Cry for the Unicorns .. or Something

Dead UnicornIf we listen to the bastardization of truth coming from Washington D.C., we should believe that if we cut the budget, if Congress acts responsibly and cuts spending – babies, young children, the old, the infirmed, kittens, puppies and yes .. unicorns will be starved, beaten, robbed, neglected .. killed. Lament the unicorns and kittens while forgetting your own grandchildren if you follow that line of bull crap.

Here a Democrat Representative makes the case that the current budget hold-up is the same as “bombing innocent civilians”

Harry Reid and his cronies are crying foul because they lost, failed and are still failing. They lost the 2010 election. They failed to pass a budget last year when they had a progressive, liberal, Democrat majority in both houses and control of the White House.

They are still failing because they are making illogical, false,  propaganda-like statements to a newly awakened American majority; the just right-of-center America; the true America.

Harry and his band of miscreants failed to pass a budget last year. FAILED at one of the most important tasks given to Congress – a task specifically outlined in the Constitution of the United States. While passing a number of resolutions celebrating this holiday or that, commemorating a statue here or a library there and the infamously craptastic health care reform they rammed down our throats, they did NOT do what they were elected to do. They did NOT pass a budget. They did NOT keep care of the nation with which we entrusted them. They killed the unicorns.

Harry Reid has stated that the budget stalemate is due to extremist ideology – for once, he is right. Progressive, left-wing extremist ideologues have been and are driving the Democrats to destruction. They are holding up the entire budget to fund the industrialized baby-killers: Planned Parenthood.

If Planned Parenthood were such a worthy institution, wouldn’t it be able to attract enough funding from generous donors? If health care were it’s major need for federal funds, wouldn’t most of their patients already be on Medicaid? The answer to all of that is .. YES. Planned Parenthood isn’t about parents, parenthood or women – it’s about abortions.  The extreme left-wing of the Democrat party is going to shut down the government to protect one special interest group – abortion factories.

This isn’t about abortion per se, the real point of contention is the spending of hard-earned, good-hearted Americans on something they may not agree with. If a woman wants to end her pregnancy there are those that might say that her individual liberty outweighs that of the child’s. I’m not one, but they are out there. While the Supreme Court has ruled that a woman has a right to choose, the rest of America should not be forced to pay for her decision. Just because I have the right to own a gun, does not require the whole of America to buy me one or even help – in fact, I would be insulted if it did.

When the liberals are whining about the entitlements that people may have suspended or that they may lose, realize that if you agree with them, you are stealing from your fellow Americans and future generations to support failed government entitlement programs that everyone knows do NOT work.

So when you see pictures of burglars breaking into the houses of the retired, kids starving, schools in decline .. just remember – it’s the unicorns that are really taking the brunt of GOP budget cuts – the rest of us .. really just don’t matter at all.


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Rich Mitchell

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