some good points. I have heard my dad talk of the days when inegration happened and he describes it much the way you do. I remember my dad stating that when they failed to teach the black students to the higher stadards they taught the whites of those days to it became a great injustice to both blacks and whites. When integrating black and white schools together they should have kept the higher standard for all students. By lowering all standards they hurt all students involved and the education of future generations. There is no one that could ever convince me that the black students could not have reached the higher standards.
    One of our main goals to preserve our nation should be to raise the standards back to a higher point so our kids will be more knowledgable and better prepared to serve this great nation and the world we live in.

      This following comment is hogwash in my opinion Ben:
      ‘Like Mr. Marcus stated in his article, most in the black community believe in conservative values. The problem is that these same people have heard the same people that secretley hold them back say that they are fighting for them for so long that they believe them. ”
      Not a personal comment against you of hogwash, but an observation of how unintended meanings can very subliminally enter a discussion when one is not completely circumspect about how one frames opinion. I shll make my case.

      Regardless of who made the first sentence statement, and I know who Mr. Marcus is and do NOT question his integrity of belief, the two comments taken in total context represent a contradiction upon itself.

      If most blacks did indeed believe in “conservative values” then they would NOT have been listening to AND been influenced by those referenced in the second sentence.
      Simply because they would have learned to be what conservatives are…, independent thinkers who often disagree among themselves and hash out their contrarian opinions intellectually. They would not THINK that those who hold them back do it ‘secretly’, because ANYBODY can see that they do it VERY PUBLICLY. Our political system of legislating bills into law is not SECRET. The vote tallies are not SECRET. If legislation effects a social benefit, much is made of that and it’s never kept SECRET. When this very public legislation is fought over in the various media both opposing sides comsistently and PUBLICLY echo their opposition reasoning or support reasoning for whatever the bill would accomplish. NOTHING COULD BE LESS SECRET. So merely saying something is secretly done belies an altering of the truth, completely unsupported by the record of history in this constitutional republic. It is, to be succinct, promoting a false agenda. This agenda..I would suggest, is borne of the old 50s era “white guilt” syndrome I’ve talked about in posts on these forums. White people, even today, have an almost PALATABLE FEAR of suggesting that black people aren’t TOTAL VICTIMS of the destiny that has befallen them.

      I, on the other hand, have lived through this entire era as an adult, and am NOT SO ENCUMBERED!

      You see I know what a TRUE RACIST IS. In contemporary, modern era, American politics it is a minority individual who seeks to position every issue with a racial insensitivity about it and directly or indirectly suggests that the majority is a bigoted and prejudiced racist. For those TRUE RACISTS, most of whom you would be familiar with and who happen to be BLACK RACISTS, their methodology is a ‘way of life’.

      To be sure…WHITE RACISTS exist too, but only on the white “fringe” of society, most having been driven underground during the ’70s and before the turn of the century. Black racists exist within the heart of the black POLITICAL community. They were the by-product of the insidious and also insipid, perceived advancements of the WHITE Grandpa Lyndon’s NOT-So-Great-Society era when unscrupulous BLACK politicians saw that if they aligned with WHITE RACIST POWER-BROKERS they could accrue powers similar unto themselves. Since the coveting of more and greater power is a human failing and most obvious in those forked-tongued Devils of the politico ilk, a malignancy of targeting groups by RACE and ETHNICITY spread throughout the land. Like a metastacizing cancer it spread itself until today it has become the stock-in-trade and business-as-usual protocol for modern demonRATs. It’s THE REASON I renamed them long ago and, for me personally, revoked the Democrat reference label. They feed on the inherent evil in man and his penchant to grovel to the lowest common defining denominator and appeal to what my old pal Willie the Speare, late the Bard of Avon, called “the base degrees” of ascendency. They are no longer the “loyal opposition”, they have morphed into, quite literally…, the ENEMY FROM WITHIN. Those individuals have now become our accursed heritage as they have generationally procreated and assured that the sins of the Father would revisit the Son. There are many examples, but for one…can you spell the Reverend J-A-C-K-S-O-N and J-A-C-K-S-O-N J-R.? Another waere the duo of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. Teddy tried swinging the Republican Party to the progressive left with his “Square Deal” which is almost unknown among contemporary folks, but it begat the full-speed-ahead “New Deal” philosophy of the dedicated progressivist FDR. No so much racist as an example of political agenda “deal” or ideology transference.

      Just thinking out loud….again!

      1. Doc, I have to agree with Mr Marcus about most blacks hold conservative values. The reason I say this is because of what I have seen from my black friends through the years. We may be able to chalk it up to growing up and remaining in the South all of my life but almost every black person that I have known would make comments and voice concerns that were what one would consider conservative. The thing that bothered me personaly is many of those same people would vote for candidates that stood opposite of what they said they believed.
        I can see what you mean about it being done publicly instead of secret. The point I was trying to get accross was how for so many years politicians (especialy democrats) have used the race card against primarily republicans while creating legislation that make so many more dependant on the government. I consider this modern day slavery because they are making people unable to stand on thier own for the sake of votes. The government has rewarded people for not working or even trying in many cases and have produced slaves to the system. I say it is high time to reinstill pride in one’s self to the people of the United States. We need to get back to hard work having rewards, not laziness.

