Obama 2012- Analyzing the Early Spin

President Obama is on the campaign trail hot and heavy an astounding 18 months before the 2012 presidential elections. Never before in U.S. history has a sitting U.S. President devoted so much of his working agenda to a reelection campaign this early. This could have a lot to do with the fact that Obama and the DNC have bragged about raising the ridiculous amount of $1 billion dollars to buy his reelection, and have also repeated this message on numerous occasions. MSNBC recently ran a fluff piece conveying this message again here. While Obama and his handlers like to tell people he relies on small individual donors, as in a real grassroots movement, we see that the opposite is true from the MSNBC piece mentioned above:

This time, the former Illinois senator is no longer the fresh political face seeking to become the first black U.S. president. His 2012 campaign will be a bigger, slicker machine likely to dwarf that of his eventual Republican opponent.

Aides note the huge number of individual donors who gave to Obama’s campaign — a record 4 million. But only 25 percent of the money came from small donors who gave $200 or less, according to the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute in Washington. (emphasis mine)

That is right, Obama relies on big donations from big corporations, UNIONS,  and political activist groups, not the small donations from the voting tax-payer he claims to rely upon for his power-base. So the next time we hear Obama and the DNC chastising the GOP for their taking donations from evil corporations and big money groups, we need to remember the historic billion-dollar man sitting in the White House today, and take note of his Democratic party’s vote buying schemes in 2012. Further on down in that very same MSNBC article we see another interesting statement:

Although he has received boost from the recovering economy, Obama’s approval ratings could easily fall if the Libya war drags on and gas prices stay high, or if voters blame him for the huge U.S. budget deficit. (emphasis mine)

If voters blame him for the budget deficit he has rung up in the last two years, along with the past four years of reckless spending by his Democratic party who controlled both houses of Congress during that time ? Who the hell else are we supposed to blame? An informed voting public can very easily see just what Obama and the Democrats are responsible for as far as budget deficits are concerned, with just one simple click of the mouse on the Internet. Just click here, and you will see that in 2006, our national debt was a little over 8 trillion dollars. (That is the TOTAL debt for all of U.S. history combined) After 4 straight years of Democratic control of Congress and 2 years of Obaman-omics, our debt now stands at a whopping $14.3 trillion dollars. That puts the responsibility of the massive debt amount of over $6 trillion dollars square on the shoulders of today’s Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama period! Yet MSNBC says “if voters chose to blame Obama for the massive budget deficits ? ”  Only the most ignorant and uniformed of voters would try to hang the recent irresponsible massive budget deficits on anyone other than Obama and the Democrats, no matter how you spin it!  The simple truth is that America can not afford four more years of Obama-nomics and the irresponsible debt spending of the Socialist Democratic party of today. ( along with help from the progressive RINOS posing as conservatives that are entrenched in Congress today )

Over at The Hill.com we see some more early spin for Obama’s reelection campaign today from this article:

Barring an unforeseen but high-profile foreign-policy failure, the elimination of America’s Public Enemy No. 1 will neutralize any Republican suggestion that the president is weak on national security.

But this only underscores the fact that 2012 will be all about the economy and jobs — and there, the president is deeply vulnerable.

Excuse me, but at a time when Obama and the Democrats are demanding major cuts to defense spending due to the massive deficits they have rung up for the past four years, doesn’t the economy have a direct impact on our national security ? Yes it certainly does! A failing, stagnate economy means less revenue for the federal government to spend on protecting America, so therefor it goes hand in hand with national security. Add to this the fact that the Obama administration and his Socialistic Democratic party of today are endangering Americans through the refusal to enforce federal immigration laws at historic levels for the attempted Hispanic vote-buying schemes, and we see that Obama is the weakest president in U.S. history on national security, no matter how you spin that one. Secure our borders and kick all illegal immigrants out of the country, or face the wrath of informed voters that are tired of the lies and spin about the border being the most secure in history.

You simply cannot hide the fact that everywhere we look today there are non-English speaking Mexicans committing crimes and taking jobs from legal American citizens, period. Why do you think Obama and the Democrats are pushing for Amnesty for illegals, and refusing to enact strict Voter ID laws, along with making the use of E-Verify mandatory to ensure only legal, American citizens work in America today? If you do not understand about E-Verify and Voter ID laws ( or lack of same) see this article here. When you hear a Democrat bragging about  the need for fair democracy today, ask them about why E-Verify isn’t mandatory, and why they are against solid Voter ID laws that would in fact ensure only legal voters are casting votes that dictate who is running our government. Maybe someone in the media could ask Obama how he feels about his Democrats constantly voting down E-verify and Voter ID laws today when they see him campaigning.

Until we see Obama stand up for American workers and legal voters, instead of amnesty for illegals, and the refusal to allow law enforcement to deport said illegals, anything else is just more campaign spin. A wide open U.S.- Mexico border with terrorists, guns, drugs and criminals crossing at historic levels on a daily basis is hardly my idea of protecting our national security, no matter how many terrorists are killed by Navy Seals in Pakistan. Obama is weak on national security across the board and that fact is proven every single day he is in office.

Just look at the Socialists and Communists rallying with his Union bed-pals and activist groups across the country today. The fact that these anti-Americans are right out in the open today while working for the collapse of America speaks volumes about Obama and his administration.  This is the reality of the danger of having a rabble-rousing community organizer who is also a proven Marxist steeped in anti-American ideology sitting in the oval office today. Again, all the spin in the world can not hide those facts when we take a good, close look at his actions since being elected to the most powerful position on the planet, the U.S. presidency. The Billion-dollar man says he can dupe Americans into voting for him in 2012. Lets show him different.


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