Budget CutsMany believe the concept of balancing the Federal budget is not only an economic problem but also moral one. The importance of protecting the poor, vulnerable and down-trodden while balancing a budget is of concern. When considering morality in writing about budget cuts, why not consult the writings of the creator of morality, God Himself?

Some of God’s laws in the Old Testament commanded that those who owned farms/lands were to leave part of their crop in the field when harvesting. This was left for the poorer people to reap. However, the Lord expected these poor people to reap the left-over crops in the field themselves. Even the poorer of the land had to get off their butts and go glean the fields if they did not want to starve to death.

Leviticus 19:9-10 —- “When you harvest your crops, do not harvest the grain along the edges of your fields, and do not pick up what the harvesters drop. It is the same with your grape crop—do not strip every last bunch of grapes from the vines, and do not pick up the grapes that fall to the ground. Leave them for the poor and the foreigners who live among you, for I, the Lord, am your God.

The good book clearly shows that the Lord is a protector of aliens, the down-trodden, orphans and widows. The Bible is loaded with verses which clearly state that it is God’s will that the poor and helpless be taken care of. Fact of the matter is the Lord, through His prophets, soundly rebukes healthy, well-off people for thinking only of their wants and desires, and forgetting about the needs of orphans, widows, aliens and the handicapped. However, the Lord is not a ‘provider’ for lazy people or people who wallow in their sinful lifestyles.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 —- For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

It is not the Church’s responsibility to feed people slothful dregs — period! The compassion of God does not extend to providing for those lazy (i.e. slugs, sloths, parasites, leeches, etc.) type of people who have the ability to take care of themselves and yet refuse to.

Proverbs 19:15 —- A lazy person sleeps soundly—and goes hungry.

I believe the ‘orphan/widow’ situation going on in America today is a lot different than the orphan/widow situation that was going on in past historical times. For literally thousands of years women were dependent on a husband. Societies recognized the husband as the bread winner. The husband many times literally brought home the ‘bacon’ (i.e. monkey, deer, fish, turkey, snake, alligator, etc.) This was even the common sense way it was in America until the women’s lib days of the sixties—and look at the mess that the “I am women, hear me roar” philosophy has got the husband/wife relationship into these days!

Now I am quite aware that not all people who starved to death did so because they were lazy. Famines and plagues have caused the death of millions upon millions of innocent, hard-working people. However, these people did not die for lack of trying to live.

If people/individuals are going to a  ‘home’ church and they suddenly find themselves in need of spiritual, financial, physical or emotional help, the other more fortunate people in that specific church should help them out. It should work this way in every church—in any country. If a country is striving to be spiritually moral and righteous there will be no need for government run assistance programs.  Unfortunately, many in America these days don’t go to church anymore–and yet they expect ‘help’ from charitable organizations. There was a time when Christian Churches did not help those who continually refused to attend a church, or those people who were not willing to repent of their laziness, sexual promiscuity or drunkenness.

1Timothy 5:8 —– But those who won’t care for their own relatives (especially those living in the same household) have rejected what we teach. Such people are worse than pagans.

There are many people who refuse to attend a church, who refuse to work, and yet they still expect organizations and/or programs to feed them. If both the government and the church stopped the practice of feeding healthy lazy people we would see an amazing change in this country’s work ethic. People would be more willing to take whatever job they could get if they knew no one was going to give them handouts!

We have many ‘orphans’ because we have a nation full of males (not men) who enjoy the pleasure of breeding with females who have no real concern about becoming responsible husbands and fathers. The children are the innocent parties in these immoral mating rituals and are most definitely to be helped/assisted in whatever way possible. The immoral parents are another story.

People make sexual mistakes. However, I believe that most of the sexual immorality going on today in America is not the result of heated sexual moments of weakness. The sexual freedom going on today in America is a result of a lack of concern for sexual purity (i.e. God’s morality.) To a lot of people in America words like: chastity, purity and virginity are words to laugh and joke about. However, these same people are not laughing about the 50 or so sexually transmitted diseases they are spreading amongst themselves like a plague. And sadly, these same sexually active disease carriers have no problem getting ‘free’ medical help (through one governmental agency or another) for the diseases caused by their sexual promiscuity!

American tax-payers are spending a fortune assisting people who are in the financial or physical situation they are in because of sin; the sin of sexual immorality; the sin of laziness; the sin of stealing; the sin of corruption; and the sin of greed, the sin of coveting, etc.

I personally do not see a moral dilemma when making large cuts to our government ‘entitlement’ programs. The only budget ‘dilemma’ cut I see, is trying to separate those who really need help from those who are scamming the system.

I do not believe it should be the government’s job (or place) to feed, school, hire or to be an employment agency. It is definitely not government’s job (or place) to give out free health insurance to everyone who asks for it. The federal government (of the America) was founded and established mainly for the purpose of protecting its citizens from foreigners who want to do us harm, and then to uphold the federal Laws (Bible based laws) initially established by our Founding Fathers–period.

