Capitalism – Where the Flaws of Man Only Affect a Few

Flaw in-flaw out, a concept used with data systems. It means the output of a data system is only as good as its input. The effect of the system’s flawed output only affects what it controls. This is what’s so great about capitalism. If a politician, by design or corruption, provides flawed input into policymaking decisions, that policy’s output would affect the entities it controlled. Capital is a constant; a piece of land or a business is such, who owns that capital makes the decisions. When government controls it, it is known as communism. Throughout world history, there is overwhelming evidence of governments inflicting grave harm on their populace. Seeing that politicians are flawed and whatever input he provides, the effects of that system is also flawed. This is an argument for small government. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What about the girlfriend who dated the married guy thinking he would leave his wife for her. Eventually, he would confess his loyalty to his wife or decide to give the girlfriend a try. Her blind faith in that flawed character would end up hurting her sooner or later. All you could do is let her learn the hard way but some circumstances call for intervention.

That brings us to Congressman Weiner who demonstrated several character flaws over the past couple weeks. He obviously violated the vows to his wife and then attempted to deceive that the actions actually happened. So why would he treat his constituency any different? To think that he does not use that same judgment to provide input into our political system would be like being the girlfriend, in denial. Why would he not use deception and cynicism to hide his flaws in his policies as he did in those deceitful actions? He even hired a team specifically to cover up those flaws. This time, he got caught.

Political pundits and media went crazy trying to provide cover. They’d point to the Republicans infidelity such as Senator Vitter and, of course, they are not shameless. This only reiterates how flawed politicians are. While some people yearn for the protection of big government, they tend to overlook the dangerous human rights violations of collectivist governments.

Mao Zedong - genocideThere is no better example than Mao Zedong and his experiment the “Great Leap Forward”. Mao ruled China for 33 years (1943 to 1976) and it was divided in communes. In 1950s, these communes would report the amount of grain they produced, which would determine winners. Eventually, these figures became skewed and there was a perception of abundance of grain. Mao redirected his human capital to work other projects. Eventually, food became scarce but Mao continued. The outcome was a devastating famine that killed 30 million Chinese. By the end of his reign, Mao Zedong would be responsible for the deaths of 49 to 78 million people. Whether you’re talking about a fascist racist regime like Hitler (13 million killed) or communist systems like Mao Zedong and Stalin (23 million killed), these collectivist governments controlled the capital and centralized the decision making of the whole to a flawed few. This is the direction that our country is going.

Hopefully, Americans understand the need to push back this collectivist government mentality. That blind faith of capital given to a flawed government that controls through coercion. This is not a lesson we can learn by experiment. Once our freedom is lost…it won’t come back. The mass genocides of collectivist history are well documented. For the freedom and prosperity of a capitalist society like America; we are the only shiny city on a hill. The cans been kicked far enough.

It is time to wake up!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. “Hopefully, Americans understand the need to push back this collectivist government mentality.” (Evans)

    While I would love for that to be the case, the pendulum isn’t swinging toward individual freedom and independence. I would hope the conservative media would track down and interview Peggy Joseph, who three years ago proudly stated that she would no longer have to buy gas or pay for her mortgage when Obama was elected. My gut tells me she joined the movement of socialists who chose not to pay their mortgage to the “greedy bankers,” and when pressed, would state she is voting for socialism (again) and all it needs is “more time.”

    At the core of liberalism is a tape worm, and it is infecting society like the parasite that it is. Liberals have destroyed the future of my grandkids who are unborn, yet saddled with enormous debt, not including over 50 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. If I were a State, I would secede from the inevitable, destructive path we are on.

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