Cut, Cap and Balance Could Pass Senate

After having passed the House of Representatives this week, the Cut, Cap and Balance budget solution will be up for a cloture vote in the Senate on Saturday. The entirety of main stream media has already declared it dead – they may be wrong.

The bill is being taken up in the Senate today and a will see the preliminary vote on Saturday. A cloture vote is simply a vote to close debate. It allows for an additional 30 hours of debate should the cloture vote pass before a final Senate vote.

Cloture: The only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster. Under the cloture rule (Rule XXII), the Senate may limit consideration of a pending matter to 30 additional hours, but only by vote of three-fifths of the full Senate, normally 60 votes. [1]

Americans are going to get at least a few days of debate on the Cut, Cap and Balance bill despite Democrat theatrics calling a vote on the bill “political theater,” a “waste of time,” and a “show vote”. They may get more. If the cloture vote fails, debate continues.

Is balancing the budget a “waste of time” or even a “scam” or “stupid” as Sen. Mikulski (D-Md) put it? Not all Democrats think so:

So while the cloture vote only closes debate, it will put pressure on Democrats and Republicans alike. First, cloture should happen and the heat must be turned up on Senators.

For Democrats, voters would have to let them know that a balanced budget is the mos-important thing the Senate can do. Had the Democrat-led Senate bothered to pass budgets the last 2+ years, perhaps they wouldn’t be where they are. Either way, this decision will have direct repercussions on our kids. We are no longer talking about what a failure to balance the budget will do to our grandchildren – failure has gone on too long.

For Republicans the message is simple: if they want to vote down Cut, Cap and Balance in favor of the Gang of Six failure of a proposal (not even a bill) to protect them with voters in the general election, they should be so informed that they won’t get that far. If they choose to abandon the future of America for fear of losing their seats, we will guarantee that they will – in February they will be replaced by fiscally-sound Republicans in the primaries.

When the bill comes up for a Senate vote is when the single American voter has the most power. Get a yes vote on cloture and then press for yes on final passage. Let’s call Obama’s bluff – veto this, Sir.

Phone numbers for all Senators can be found here:



**Update 7/22 – Well, dingy Harry strikes again. Despite his promise to let it go to a roll call vote, he lead the Democrats in the Senate in killing the best hope for America’s future. The plan that would finally have put restrictions on Congressional spending.



[1] https://www.senate.gov/reference/glossary_term/cloture.htm


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One Comment

  1. I don’t give a crap what position the Socialist Democrats take on the Cut, Cap, Balance bill, they all ought to be fired come next year. I’ll tell you this right now, there are some who believe the stories about 2012 that say that it is the great awakening, in that the American people finally wake up and rids itself of liberalism that has been aimed at making all White people a Second Class to pay us back supposedly for how we’ve treated the Blacks, except for one big flaw, Blacks are waking up to and they are saying that they weren’t half as mistreated by Whites as they have been by their own people. They are saying that it’s been the Democrats who’ve enslaved them at a time in America’s history where they could have had the wealth building ability given to all men, had it not been for Democrats standing in the way with a damn Welfare check in their hand. For Whites it’s been a nightmare of entangled restrictions on free speech, regulations wiping out our businesses, taxes, fees, and fines that have taken all their money away which used to go to taking care of people, and their entire way of life, culture, traditions, and customs that everyone in the nation used to live by including Blacks, have been under constant attack day and night for the past fifty plus years geared to make it look like we kept all the other people who’ve come here to be American’s, customs, and traditions from being celebrated. But that is just it, the America before liberals began their attacks WAS celebrating all the other races and nationalities customs and traditions as part of the American culture. Liberals have claimed all this time that it was only White customs that were the predominant culture. Now, that has been found to be a lie, and that is the awakening that liberal Democrats fear the most.

