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Allen West vs. CAIR Round 2

Rep. Allen West held a town-hall meeting last night in Florida, and once again a representative from CAIR showed up with their standard leftist talking points disguised as questions. If  you missed the beginning of this ideological battle between LCT West and CAIR you can see it here. In keeping with CAIR’s leftist tactics of trying to discredit/ marginalise a true American Patriot such as 22-year military vet Rep. Allen West, we see that West does not back down an inch from the truth being told. This man has been there and done that, he has seen firsthand the dangers and oppression inherent in the Radical Ideology and no one is going to *blow smoke up his butt* and tell him otherwise.

Recently, a bus in Israel was blown up, one woman killed and many more injured by the so-called religion of peace. The Fogel family was murdered and a 3-year old baby had his throat slit by these same fanatics operating under the guidelines of Jihadist war against non-Muslims that is outlined in the Koran. CAIR can send every leftist-talking-point propagandist they have in their arsenal at West, but this true Patriot Warrior will never back down. Hold your ground Colonel, we have your back. In the meantime, tighten up your security, and keep your M1911 .45 handy, as these people do not like being exposed by infidels who will not bend to their will.  America needs true leadership, so watch your back please.

After being made complete fools of in their first encounter with Col. West, one would think CAIR would have learned from that tactical mistake, but no, in keeping with the leftist tactics of trying to discredit anyone with an opposite view, they sentanother misguided puppet of Islam to do try to engage in a battle of  will against Col. West once again last night. The results were quite the same, as we saw in round one of this battle of attrition, in the above linked video. Here is the West vs CAIR puppets round 2 video:

With true Patriotic Americans such as Rep. Allen West fighting for America, it certainly does look like we are Winning the Future for all Americans.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. It is CAIR that has the ear of the White House and the DOJ. Their demands are being carried out now.

    They want all reference to Islam, Muslim and jihadism, everything connected to who are the most likely

    to commit an act of terrorism wiped out of all law enforcement training manuels They want criticism of Islam to be a CRIME of discrimination. With crime
    there’s punishment. Tom Perez is taking it under consideration. All involved in it were pleased. Feeling creepy yet? If you go to

    discoverthenetworks.com….david horowitz’s web site you’ll find everything that’s detrimental to America.

    There are plans to slowly work in Sharia. The kids textbooks are full of falsehoods about Islam and

    America. The Islamization of America by Pamela Geller says it all. Hope It is OK to put the book in.

    We’re in deep trouble because of the liberal PC and fear of standing up for ourselves. Isn’t it better for

    us to push back now than taking the chance of Sharia law?? CAIR is claiming all kinds

    Islamophobic dirty deeds. Most are lies. There are far more acts against Jews and Christians.

    Pure Propaganda and dangerous. The soros funded TLC tv show on Sundays is…American Muslim.

    A show to tell us to relax, they’re just like us which might have helped if it wasn’t filled with untruths.

    More propaganda.

    1. Why was my comment pulled for profanity etc?? I couldn’t find anything wrong. If there is something

      would you let me know so I won’t do it again. Thank you, coyotecanyon


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