General Letter to Wisconsin Citizens

Dear Fellow Wisconsin Citizens,

Praise God for those majority elected or minority unelected politicians who have unwavering support for their leader when he or she strives to do what’s best for the entire State of Wisconsin – and not only for a small subset of the population.

It is totally irrelevant that past governors, regardless of party, left a budget deficit for their successors to deal with. What matters now, is that there is an elected majority of officials who are attempting to do what’s absolutely, financially necessary for this state – in spite of the opposition minority; whining, union bought and owned, politicians (and their out of state union ‘masters’.)

  • It’s not better for Wisconsin when a minority of public union employees have more privileges than Wisconsin tax-payers.
  • It’s not better for ALL Wisconsinites that the state has to significantly raise property taxes to support union perks over Wisconsin tax-payers’ needs.
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin to raise the rate of business taxes so communities can continue to build Taj Mahal-like schools.
  • It’s not best for ALL Wisconsinites that a few get better pay and unreasonable ‘perks’ at the cost of other public employee jobs. Where’s the ‘love’ of fellow union ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in this selfish reasoning?
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin that this state be controlled by a rebellious minority group of  politicians and union thugs who are more concerned about votes, fat wallets and ‘their own’ causes than the well-being of this great state.

It’s never better for ANY part of the Federal or State governmental/judicial system when the few ‘decide’ for the many.  As evidenced in our own states’ liberal judicial system. Wisconsinites have to put up with a lone judge, functioning as a dictator, who is deciding what is ‘best’ (for all) even when she knows the majority of voters disagree with her decision.

If the majority of people in Wisconsin now decide to turn their backs on the very politicians they voted into office in November, by recalling them – shame on them. Those flip-flopping voters falsely elected politicians that they did not agree with. Those flip-flopping voters misled the politicians they voted into office into believing that they really did want an economically righteous change in Wisconsin –when they really did not! If this flip-flop vote happens, it will show that a majority of Wisconsin voters really are more concerned about the union privileges of a few, rather than what’s right for the State.

On the other hand, if the majority of law-abiding Wisconsin tax-payers really do believe that the majority of the politicians that they voted into office must do what’s best for Wisconsin – ALL of Wisconsin – they had better show it at the upcoming April elections. They had better show it when these selfish, self-centered, ‘union owned’ liberal voters get these recalls started or even implemented.

Here’s what fiscally responsible conservatives need to do:

FIRST: let those selfish, self-centered, liberal recall leaders or instigators know that you are not in favor of recalling a politician who was simply trying to do what they were elected to do by a majority. Talk to those anti-Wisconsin invaders in-person; call or email them.

SECOND: fiscally conservative, law-abiding, tax-paying Wisconsinites better show up at the polls and show that they’re really serious about getting this great State of Wisconsin back on financial track.

And as much as I love this state, I do not have to live in it. If a majority of Wisconsinites decide they want to substantially raise property and business taxes, I’ll move to a state where its citizens care more about the good of that state then they do for the good of a few. If a majority of ‘flip-flopping’ Wisconsin voters decide that they want to continue to make this a ‘tax-hell’ state for retired people, business owners and people who are wealthy, I will move. I will move to a state where the majority of the people in that state encourage retired people to reside in that state because it’s ‘tax-friendly’ to those older people who’ve been faithfully paying their fair share of taxes all their lives. I’ll move to a state that encourages businesses to flock to that state because of great tax breaks and/or tax incentives. If Wisconsin becomes a state where the majority of its voters decide that the law-abiding wealthy business owners of Wisconsin need to be excessively taxed (simply) because they’re wealthy, I’ll move. I’ll move to a state that encourages wealthy business owners to come to their state; use America’s great system of free-market capitalism and make as much money as you want; we won’t ‘hammer tax’ you in our state.

There was a time when this great country was once split over the rights of an individual to own people and the constitutional rights of a man to be free. Imagine it; American citizens willing to kill fellow citizens just so they could have the ‘right’ to own a person. This country was so divided over this issue that one family member was willing to kill another family member for each other’s rights. (Very similar to today’s union/non-union ‘rights’ split.) The problem with America’s Civil War was that one side was wrong. Greed ‘drove’ people ‘over the edge.’ Selfish, self-interests ‘pushed’ the hidden ‘dark side’ (a side we all have) to the surface in America’s Civil War. Personal, self-centered desires drove every-day Americans to the point that they were willing to destroy this nation before they would give up their (unconstitutional) ‘rights’ to own fellow human beings. So you tell me which ‘side’ was wrong?

Now I know that not all union people are selfish, self-centered, union owned sheep. Some union people do think and act for themselves.  Now is the time for ALL Wisconsinites to ‘stand up’ for citizens rights—– not union perks. As I go through my daily life I going to remind people that I would be willing to give it all for the America, with all her wonderful freedoms and liberties.  I am also going to remind people that I would have been willing to fight and die to protect the constitutional rights of Black American citizens. Citizens held against their will. Citizens who were even being told how to think and act! But I’m also going to remind people that I would not be willing to fight or give my life for a labor union. I am not willing to destroy this state so that public workers can continue to live a life of pomp. I find it kind of ironic though that labor unions do ‘deny’ free human beings the freedom to think and act for themselves, and ‘hold’ (some) of their people against their will. You would think an intelligent free people would not once again allow themselves to be ‘owned.’

Wisconsin citizens, you need to see that the budget ‘war’ going on today in Wisconsin is not the ‘people’ against the governor. It’s a ‘war’ between a small, selfish minority of lawless tax-payers, and a majority of selfless tax-payers who care about the economic well-being of this state more than their jobs. (I find it sad that wise, intelligent union people and union leaders can’t see that what’s best for all Wisconsinites: good jobs, good family environments, and low taxes, is the very things Governor Walker is proposing.)  What’s going on right now in our state is a ‘war’ between Wisconsin tax-payers who care more about this state then they do about the collective bargaining ‘rights’ of a few.

Fellow Americans, we need to wake up. We need to see how far our fellow citizens were once willing to go to ‘feed’ their selfish, evil, self-satisfying desires. We best not make that mistake again. We must squelch this anti-American, anti-State, anti ‘what’s best for all’ movement before these people become like ‘rabid’ dogs—–a people out of even their own-control.

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Rich Mitchell

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