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Chillin’ At The Polls


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About A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. God! I just HATE republicans, they are such morons!

    • And the Dummycrats are any better?

    • As humans and Christians we should not hate people, you can say that you hate all that Republicans stand for like freedom of speech, liberty, freedom of thought, free trade, self-responsibility, patriotism, anti-abortion, private property, opportunities to be all you can be, etc., etc. but do not hate people.

  2. You hit the target on this issue. And the “people” have a blank stare on their faces.

  3. If you but into this cartoon you’re part of the problem and not the solution.
    There was a Republican plan submitted. It was real and legitimate and rejected out of hand. That’s the truth that is glossed right over by that inaccurate cartoon. Soembody needs to do their homework here and it ain’t me!

    Not unlike this image here:

    Why would a site defining itself as “conservative” all the way buy into sanctifying the Alinsky progressive far-leftist agenda of the usurper which is CLASS ENVY…DIVIDE AND CONQUER by supporting such a poll?

    • Are referring to this cartoon??? Because this cartoon seems pretty clear that it is the democrats that have no plan and who are resisting compromise in spite of their bad poll numbers, but I may have misunderstood your comment.

      • You’re absolutely right Tony. My open apology to YOU as the poster of that cartoon. I saw Obama on one side and that image on the other and leaped to an ass-sumption wihout noting the type of animal depicted. Sorry for that oversight as to that portion of my comment.

  4. Well done! I love how you depicted this one, very creative…

  5. I guess the only way they get unstuck is another White House “Leak”.

  6. Jayson Quilantan

    Which poll numbers is this referring to?

  7. In the “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” department, this cartoon pretty well says it all!

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