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FL Gov Scott Opens New Website: REAL Transparency in Gov’t.

      Breaking Florida news : 

     Governor Scott LAUNCHES WEBSITE AND

     Opens State Salary Database to the Public


Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today launched a new website that will serve the public by providing access to frequently requested public records and other information, including a state employee salary database.

The new website is located at and contains the following information (and more):

  • Public access to state employee salary information.
  • Contract records, including approved, denied and “under review” contracts.
  • Information on rulemaking status and procedures.
  • Annualized retirement benefit calculations of $100,000 and more for state and local employees (personal information redacted).
  • Links to other open government resources.

  Thank you Governor Scott, this is real transparency that the people voted for in 2010. Maybe the Obama administration can take some notes here.

“This useful tool enhances public access to government records so taxpayers can see how their tax dollars are being spent,” said Governor Scott.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Good for Governor Scott. We need something like that in every state. We need it federally even more. Obama originally said everything would be laid out for all to see what was going on with Government. Well obviously he lied. Maybe in 2012 we can have a REAL President who would do this.

  2. Hi Carol,

    What i find interesting is how Democrats and other self-important know-it-alls down here are whining and saying this will add to the debt .. in 2014. These same people don’t stop and ask themselves how we acquired 6 trillion dollars of more debt in America AFTER Pelosi started her fake Pay-Go scheme. If they were paying for everything as they went, how in the hell did they rack up so much debt ?

    That is the Liberal math for you, 6 trillion in new debt added sine Democrats took over Congress. Yet there was Pelosi on the House floor on TV trying to tell the world they didnt increase the debt by one penny. And many sheep are ignorant enough to believe that bull.

    Since when is it a bad thing to actually paying people for performance in this damn country? If you are a good teacher who actually cares about your students, then you will approve of this new law. On the other hand if you are an incompetent Union member who is raking in 100k for doing a poor job, you will be fired. To improve our education system here in Florida we have got to trim the fat(cats), that arent worth the bloated salaries and huge benefits packages.

    Unions buy politicians through campaign financing and support, then those same politicians give them raises and job preference, whether they are good workers or not. That has come to an end here in Florida now. This is how we will get the most bang for our tax buck and the students will benefit greatly.

  3. This information has always been available under the Sunshine Law. Nothing new, ask a librarian.

    1. Oh really? Then can you show me a website created just for that purpose before this one? This gives the people instant transparency, it has very little to do with the Sunshine law as it doesnt take information requests to get the information like before.

      In one of his first acts upon taking office, Gov. Rick Scott embraced Florida’s strong Sunshine laws by re-establishing the Office of Open Government — a very welcome executive order.

      That decree also sanctioned a ***new Code of Ethics*** for his office and ordered his staff to compose a policy to implement recent recommendations by a statewide grand jury investigation into government corruption — another promising step.
      Ask a librarian? What are ya living back in the 50’s? This is about instant transparency, the Sunshine law allowed things like the numerous examples of corruption here in Florida I point to here at CDN to go unchecked for years.

      Ask a librarian? For transparency in our government? Oh that is rich.

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