Conservatives Just don’t do Stupid!

I am a conservative who wonders if political conservatives are ever going to gain ground in the ongoing budget battles we are having with the liberals. I am genuinely concerned that conservatives are going to lose these upcoming budget wars. I believe we saw a conservative “loss” in the recent (annual) budget fix. Conservative politicians that I considered wise and smart caved-in to the ideas of dumb and dumber. My present concern that conservatives are going to lose these budget battles is not based on my belief that liberals are craftier or sneakier than most conservatives. One cannot hide stupid. My fear that conservatives are not going to gain political ground on liberals is not based on the fact that liberals are better organized when protesting than conservatives. My worry that liberals might actually win the battle in our nation’s upcoming budget battles is not based on the false assumption that liberals are smarter than conservatives. My real concern on why I believe conservatives might lose the upcoming state and national budget wars and maybe even the 2012 political wars are based on the fact that conservatives are just not good at doing stupid – though they did show they are capable of “playing stupid” when they compromised on the recent 2010 annual budget bill.

Real conservatives need to realize that they simply need to do the smart thing when it comes to fixing our budget issues. They need to realize that if they want to be serious about solving America’s budget dilemma they need to stop trying to reason with moronic liberals. Smart should not, and cannot, reason with stupid. Smart trying to reason with stupid is like trying to mix oil and water or light and dark. Smart cannot sit down with stupid and rationally and logically “work things out.” If smart tries to do that, smart ends up being stupid!

It takes a lot of forced effort for smart to even act stupid, and yet liberals do it so naturally. It is not natural for conservatives to even think stupid, and yet, some conservatives are foolishly trying to do that just. And why do they try? They try because they cave-in to the word “compromise.” Conservatives should just be barely listening to the dumb ideas of liberals, let alone trying to compromise with them. How does one make a compromise between smart and stupid? What is the result of a compromise between smart and stupid? That concept is not even logical. When I hear the word compromise used when one is trying to merge smart with stupid, the word mediocre comes to mind. Compromise is okay when two smart people are trying to resolve issues – Or even when two stupid people are trying to resolve differences. However, compromise is not good when smart is compromising with stupid, dumb or immature; just as parents should not compromise with their little children. (That is another story for another time.)

One of the benefits of being a naturally smart conservative is that whenever liberals and liberal politicians speak, conservatives easily hear the stupidness that is coming out of their mouths. Yet many conservatives don’t openly label the liberal ideas for what they are—stupid ideas! Conservatives need to tell it like it is. When conservative politicians hear those amazingly dumb ideas coming out of the mouths of liberal politicians, the conservatives need to shake their heads in bewilderment, and then publicly say something like, “How can someone with so much political power be so stupid?” Yet they don’t! And this lack of holding liberal politicians accountable for saying stupid things is why we are in the fiscal mess that we are in right now. And the more the liberal is allowed to talk stupid, the more foolish the conservatives look because they stand alongside stupid at the various podiums and say nothing. Conservatives need to be bolder in calling out stupid for what it is. These liberals are seriously trying to destroy this country with their stupid ideas! Mr. Conservative Politician, call them out on it! Back in the early days of American politics, political candidates did not mince words. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams got into some nasty tit-for-tat campaign bashing when they were running against each other. Conservative politicians you need to man-up! Today’s political correctness (especially when it comes to tolerating stupid) is just wrong! There is no place for “girly-men” in politics. A lot of conservative Americans like people like Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin because they tell it like they see it. The words of Donald Trump are refreshing to some conservatives! I see no political correctness in Donald, Michelle or Sarah’s words.

When the little woman and I are at home together we enjoy watching Fox News. Unfortunately Fox News, trying to be fair and unbiased, occasionally allows stupid people on their show. As my wife and I listen to the stupidness that comes out of the mouth of visiting guests on Fox News, we logically (being the smart conservatives that we are) start to wonder what kind of idiots vote for politicians who are as stupid as this? And before you know it, the wife and I find ourselves talking back to the television as we listen to the stupidness that is coming out of the mouth of the liberal who is talking on the Fox News Show. My wife and I make the very common conservative mistake of expecting smart from stupid. It is just about this time in my thinking process that I know I need to once again counsel myself, or in a lot of cases, counsel my beautiful but emotional, conservative wife.