    Ridding America of those who have done all this damage to our way of life, handing it’s definition over to such lowlifes as Muslims, radical Black Panthers, Communists, environmentalists, and political globalists who don’t want any country to be defined by borders, bounderies, FLAGS, or anything else that would give people pride in who they are, their heritage, or the nation that separates them from everyone else. All these things liberals hate, and it’s this hate that many Democrats fear will realign the world thus totally undoing all that they have accomplished all these decades. They are afraid most of an American Glasnos that they couldn’t stop. And you know what Glasnos did to Russia. It wiped out 70 years of Communist grip and destroyed it’s hold on half of Europe thus freeing millions of enslaved people so that they could be in control of their own destiny.

    American’s need, and should be in control of their own destiny because we have seen the direction liberals want that destiny to go, straight down into hell.

  2. And Obama would hold up Social Security checks in defiance against the only plan on the table, and it’s the Republican plan? You do know that Black people draw Social Security checks to, don’t you? What do you think would happen to Democrat support if Blacks didn’t get their money? They would riot. You know, why don’t you ever see White people rioting when something doesn’t go their way? It’s because White people are the only race that has as part of who they are obediance to the law. And I don’t care if some Blacks obey the law, and some Mexican’s obey the law, neither of them are greater of their race who obey the law and only a very small part of the White race disobey the law. It’s the other way around with Blacks and Mexican’s. The greater majority of their race are disobedant to the law, and only some of their races obey the law. Look at the stastistic’s, it’s true. That is why liberals can’t take over the country and that is because if you add all the Whites that obey the law, plus some Blacks and some Mexican’s who obey the law and you have a huge force that oppose liberalism’s destruction of the nation. Liberals are the only ones who think they are obediant to the law, except it’s not the law of the land which is the Constitution, it’s all the political correctness laws that liberals obey. Those laws don’t even exist in humanality, those are just made up laws that make a liberal look “holier than thou”. They’re not, because they lack the inner belief in justice to be able to be guided by Natural Law to be capable of obeying the Constitution. That is what the balance of the three main races in this country live by, and will not give that up. It’s because those are Godly things, and the things of God that liberalism is destroyed by. And that is what liberals fear most.

    Why else can three hundred thousand Tea Party attendee’s meet on the grounds of the Reflection Pool in Washington and when they leave there’s not a single piece of trash left behind by any White, Black, or Mexican? But fifty thousand can do the same thing that when they leave the same place looks like a land fill? It’s because Real American’s obey the unwritten laws of Natural Law that are only found in a people with faith in goodness. Liberals play at being good, real American’s are good. And those are the people in Washington right now who are trying to get the left to actually be good, something that comes unnaturally to a liberal. Liberals have spent the past fifty years pretending to be good with “good intentions” to show for their effort.

    Do you know that the American people have never seen what a real conservative controlled American economy? They have only seen the abortion that Democrats can come up with after watering down Republican bills until they don’t do but a fraction of what they set out doing. That’s why people see no difference between Republican’s and Democrats, because they go by the results of the laws that come out of Washington do only a tiny bit of help and the rest is taxes, regulations, and restrictions. So people see that this is what Republican’s think of them. People like Boehner and McConnell and the other RINO’s always give Democrats allowance to put as many amendments on Republican bills as Democrats want. There’s no law that says the Republican’s have to do that, but Democrats are known for how they will attack you through their liberal controled news media and make the American voter think that Republican’s won’t cooporate and be “nice”. There’s no law that says Republican’s have to play nice. As a matter of fact history will show you that the only time that real good that gets done is done by something or someone who is “single minded” in getting that good done. And time you see laws that come out of a “bipartisanship” effort doesn’t get near as much good done. Democrats know this difference and they make it so they don’t have to come up with a plan, all they have to do is try to tell the voter how bad the strictly Republican’ bill is without them adding to it. That never has produced good for the American people.

  3. Dang! That last comment sucked! It was so full of mistakes it’s not even funny. I meant to say in the first paragraph that , “But fifty thousand (liberals) can do…”, and there was in the first paragraph the first sentence about what the American people have never seen. What they have never seen was left out. What they’ve never seen is what a conservative Capitalistic economy would look like. That’s what I meant to say. Let’s see what else is chopped up sentences. Uhha, the rest is just to messed up to try to fix. I’d have to rewrite it all. Forget that.
    If I knew how to write maybe I could be understood. My brain outruns my fingers.

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