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As a Conservative activist and mother, one of the most important things to me in my political interaction is the education of the voters and representatives of the future. Twitter is an amazing medium for connecting with a wide range of age groups within our considerable #tcot circle. While I made it a conscious goal to pay attention to what the younger generation(s) were tweeting and talking about, I never imagined how passionate I would become in watching their passions.

Some months ago I saw a retweet of @OHCONSERVATISM (Andrew Staroska) and was impressed. If I recall correctly, it had something to do with the valuation of silver at the time. It was enough to get me interested, since his avi looked like he was about 17 and I am fairly certain silver isn’t even mentioned in high school outside of glitter eyeshadow and tagger gear anymore.  It didn’t take too many conversations with Andrew to realize that he was not only an impressively aware 2o year old ( not 17), but who as also passionate about  the failure of the political process and his involvement in educating everyone he could reach on Twitter.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Andrew was helping build something incredible with fellow young conservative, Michael Simpkins!  Not only are these young conservatives involved, out there, accessible, they are also giving all donations to their endeavor through April 15th to aid Without further ado, I give you:

Truth About Bills

The Good Stuff:  I (Michelle) interview Michael and Andrew (M&A) on their fantastic project:

Michael Simpkins (M):, 21 CEO and Founder from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
A full-time student majoring in international business.

Andrew Staroska (A):, 20 COO and Founder from Piqua, Ohio. A full-time
student majoring in political science.

Michelle: In the interest of enlightening readers, who is behind TAB and what are their ages, roles, and real world locations,  occupations and / or majors, and political party affiliation?
M&A: We are both conservatives
Michelle: How did you meet and how was TAB born?
M&A: We both went to Lehman Catholic High School from 2004-2008 We both loved talking politics and on December 14, 2010 TAB was born. We first launched the site on January 1, 2011.
Michelle: Does TAB have an official mission statement?
M&A: We aim to provide the most up to date information on news and current bills in the United States Congress, by providing briefs and full text of all relevant bills up for debate. Our goal is to better educate
citizens on current events in Washington D.C.
Michelle: I’ve noticed your involvement in events like CPAC and Redstate : Why do you attend and how is event attendance funded?
M&A: It’s a great way to meet and interview members of the conservative movement and gain insight from leaders across the country. Traveling to events is truly a labor of love on our part and comes out of our
own pockets.
Michelle: Would you consider yourselves equally active in local, state, and national policy?
M&A: We are currently focusing on national policy and while we touch on state policy issues, we hope to expand the site to be able to get more involved in local agendas in the next couple of years.
Michelle: Do you each work on certain aspects of politics (ie economy, tax, trade, immigration policy..) or is it whatever you feel the need to address kind of thing?
M&A:We both have our strengths in different issues, for example Andrew focuses on Legislation, while I focus on Net Neutrality and the Economy, but our ultimate goal is to address the issues facing Americans today.
Michelle: Where do you see TAB in a year? in five?
M&A: Within the next year we would love to increase our viewer-ship and expand to provide more coverage in state and local governments. In five years, we’d love to be a mainstream conservative site for people to obtain critical information on news and up to the minute congressional legislation.
Michelle: Do you have a unified pick for POTUS in ’12?
M&A:You know, 2012 is a long way away and we’re carefully watching all the candidates. I can say that Herman Cain is certainly a candidate we’ve been watching closely.

Michelle: Does it bother you that I am drawing attention the fact that you are a younger generation getting involved?

M&A: Of course not! What’s happening in government affects our future and the younger generation needs to be aware of what’s going and how it affects them in every aspect of their lives from student loans to

Michelle: Advice for other Conservative youth on where to begin to get involved or educated?
M&A: Check out TruthAboutBills.com, we are always looking to expand and get others our age involved. If you’re interested in a particular candidate, call their office or call the Young Republican/College
Republican chapters and get involved. That can be as easy as making phone calls, to running for a position in a local chapter or even volunteering on a campaign. Never take no for an answer!

These guys, and the rest of TAB, are just getting started. Keep an eye on them on twitter (@TruthAboutBills) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Truth-About-Bills/156338291079179 )

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Thanks Michelle!

    I added them to my twitter and will follow and share info with them every chance I get. I agree with you on the importance of educating everyone, especially our youth on today’s political situation. They are the future of America, and with truth and proper information sharing, we can stop the slide into Socialism America is faced with today, and keep true American values alive.

    And thank you to Michael and Andrew for getting involved in securing America’s future through informing and educating fellow Americans.

  2. I had no idea that @OHCONSERVATISM was so young. I’ve been on twitter with him for awhile and he is so mature for his age. It’s wonderful to see young people involved because the future is theirs and they are smart enough to see that.

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