Side Note: It always amazes me how easily my normally placid, quiet, gentle, and godly conservative wife goes “bonkers” when she hears stupid coming out of the mouths of adult liberal politicians as they try to explain or justify what or why they are doing what they are doing or attempting to do! The closest that my wife and I can relate to adult liberal stupid is our own old home-schooled children. When it comes to our children (whom we love enough to keep out of this country’s anti-God, anti-parent, anti-authority government school system) it seems like many times we have to go over and over the same school subjects that they had told us just the day before they understood. As parents we kind of expect this type of immaturity or “brain fade” from children – anyone’s children. We don’t demand that our children always think and act like smart people. Fact of the matter is we know that our children are not yet able to act like adults! (In this day and age, many adults are having hard time acting like adults!) As a parent I know that not all of the electronic circuits in my kids’ brains are not yet connected. There is a literal ‘brain completion process’ going in all children. My children have an excuse for being unwise. In my children’s’ situation, this “brain growth process” seems to be working quicker in my young teenage daughter then it is in my fourteen- and sixteen-year old boys! (I am hearing from other parents that this is quite common among boys.) As a concerned, caring parent I am hoping and praying that I will not have to wait until all my children reach the age of 30 before their thinking caps are firing all eight cylinders! P.S. My wife and I do continually pray that the Lord remove any liberal genetic issues in our children long before they become adults!

Now my wife and I don’t expect this type of child-like stupidity from adults and yet there it is on the big screen TV almost every single day. (I personally believe words like Reid, Durbin and Pelosi should be added to Webster’s and used as synonyms for dumb and stupid.) So whenever either of us hears liberals speaking on our local television news channels, or conservative cable news channels or even conservative talk radio programs, we know we need to counsel each other about the differences we will hear coming out of smart, and coming out of stupid. When we hear dumb ideas or idiotic thoughts coming out of the mouths of liberals we simply tell each other that this is just how stupid people talk. We remind ourselves that we should not expect smart to come out of stupid, and we should not expect dumb to be wise. After we self-counsel each other, we know we can safely go back (for a least an hour or so) to listening to liberal idiocity knowing that we once again have reclaimed our conservative perspective.

So even though I know that all of this conservative self-counseling that goes on in my conservative home will carry the wife and me through these amazingly stupid and selfish liberal times, I do not have the same conservative confidence in the conservative politicians in our nation. I am not sure if most conservative politicians have the back-bone to openly expose stupid. I am worried that many conservatives believe that the best way to win over stupid liberals is to agree with their dumb ideas or plans. I fear that a majority of conservative politicians have caught part of the stupid germ and are more concerned about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs patriotically!

I am also concerned about conservative Americans winning these budget battles knowing that we have a nation full of dumb liberal voters who have swallowed this whole liberal philosophy that doing stupid is not always wrong. These liberal voters are like suicidal lemmings headed to the cliff – nearly impossible to stop. Let’s face the facts. Stupid is hard to stop! Smart can tell stupid not to drive drunk, and yet this country is full of stupid drunks. Smart can tell stupid that using or selling illegal drugs will ruin your life and yet the jails are full of stupid drug-heads who throw their lives away believing it is better to do the wrong thing than to do the right thing. It is hard to reach people when they have gone so far stupid. Stupid changes a person in all the wrong ways. Thinking stupid does not make one a wise idiot. Thinking stupid does not make one a fiscally responsible genius. The only time a stupid person usually receives the counsel of a smart person is when they are locked up in prison – and even then it is hard to get through to stupid!

It also scares me that a lot of Americans like what they hear coming out of the mouths of liberals. This verifies to me that stupid people not only speak stupid, they also hear stupid–and they like what they hear! Liberals love to hear the stupid idea that taxing the rich is good for America; but they can’t figure out that the result of taking good tax incentives away from rich business owners will end in higher unemployment numbers. Liberal thinking people like to hear liberal politicians say, “We cannot cut our budget because cutting the budget will hurt the poor.” Unfortunately, dumb liberals are not smart enough to decipher the meaning of the word poor when it pertains to liberal politicians. Smart conservatives on the other hand are wise enough to know that helping the ‘poor’ in liberal political jargon means mostly helping convicted felons, lazy, uneducated (by choice) Americans, and illegal aliens. Liberal state politicians say that they cannot cut their budgets because if they do policemen, firemen and teachers will lose their jobs. Unfortunately most liberal citizens are not smart enough to figure out that most private sector unions are now a branch of the Democratic Party, and are pretty much dictating what Democratic politicians do and say. Many “average Joe” liberal citizens have been duped into believing that liberal politicians are only looking out for the interests of the working people (when they refuse to make drastic, but needed budget cuts) when in all reality these “union owned” liberal politicians are only doing what they are doing because some union boss told them to do it in order to save the jobs of a chosen few.

From my conservative point of view it is quite obvious that liberals always think that what is best for Americans is a bigger government. If you want to send a liberal to an early death just whisper the words “limited government” into their ears! And when conservatives do speak out against big government, liberal people only know how to react emotionally. They don’t give realistic and productive counter-solutions to the conservative’s ideas. Most times their emotional reaction entails saying deep, wise things like, “Fox News lies!”, or “These drastic [conservative] budget cuts will kill old people!” These so-called ‘wise’ liberals do not have a clue on how to be logically proactive. These liberal veteran politicians do not have a clue on how to be realistic and practical when it comes to solving genuine governmental problems. And the main reason for this is that stupid cannot figure out smart all by itself. That is the main reason why these liberals could not get anything done when they controlled both houses of government and the presidency from 2009 until 2011. Not one single helpful law was passed during that time. And nothing was done to fix our budget woes even though the liberals controlled Washington! Sheep are stupid animals. Stupid people are like sheep; they both need to be led. Liberals are followers. They are not leaders. That is why they so easily follow the lead of big union thugs!

