Finally, an Honest List of Obama’s Accomplishments

AFP, the world’s first international news agency has a problem. One of their reporters has gone off the reservation and chosen  to write a fact piece instead of the opinion-infested, Obama-cheerleader piece he was asked to write.

While some are painting Stephen Collins’ piece as pro-Obama fandom, there are hints that “he’s really not that into you” Barrack.

.. once a fresh faced prophet of hope, now a graying incumbent and the face of America’s painful status quo..

Ah, the young Senator from Illinois is now old.. what a shame. This journalist is clearly writing a hit-piece on our President. If going after Barrack’s looks weren’t enough, Stephen chose to go after Obama’s policies as well.

Obama, his political brand battered by a flurry of crises near and far — including an economic meltdown and a third US war abroad in Libya..

Oh Mr. Collinson (which would be such a great name if your first name was Collin), you can’t blame Libya on Obama, clearly the Koch brothers, Bush, or George Washington are to blame. But NOooooo, Stephen is perhaps making the point that it is a former president’s fault by saying, “Though many of America’s problems predated his presidency..” –  a thinly-veiled attempt at directing blame towards Clinton or Carter because this author could not possibly use the whole “blame Bush” thing.

To finish the article, Mr. Collinson referenced a list of accomplishments that Obama announced at a recent party, or golf outing, or swim in the ocean or something:

At a recent Democratic Party event in New York, Obama ticked off a list of accomplishments.

“We’ve gotten a lot of stuff done. But right now what?s on my mind is what hasn?t gotten done yet,” he said.

A lot of stuff? Ok, not specific, but I did find two different lists that were specific. The first is over at MentalRecession.com:

And the second here at Conservative Daily News:

A.F. Branco Political Cartoon - Naked Truth

So I say, good on ya Mr. Collinson. You’ve contributed to truth in media (or at least I’ve made it seem like you might have made a half-assed try at it). I personally cannot wait to read your next post.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Anyone who still thinks Obama is great has to be delusional. I have never seen anyone quite like him. He’s the most arrogant, anti-American, muslim loving President we have ever had. I don’t know if he’s ruining the country on purpose or if he is actually that stupid. We have got to vote him out. The survival of America depends on it.

  2. The horrible fall of our econoic situation, that which we were left in when BUSH ran this country into a ditch~ and had to jump out of his ride, left a domino effect on the economy.Our Wonderful, Intelligent, AMERICAN PRESIDENT had to come in and try to clean up this mess. Haters CANNOT and WILL NOT be FAIR in assessing Obama’s real accomplishments. Fakers you all are, and FIXX NEWS has baited your biases and RACISM, where you are using code words (and you know what they are, collectively) to spread this mass ignorance and psycho babble to more of the same. And you call yourselves Christians. Get over it~we have an African American President. Your hateful, RACIST Republican Congress would rather this country fail @everthing than to support a Wonderful, Intelligent Super, Multi-Tasking Black Man. My biggest critique of our President is that he should not bend to Repubs, that his party WON the election and should govern accordingly.

    1. Flo,
      Where do I start. First, your entire email is nothing but talking points handed to you by mainstream media and the progressive establishment. You have bought into the hateful rhetoric of the left.

      Nothing in the post discusses his race, you are the only one bringing race into an otherwise intelligent discussion.

      You couldn’t challenge a single one of the point-by-point list of awful things Obama has presided over and led us into. You couldn’t create a valid argument against the post. Why? It would seem that it’s because you believe what the government and MSM tell you and that you aren’t able to think for yourself.

      Let me point out the highlights of your egregious comments:
      – Haters
      – Moronic
      – Racism
      – Racist

      Truly the work of a talented and well-informed debater…

      Oh and on a fact check – what party was in power in both houses of congress from 2006 to 2010 – no blame for your beloved Democrats failing to perform their duty to check and balance the executive branch? Or have I thrown too much reality into the mix?

      Go back to your Utopian la-la land and turn the volume back up on MSNBC – their other two viewers may not show up tonight.

