Restore freedom and reduce deficit: Defund TSA

The story of a 95-year-old woman’s TSA search is just another example of the agency’s abuse of power and continued attack on our fourth amendment right. (For details on the story, check here.)

If you’re not familiar with YouCut, it’s a site put up by Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Citizens vote in the poll on proposed spending cuts, and can also leave suggestions for proposed cuts.

Here’s my suggestion, in an email sent to Rep. Cantor:

* * *

Greetings Rep. Cantor,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss and suggest cuts to our overgrown governmental spending problem. You Cut is a fantastic idea.

I have an idea that addresses two concerns at once…

The first concern is, of course, the monumental spending spree and overgrowth of our federal government at the taxpayer’s expense. The second is the growing over-reach and arrogance of the TSA, and its role in violating our rights guaranteed by the fourth amendment.

I’m outraged and disgusted at the increasing number of horror stories about this governmental agency. A 95-year old lady with leukemia forced to endure a humiliating search and removal of her adult undergarment (soiled) before she could fly to her medical treatment? Honestly? Children being strip searched like violent prison inmates?

When people get upset about overly aggressive use of power, like the lady’s daughter who started crying, they’re searched for ‘acting unusual’. Are these agents hired from some kind of emotionally-bankrupt staffing agency? What caring person wouldn’t be upset over their sick, elderly mother being humiliated in such a way? The last I recall, it wasn’t little old ladies flying planes into buildings or bombing the USS Cole or chanting ‘death to America.’

Is this the administration’s way of convincing Americans to shut up and accept the physical intrusion on their person? Is this what our founders – or any reasonable, rational human being – considers ‘freedom’? Is this the liberty that so many fought and died for, that immigrants sacrificed their homelands to find, that we hold in trust for our children?

No, sir, it is not. This is an egregious misuse of governmental power that goes against reasonable search of persons.

And now there are hints and announcements that the TSA wants to stretch from airports to every other method of travel and movement to perform these searches in the name of safety.

If Homeland Security’s goal is to make us feel safe from terrorists, they’ve accomplished this:  I feel much less afraid of Al Qaeda than I do of Janet Napolitano’s unchecked power trip. When did we become the USSA? This is wrong, Mr. Cantor. I know it, you know it, and I’d guess even Napolitano knows it.

I’m not sure how much of our tax dollars is used to fund the TSA, but I’d like to suggest that department’s funding to be cut, either completely or at least in a significant amount, to help keep this rogue agency from systematically harassing the American citizen. We should not be funding the demise of our own freedom.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully yours…

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. “Is this the administration’s way of convincing Americans to shut up and accept the physical intrusion on their person? Is this what our founders – or any reasonable, rational human being – considers ‘freedom’?” (Parsons)

    Imagine, if during the revolutionary war, the war of 1812, or the civil war (when the enemy looked like us, and the war was on our soil) if the “Lincoln DHS” started lining up all U.S. citizens at sea-ports, patting down everyone prior to boarding or debarking a ship, checking for illegal contraband, creating a “no-sail” list, and performing intrusive body cavity searches, all because the “enemy” could infiltrate our lines and conduct unlimited mayhem.

    That didn’t happen. Why? Because Lincoln had the wisdom to suspend 4th amendment rights on “pro-confederate” activists. Somewhere along the line, this country became REALLY stupid, and in their infinite foolishness, thought it better to offend us all, suspend 4th amendment rights for all, rather than hurt the feelings of a profiled suspect.

    If this isn’t insanity, I don’t know what is.

  2. The TSA needs to be defunded. I would like to see Sen. Paul call for hearings and berate the Hell out of the TSA director. I would like to see the TSA directoor squiirm in his seat, and I would like to see him get angry at the questions; I would like to see a heated exhancge between the TSA and Republican members of the Senate and House. If he is pissed off enough, if he doesn’t want annmoore anger filled hearings with members of congress, he might order new procedures dealing with young chilldren and the aged and elderly. To grope a child is really bad;

    Defund TSA. Let every airline be resopinsible for security, and not waste tax payer money. We coulc have really good security by having all air carriers operating in the US contract with El Al Airlines of Israel Air Line to conduct our airport security trajning. Each airline should be responsible for it’s own. They should send their people to Israel for extensive training, and have their people wotk with El Al doing security in Israel.

    El Al has lots of experience and they don’t grope young children and the aged. They have a really good system abd it works.

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