        1. Ben, I noticed you made the reference for your judgement as “my black friend”. Is it possible that your black friends are not or were not the ones who were raised up in generational parasitic dependence nurtured by demonRATs?

          My reference is of a white seeing and having interracted with blacks in the North. It was a different experience entirely. Almost every black kid I knew and went to scool with when I was growing up, and I grew up in what was described as your “average middle-income neighborhood” back then, was from a broken and dysfunctional family on welfare. Before the civil rights 60s blacks ghettoized themselves as a matter of circumstance and (what I call) ‘imposed’ choice, because they were poor. The demonRATs back then saw to it that MOST would never get out of that situation and it’s why today, after all the federal programs and food stamps and welfare and WIC programs and so much more ad nauseum…they are WORSE off than ever! They live in a drug-addled and self-loathing subculture in cities that has metasticized to suburban areas. Black-on-black crime; hatred of women; illegitimate births as the rule not the exception; gang mentality as the norm; depravity in culture and just about everything about black neighborhoods anywhere in America are like a microcosm of Liberty City, FL, Detroit, MI or some other urban cesspool. Neither Republican nor Conservative made policies were responsible for that.

          As to liberals and blacks and racial policy, let’s not confuse what liberals believe and what the politicians they elect believe. Liberals believed that any way that they could elevate blacks to a perceived better life was RIGHTEOUS, even the so-called leg-up of “affirmative action” and “quotas” you mentioned. The reason they did was by doing what they thought was righteous they removed the burden of “white guilt” from their shoulders. They felt good about THEMSELVES. STRICTLY a gratuitous and self-indulgent behavioral experience. The sons and daughters were atoning for the sins of the fathers and mothers in the past. I’m talking now about the northern white liberal experience. They saw, as soon as TV got a foothold in society in the 50s and then became more widespread in the late 50s, what the KKK and White Citizens Council were all about in the South. Liberals made those race-based decisions upon feeling good about themselves, NOT with regard for how the ideas they supported only further imprisoned blacks of little education to a parasitic dependency upon government and WORSE EVEN…diminished any self-image of a positive self-worth. They wanted to right a wrong and so supported demonRATic politicians who saw civil rights as merely a means to an end of garnering POWER. That came to a head with what I always describe as Grandpa Lyndon’s Not-So-Great-Society. LBJ before becoming president was a bigtime power-b roker in Comgress and eld say for a long time there and knew EXACTLY what he was doing. If that sounds like a jaded or jaundiced view IT IS, but conceived from and based on historical reality. Once the civil rights movement juggernaut picked up steam it was all a feelgood and reassuring, self-serving emotional experience for liberals in the North. I’d even say that they did NOT know or realize the long-term degrading effect their policies would have on blacks of future generations. Watching TV and news coverage of what was transpiring all over the South was a virtual out-of-body emotional experience for them. They sucked up the guilt for what they viewed like dry sponges never stopping to look in the mirror and ask…’What the Hell do I feel guilty about? I didn’t encourage, support or participate in what I’m seeing on TV,’ That’s an intellectual appraisal. Liberals don’t evaluate anything from an intellectual standard.

          I’m not looking to be contentious with you, but I say what I think about what I observe. Your running commentary of what happened to blacks is a bit shortsighted as it’s viewed from a myopic perspective. Step back and view history from the wider perspective as I did here. It’s VERY important to make the distinction between the rank and file “liberal” and the politicians that USE THEM. They are NOT the same.

  6. Lloyd Marcus is, by my mesure , a good guy and staunch traditional AMERICAN values advocate. Sometimes though eben the best among us get a myopic head of stem up and miss a cogent point.

    In the Marcus article referenced, he stated this:
    “Consequences for violating The Black Code are severe.”
    After reading the follow-up remarks he made I realizedhis statement was incomplete. He should have added…
    ‘, but different for white politicians and balck politicians.

    As an example I need only mention two names of current event notariety on the demonRATic side. RANGEL and WEINER. BOTH made persoanl behavior decisions that violated the “public trust” of the citizenry that elected them as representatives. THough different in nature BOTH were equally significant and well-documented.

    In the earlier case of Charles Rangel of New York his call to accounting for his actions and lack thereof dragged on for years as his own party powers-that-be tried to minimize, diffuse, misdirect and in every way possible delay THE BLIND APPLICATION OF SWIFT JUSTICE.
    Goodtime Charlie is black.

    In the case of Anthony Weiner also of New York, his call to accounting for his actions and lack thereof was swift, vicious and greater in intensity and volume within a very short period of time that any other in recent memory. As he was viewed as a political embarassment (a rarity for ANY demonRAT) he was pilloried in the local NY press and with bi-partisan and bi-racial vigor was cast aside on the political dungpile of history. This despite him having amassed a record of being the most strident demonRATic congressman in the cesspool that is New York politics. I mention this to highlight that when a WHITYE DEMONRAT transgresses…Hell hath no fury like his brethren polticins! SUCH SWIFT JUSTICE WITH ALL EYES WIDE OPEN upon which NO COURT was ever convened to assign guilt for!
    The Wandering Weiner is white.

    I rest my case.

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