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Speaker John Boehner Proving to be a Real Workhorse

       New House Speaker John Boehner, (pictured at left with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor) is proving to be a tireless Republican Leader in recent weeks of  intense bud-get planning in the House or Representatives. The amount of legislation being drawn up at a furious pace to try to slow down out massive debt problem is awe-inspiring at times.

Considering the Speaker’s humble roots and his having grown up, “Doing every dirty job imaginable”, as he stated during his acceptance of the gavel from Ex-Speaker Pelosi, it should come as no surprise that he is cracking the whip at all the House leaders to get real budget reforms proposed.
For those of you not keeping track of the pace of the Republican’s serious attempts at hacking away at our national deficits and debt,  Brian Darling lays it out nicely over at RedState.com*      

     “The House passed a long-term CR on February 19 by a 235–189 vote. The long-term CR funds the federal government for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011 and contains $61 billion in cuts from FY 2010 levels of spending.

    The House ended up with the $61 billion total after a week-long open debate with hundreds of amendments filed and a virtually unlimited amendment process. The House ended a five-day debate with over 40 hours of debate, over 500 amendments filed, over 150 amendments offered and over 100 recorded votes. This is extraordinary for the House, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) should be applauded for this relatively open process to consider a controversial appropriations measure.”   

    I have to agree with Brian here that the Speaker should receive very high marks for both his workhorse like attitude, and also for the House transparency that he promised and is now delivering. This is very refreshing after the last 4 years of Democratic demagoguery and gimmickry, in which bills were passed without proper debate or amendments. Speaker Boehner is faced with a major challenge in trying to produce the budgets cuts he has promised Americans, which include major obstruction from Obama and Senate Leader Harry Reid.     

      Speaker Boehner is showing his true conservative values in facing this challenge head-on without blinking, or withering under the onslaught of criticism from the very same  House Democrats that never even took the time to propose a solid budget last year. It will not be easy cleaning up the mess left by the Democrats over the last 4 years of massive spending and massive growth of Government, and we need to be somewhat patient while our plow-horse of a House Speaker steadily forges ahead, tearing up the ground of the big government debt we face today. Hang in there Sir,  help is on the way in 2012, when we take over the Senate, and clear the pathway for some real changes we can all believe in!


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I also think Boehner is doing a good job. There are some who say he’s not doing enough but he can only do so much. He’s not magical and can’t fix the budget over night. It will take time. At least he’s on the right track which is something we haven’t seen out of anyone else in awhile.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for commenting. Yes it will take time to undo 4 years of Democratic Nanny State, big spending rule of Congress.
    I like what I see so far from our Speaker.

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