The Obama Doctrine Eerily Similar to Weather Euphemism

“If you don’t like the weather, wait, it’ll change” – a euphemism applied to various regions when discussing the weather. It also seems to apply to Obama’s method of handling difficult situations.

Libya is the most striking example. While Libyan rebels are being beaten back by the militarily superior Ghadaffi forces, the only “action” Obama has taken is to ask the Libyan leader to step down. “Unexpectedly”, Ghadaffi ignored him.

Obama Playing GolfAs they retreat, the rebels were heard to exclaim, “Where is Obama? Where is America?” –  to that, Obama answered .. ok he didn’t, he headed for the golf course. As the Libyan rebels lose more and more ground, their spirits breaking, the point at which the rebellion falls is nearing. Obama may be waiting just long enough so that things in Libya get to a point where nothing can be done. No way to be wrong when you didn’t make a decision, right?

Obama’s leadership style seems to be rubbing off on his party. In a statement on Friday, Sen. Schumer(D-N.Y.) said, “I believe on these we should defer to the commander in chief on short term, immediate situations like this,..” Good luck with that one Chuck.

Remember the apology tour? Yeah.. images of Obama running around the world telling them how America would be different, American would no longer be, “dismissive”.  Obama’s White House has ignored the Libyan rebels, the American people, our Constitution, his duty, Israel, and so on. Dismissive is a way of life for the President. Barack Obama is unable to make any difficult decisions and certainly has no record of following through with action.

The only real accomplishment Obama has been given credit for is Obamacare. In reality, Nancy Pelosi should have been given credit as Obama did nothing more than go on tour, make speeches and complain about Tea Partiers. Then again, Rep. Pelosi did get the credit – she lost her Speakership.

Obama voted “present” at least 36 times as an Illinois Senator. Add at least one more for his position on Libya. The good news – on his next “We’re Sorry” tour, Obama will be apologizing only for himself.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I think its a little more than Obama being afraid of a decision or waiting it out. This is a more conscious act. He got the Lockerbee bomber freed and is now stalling on Libya. There is something really nasty hiding in Ghadaffis closet and I think it belongs to Barack.

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