  3. Yes the drive the car in the ditch analogy is soo yesterday. Media Matters still pimps that tired analogy though. Here is a fact Liberal drones hate to hear: 4 years of Pelosi and Dems in total charge of Congress- plus 2-plus years of Obama-nomics = over 6 trillion in debt! That is a fact right from the GAO and CBO offices. Bush didnt draw up the bills Liberal mathametically challenged Democrats did it in the Pelosi controlled House whicxch the Dem Senate passed after piling their chunks of graft, lobbyist payoffs and fraudulent crony-capitalism.200 years of government spending ( that include all of Bushes spending) = 8 trillion dollars. Dem spending since 2007 + over 6 trillion dollars.Educate yourself- do the math ” FLO ” Along the way asshat RINOS ( fake Republicans acting like progressives) helped spend us into financial collapse. Far as i give a damn they are all guilty( progressive social justice fraudsters) of treason.

  4. Marcus,

    Ahhhh… another mindless troll, whose only job is to proclaim how great O’bummer is without one shred of proof. I won’t call you an idiot, since that is your only achievement thus far in life.

    One day, if you ever recover from your self-induced coma, I hope you realize that swearing allegiance to the party of unlimited debt, unlimited welfare, and total dependence on government, is the reason your kids are a bunch of lazy bums, whose greatest achievement is a 10 prison sentence for pimping.

    1. There have been 2 major financial calamities in the last 100 years, both of them were during Republican administrations. Both times the mess was handed over to a Democratic administration to fix.
      During his tenure in the Whitehouse, the conservatives told us what a great president GW Bush was. They branded us as un-American if we dared criticize him. Now that he screwed up big time, they don’t even talk about him let alone take responsibility for their mistake. They all turned there backs on him with the callousness of a desperate mother throwing her unwanted baby in a dumpster. If the conservatives are such a poor judge of character and aren’t mature enough to own up to their mistakes, why should anyone believe they have the ability to recognize a leader let alone tell anyone how our government should be run ?
      Those who can see their mistakes have imagination. They learn and grow more refined and dynamic every day. Those who can’t see their mistakes are doomed to a mundane existence that never changes or improves. They go around in circles wondering why they are so bitter and frustrated. It can’t be them, after all, they are always right. So they lash out at be the Democrats, or the Mexicans or the homeless, or the teachers, or the unwed mothers, or the Muslims, or the blacks, or the gays, or the unreligious, or anyone else they can blame, so they won’t be forced to take an honest look at themselves and be repulsed at who they truly are.
      I have heard Obama take claim for the BP disaster. Liberals took credit for Jimmie Carter who is a great humanitarian but wasn’t a good president. Liberals stood up for civil rights and knew it was wrong to treat blacks the way they did in the past. Conservatives are guilty, however, of the McCarthy era witch hunt, Watergate, the Iran Contra Scandal, the war in the middle east, the recent Muslim scare, and the curtailment of freedoms under the guise of national security.
      I don’t know all of the facts of Fanny and Freddy, and I am certainly not going to make assumptions about their shady dealings based on what I hear from someone who listens to Fox news. All I know is what I see, and what I see on Cspan as Republicans publicly put their views into law. I see them selling off the infrastructure of our country to any business that wants to fill their campaign chest. I have seen the metal of the Republicans as they take milk money away from school children and give it to Wallmart, or strip basic rights away from the people who clean their toilets. Republicans are coldhearted beasts who look at minorities as the bane of their existence. Funny, since this country was built on the backs of minorities and outcasts. They stifle imagination and growth (Have you ever heard of the term conservative arts as opposed to liberal arts ? Sounds as redundant as non-dairy creamer). And when the poor and suffering are overwhelmed by a disaster such as hurricane Katrina, they say “let them eat cake” or “the poor are homeless by choice”.
      I don’t need to ask a Republican how he can sleep with himself at night. I realize he uses hollow excuses and blame for his sleeping pill. I just feel sorry for his wife who wakes up beside him in the morning and realizes where she is. Hopefully he doesn’t keep his gun on the night stand.

      1. You do realize that GWB did not, in fact have a “Republican Congress in ’07 and ’08 right genius? Last time I checked if was Democrats whom had total control of both houses of Congress when TARP was passed. Progressives from BOTH parties lined up at the trough in that scam. Try to get the facts straight before you come into CDN with that Media Matters parroted hogwash, Boris.