So as a result of the stupidity of non-functioning liberal politicians from 2009 through 2011 conservatives won big-time at the polls last November. And then these newly elected conservative politicians came up with smart, realistic ways in which to help the impotent liberals actually and factually repair this country’s budget woes. Unfortunately, the bewildered and dumbfounded liberals were not catching on to what the conservatives were trying to do. And since the stupid liberals could not figure out that what the smart conservatives were trying to do is what was right for America, they made up stories on how the extreme budget-chopping ideas of the conservatives was going to somehow lead to death of old people, single mothers and children. (Another example of the idiotic emotional reactions by confused in-the-dark liberals.)

So conservatives, we need to be fearful about all the stupidity that is going on in America today! Although we conservatives are not willing to do stupid, there are many liberals who are more than willing to do absolutely and amazingly stupid in order to keep a vote or keep a job. And although conservatives are not willing to cave-in to the idiotic idea that this country’s governmental system must continue to get bigger if we are to survive, there are many stupid Americans who could care less about raising taxes or making government bigger. The selfish union-owned liberals don’t mind paying higher taxes (and sticking it to all other non-union workers) just so long as they continue to get their great taxpayer jobs along with all its great taxpayer benefits. Most liberals are not smart enough to figure out that overtaxing people is not the answer to solving America’s employment problems; but they don’t care. Unfortunately, this country has a whole generation of people who have been living on the taxpayers’ dime who don’t have a clue on how to apply for a job let alone work one. And any person who can count to 10 forwards and backwards should be smart enough to realize that cutting this country’s wasteful spending practices will not lead to the death of one single, responsible, law-abiding American. Yet, thousands upon thousands of sincerely stupid people really believe that conservatives are more than willing, maybe even eager, to see Americans die if it will help balance the budget.

Although I know most fiscally conservative political ideas are right, I am worried that many Americans are too liberally stupefied to understand that. It absolutely worries me that there are far too many people in this country who disagree with smart. It worries me that many Americans are buried so deep in the cloud of stupidity that they would not vote to do the right thing even if it meant the death of America as we know it. There are many people in this country today who genuinely believe wrong is right and that the best way is the stupid way! I have tried to reason with many liberals in the past. They just don’t get it. They could not even get it if they wanted to. Stupid won’t allow them to figure out smart! Conservatives, we cannot fight stupid with logic. You just can’t reason with stupid! The only way to fight stupid is to shut it up, or ignore it. As one American citizen speaking to another American citizen I would think that it would be intelligent for me to openly say that I believe the conservative ways of fixing America’s budget problems are basically the right ways, the “no-brainer” ways. Yet even the “no-brainer” liberals can’t figure it out!

The wise conservative Benjamin Franklin said it well when he said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. Personally, I do anything possible to avoid associating with any political party. Having said that, it allows me a great deal of objectivity, as well as provides me with a great deal of laughter. I’ve observed that conservative folks spend an incredible amount of their time finding any way possible to bash, bad-mouth, make fun of or otherwise just plain hate on, Liberals. Conversely, I’ve not observed quite the same level of obsession with tossing “mud bombs” (mudslinging) as I call it, at the other party. Last I checked, there’s no big, overwhelming and (in my opinion) loud & obnoxious force equal to Rush Limbaugh on the Liberal side of the fence. Why don’t both parties (Liberals just as guilty as you guys) actually try to GET THINGS DONE, rather than fighting, whining, bitching & moaning and holding your regular pissing contests? Ever occur to anyone who “cares about America” that maybe, just maybe, the reason our society is in decay is because people talk a good game but never deliver on it? Give it some thought, and enough of the childish, pubescent-level maturity, slogans & ads & billboards & bumper stickers, your money would be better served ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING.

  2. Conservatives don’t do stupid? Have you seen the douche-bags that are running for president on the conservative side in 2012? Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, the Godfather’s Pizza guy… all of these are morons, and I believe that Michelle Bachmann may actually be crazy. And then there are others like Sarah Palin, who is a board-certified dumb-ass. The list of idiots on the conservative side is a rather long one, even outside of the political scope. Patt Robertson claimed that the tsunamis in Haiti occurred because of some pact that the natives made with the devil in the 1700s, and god was just getting around to getting his revenge. That’s not only an idiotic, completely asinine statement, but it also teeters on the border of madness. Speaking of insanity, how about Glenn Beck? Does anyone not think that he is off his rocker? I mean… come on… conservatives do stupid every single day, and they do it well.

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