Way too many Americans have become like the drug addict who is dependent on the drug dealer for their fix. In some ways the lazy, scheming American slug/parasite who continually feeds of the tax-payer’s dime is even worse than the drug addict because even the drug addict has to come up with ways to provide monies in order to get their drug. The drug addict does not lie around all day watching Oprah and eating fat foods. Even the drug addict knows that if they have no income, they get no drugs! And by the way, we HAVE TO make prisoners feel uncomfortable while locked up. Prisons are not supposed to be like the local YMCA! We do not want prisoners committing crimes knowing that if they do get caught it is not a big deal because life in the prison is really not that bad! Let’s make it bad! Prison should be a place where bad people ‘suffer’ for the crimes they committed. We need to stop babying prisoners in this country. America wastes billions of dollars helping hard-core, ‘not about to change’ criminals in this country. We could ‘eliminate’ a lot of these criminals if America went back to the death sentence for murderers, rapists and child molesters (and those lawyers who defend them, and those judges who give light sentences!)

So I say, let’s continue to force American politicians to end wasteful spending by voting in real conservatives who care more for the nation than they do for the individual. Let’s pass laws which require politicians to keep a balanced budget. Let’s pass laws which require us to chop Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to the bare bones if need be. We MUST stop listening to ‘cries’ of bleeding-heart liberals who use deceptively use Grandma Moses and Baby Jane in their anti-budget cuts campaigns. Believe me when I tell you that children will not starve to death if we make deep and drastic budget cuts! Old people will not be thrown into the streets if we make huge changes to Medicare and Medicaid. We live in the most generous nation on the planet. When disasters hit this planet, Americans give much more than any other country. Trust me, if we make major cuts to our nearly bankrupt tax-payer funded entitlement programs, American citizens will be there to help the true orphans and widows, the down-trodden and the handicapped.

For those who will suffer because of their sinful lifestyles, I say—make them work (wherever, doing whatever), get clean, be productive, get themselves educated, or let them starve. Trust me they will choose to work rather than starve!

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One Comment

  1. “I do not believe it should be the government’s job (or place) to feed, school, hire or to be an employment agency. It is definitely not government’s job (or place) to give out free health insurance to everyone who asks for it.” (Kilpatrick)

    Not in its current form. There was a time when America fed the “truly” hungry in soup lines. Taught American values in public schools. Provided the policies that provided jobs. And, of late, provided free emergency medical care to ANYONE.

    But instead of enforcing true American values, liberals tainted the water with card-welfare (so the leeches wouldn’t feel any shame), created policies that uses welfare to purchase flat screen televisions, rewards single mothers with bigger welfare checks for having MORE kids, tossed “God” out of our public schools, and now believes all leeches should be granted free medical care. These are not the values I stand on.

    Our mainstream society is crippled, brainwashed, and dependent on government to solve all of their problems. What have we become? Greece?

  2. Prayer suggestion: Christians pray to cover their taxes with the blood of Christ and yield the taxes as seeds in the kingdom of heaven.

    1. Michele, Can’t say I follow the logic in that. Didn’t Jesus say give unto caesar what is caesar, and unto God what is His?

      Christians praying to cover taxes with the blood of Christ will go astray with the IRS.

      1. The money that we pay in taxes belongs to us before it belongs to ‘Caesar.’ There is nothing wrong with sanctifying our taxes before we give them to ‘caesar.’

        1. If you want to know the truth, the money we pay in taxes never belonged to us in the first place. In fact, lets follow a dollar trail to see where it goes and count the multiple times it gets taxed;

          Beginning with the average payday, say you earned $500.00, and after tax withholdings (FICA, SSI, State, Medicare), your share is $400.00. Now lets say that money is spent over a 1 week period buying consumer goods, gas, paying a bill or two. The average is about 20% to 25% on the dollar when you account for all taxes paid (gas taxes, energy bill taxes, phone bill taxes, state sales tax, internet taxes, plus fee’s that are really just taxes by another name, and the biggest hidden tax of all are consumer price increases that are passed onto the consumer.)

          So of your hard earned $500.00, your “cut” is about $300.00, which could be a lower if your single with zero dependents. And if you tithe at church, well throw in another 10%.

          The money you spend goes to pay other peoples salaries, and that money is regurgitated and taxed multiple times. The money corporations make in profits goes to pay corporate taxes, pay corporate employees, and money is reinvested to keep the corporation operating. Corporations also pay employee co-pay programs, such as dollar-for-dollar investment plans, and medical insurance costs. With all money eventually entering the system again to continue its journey through the gauntlet of taxation.

          Any money you have left, to pay in more taxes, doesn’t need sanctification, prayers, blessings, or any other feel good ceremony, because money isn’t a sanctimonious object.

          1. You don’t have to sanctify your money for God’s purposes, Max. Most people don’t but I will. I earn the money before paying taxes with it, therefore, it is mine to sanctify for Christ’s purposes if I feel like it. I then pay that money in taxes and trust Christ to manage it for me in my government. This is a spiritual concept and not a materialistic one as you try to make it out to be. I merely trusting my taxes to a higher power.

          2. Michele, I understand and concede to your faith in a higher power. But I’m only saying it doesn’t appear to be working… if Christ were managing our tax dollars, as you seem to suggest, do you think our nation would be teetering on bankruptcy to the tune of 14 Trillion dollars, sacking our unborn “Great-Grandkids” with insurmountable debt?

            Ah, maybe if we get more people to pray on it, the course will reverse. Gotcha. Have a nice day.

    2. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

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