        1. Well-stated TRUTH. Obama parrots spreading media matters hogwash are so uninformed that they do not even know, or refuse to acknowledge that GWB ran $500B deficits first 6 years in office, which then turned into Obama’s 3 straight record high $1.3- 1.4T deficits. Oh yes these Liberal sheep are such knowledgeable people when trying to discuss deficits, LOL

      2. Boris,
        Who says “the poor are homeless by choice”?
        Who “took Milk money away from children and gave it to Walmart”?
        Come on! Your posting is a long non-specific judgmental rant.

        1. In early 1984 on Good Morning America, Reagan defended himself against charges of callousness toward the poor in a classic blaming-the-victim statement saying that “people who are sleeping on the grates…the homeless…are homeless, you might say, by choice.”

          My reference to stealing milk money from school children to give to wal-mart is in reference to how Gov Walker has has stripped the Wisconsin school budget to give huge tax breaks to Wal-Mart.
          We are entering a liberal era and Obama will get re-elected. My Slogan:”Vote for Obama in twenty-twelve and tell Mitt Romney go f*** himself”
          Interesting fact: Did you know that the church cult Romney belongs to massacred 120 fellow Americans in cold blood ? And did you know they are trying to take possesion of the monument erected for the victims by the descendants of the Mountain Meadows massacre.

    2. Very well said Max. The King of record deficit spending, O-One and Done himself is his own worst enemy. SHhhh dont tell the mindless lefty-drones that, it might hurt their feelings!
      “The price of Kleenix will necessarily skyrocket” when these wanna-be Socialists see their messiah go down in flames in the 2012 elections!

  5. The number of people who are on food stamps has TRIPLED since O-Marxo took office! ( Jeff Sessions recently proved it with the stats on the Senate floor) Oh yes we can, make the mindless drones dependent on big daddy government! ( until they run out of other people’s money to spend)

  6. Hate is only a word religious right wing pigs know about. Bush racked up 5 trillion plus all the money for a BS war with Iraq. Stay in denial conservatives but if u think the motley crue u have debating r going to beat Obama u r fooling yourselves. The hair on my head has a higher IQ’s than all of them put together.

    1. Obama will be a one and done president at this time next year! If the wars are such a problem for you, please explain to us on why , during 4 straight years of democratic majorities in Congress, with Mr. Hope n Change elected in 2008, why didn’t Liberal (fake democrats) STOP the wars?

    2. Who was beating up on TEA pary attendees? Other right wingers, I should suppose? I think the facts strongly support that members of the left are much more frequently physically violent when holding rallies or demonstrations.

  7. I know many can relate to this:
    New norms for the first time in 2011:
    Home foreclosure
    Autos repossessions
    Food Stamps Applications
    Search for low-cost or Free Clinics
    Buy off-brands of groceries, “how bad could it be?”
    Sell or leave behind all personal possessions
    Unemployment benefits run out, still no job, but who’s counting

    As far as I am concerned,
    Congress needs to GO as well.

  8. This site is 100% right wing… dedicated to making sure there party wins…your an idiot if you go to an obvious lefty or righty site and expect to get anything close to the complete truth, so in case you out there don’t know about factcheck.org go here: https://www.factcheck.org/2012/02/dueling-debt-deceptions/ notice both sides get nailed for misleading information. Notice it has the resources it got it’s info from so the really curious can dig in even farther. Is factcheck.org biased? Beats me. Is this site bias …dah. Are the Republicans always right? are the Dems always right…apparently not.
    what a joke.

    1. Do you understand the dangers of 17 trillion dollars of national debt? How about the dangers of splitting the vote with a third party and letting the community organizer 4 more years of debt-destruction of our Republic?

      Reality dictates that people wake up and start to vote responsibly. Personally, it isn’t about R’s and D’s in my writing here at CDN, it’s about freedom from the tyranny of big frigging government abuse. I do not vote “R” I vote “C” for Conservativism, period. If ya wanna label that “right wing” that’s your problem. At least we are taking a stand for what we believe in here at CDN and trying to inform Americans so they can make better choices at the voting booth. Just what are you doing to help America today, besides spewing the simplistic rhetoric about the supposed right wing?

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