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Government Regulation Kills Entrepreneurial Spirit – Again

Midway, Georgia Police shut down a one-day old small business siting a lack of permits. The enterprising young entrepreneurs had decided that instead of working for someone else, they would open a business and make their own way – their way.

The business was a lemonade stand run by three girls trying to save up for a trip to a water park The cost of the licenses required to run the stand – $50.00 per day. It would be nearly impossible for the enterprising young ladies to raise the money required for their excursion with the weight of the local government holding their profits hostage.

One girl, 14-year-old Casity Dixon, says the three had to listen to police and shut down.

The girls are now back to performing tasks for their parents to earn their money, realizing that government regulation has effectively strangled their enterprise when it had barely a chance to get started.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. This is hilarious. According to the city website, the city of Midway has a population of 1,100 people, the median income is 29K, the median price for a home is 85K. The city website has an entire page devoted to “Paying Tickets Online,” which is broken down into “Business Violations” and to pay tickets resulting from another revenue maker… the city “Red Light Camera.” Obviously the Red Light Camera has freed up the 4 officer police force so it can be on the lookout for illegal business practices among its 1,100 residents. They have one municipal court judge, who obviously was overwhelmed with cases and must have insisted on the “Pay your tickets online” page.

    Another interesting fact is 2010 voting data. Midway is in Liberty county, where more people voted for democrats than republicans, albeit by a slim margin. The state is overwhelmingly Republican (by lanslide margins.) Go figure.

    2010 voting data:

    Midway City Ticket Link Page:

  2. Yeah, I went to Midway’s website the other day myself so that I could see who these people were. And I was surprised that this so-called police chief was a cropped haired feminist looking woman with no makeup on. So right then I knew she was a Socialist and maybe even a Marxist. And yeah, any woman who chops her hair off and wears no makeup and votes for Obama is a puking leftist, okay? I didn’t send her the flaming email I wanted to send her because I’m sure she is getting tons of hate mail from thousands of real American’s who don’t have a problem with stopping for a cup of lemonade from some cute kids just trying to get their feet wet in the Capitalist economy America needs alot more of.

    A few years ago when my son was alot younger, a friend of his decided they wanted a lemonade stand to. And guess why? It was because some other boys a couple of blocks away were making all kinds of money with their stand, and my son and his friend wanted to make some money to. That short story alone would anger every liberal on this site, that it was “greed” that somebody else was making money, and my son and his friend weren’t was the only reason why they wanted a stand for themselves? They actually wanted to make money for themselves, just for them, nobody else, so they could have money they could spend on themselves buying video games for their own entertainment, and no one else’s. GREED I tell you, just for the sake of GREED!!!

    You damn right for the sake of greed, for the sake that they could have money that the other boys were making that my greedy son and his equally greedy friend could have and try to steal customers from those other boys so that hopefully the other boys wouldn’t make as much….GREED, I tell you!! That is not greed, that is called starting a privately owned business for the purpose of providing a product that was in need, and to make a profit in providing that product. And they took part of their proceeds and bought more lemonade mix and made somemore money from selling lemonade from the stand I helped them build. It was cool to. It had wheels on it where they could roll it to the street corner they wanted to sell at, and then roll it back home when they were tired and cars weren’t stopping anymore as much later in the day. But, I’ll tell you they did real good. They were making about $60 dollars a day! And were selling lemonade for three different prices they figured out themselves based on infomation they gathered by spying on the other boys prices, heh, heh, heh.

    That’s just called being a good American. If you have nothing to figure out what to charge then you look at what everyone else is charging and that’s what you go with.

    But this chief is out of her mind and I’m sure she is getting that idea from the American people. I don’t watch TV news, but has anyone seen these girls on TV yet? Has Fox News sent reporters to Midway to interview those girls and try to get an interview with the Marxist chief of police, or maybe their measly four cops, and what they think about being in on stiffling the American spirit in these girls effort to make few dollars to go to a damn water park. I think what needs to be done is since the chief was the one responsible for “enforcing the law” then she should give these girls the money they need to go to the water park. I think that’s fair that the cost of what these girls needed should come out of the pocket of the Socialist who come up with these destructive laws. Fine, we won’t have lemonade stands, but you have to give us the money we need to do what we want. You get to have your stupid laws, and we get to go to the water park by you paying for what we would have made off selling lemonade. It ought to come out of the chiefs own pocket. See, make the liberals pay for coming up with stupid laws.

    As a matter of a fact I think that maybe the police dept. and the city council should have to pay for all the citizens of Midway to go to the water park for a day. That wouldn’t be much money for all these liberals, they’ve got plenty of money. They should, because they’re not having to spend it for all that lemonade they’d have to buy.

  3. I was so mad after reading about this, I couldn’t see straight! But I thought that it was a story from something that had happened months ago and was just resurfacing again for some reason. But no, it was ANOTHER stroy about kids needing a license to sell lemonade. Didn’t this happen a few months ago somewhere else in America? It sure seems that I heard about this happening somewhere else last year or something?? If I’m wrong please correct me. I do know that I attacked some little town up North that outlawed praying in public. You weren’t allowed to pray in public, like you see a family in a resturant and before they eat the have a little blessing. Well, it seems some butt h*** atheist didn’t like it and complained to the city council. Well, he got a ACLU lawyer and sued the city for allowing praying in public. But it seemed to me to be wrong, besides it really is wrong, but I thought it was wrong because it was in a privately owned business. Isn’t a privately owned business allowed to let people do whatever people wanted to do in that business? You know what I mean. I’m not talking about taking your clothes off, or smoking pot or something. I’m talking about if a small diner doesn’t care if people who come in there a say a blessing before they eat would have a problem with it. Oh, yeah? What the resturant owner needed to have posted on the outside of the resturant is “Atheists cannot sue if they see somebody praying”, or “Praying allowed inside” or something to that affect.

    But isn’t this the same thing, liberals taking people’s rights away to do whatever they want? Isn’t our Constitution pretty clear about that sort of thing? One of those “Congress shall make no law…” things? Well, it ought to be “no city council shall make no law prohibiting capitalism or capitalistic actions…” sort of things in Midway!!

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