Why Conservative Legislators Must Keep Obamacare Repeal in the Media

Conservative law makers are continuing to talk up the repeal or replacement of Unfordable Patient Rationing of Care Act of 2010 (artistic license claimed).  Liberal law makers are doing everything they can to make it a negative against the right-leaning legislators.

John Boehner may very well lead the House to a near veto-proof vote to repeal Obamacare.  The Senate, under a slight Democrat majority, will be a tighter vote.  It would seem that the repeal of the most expensive, under-funded progressive mandate in history will be difficult at best, so why pursue it?

Conservatives were promised an up-or-down vote

John Boehner and the GOP-led House are living up to a campaign promise – a concept foreign to liberals.  This will force every one of the pro-big government progressives on record as stopping the repeal.  As a poll from January 3rd shows,  60% of Americans now favor the repeal of Health Care Reform and 2012 is just next year.  Putting the far left wing extremists on record as destroyers of individual liberty and ignoring the will of the people is a plus for future Republican House members.

Keep a Negative in the Fore-front

Even if the repeal fails, continuing to keep the negative aspects of Health Care reform on the T.V., in the newspapers and in online media will continue to embolden Americans against the massive government overreach that Obamacare represents – and they will know who to blame.

Pile that on with the extreme gas prices that are sure to visit us after the drilling moratorium, E15 ethanol increase and the expected real inflation from porkulus, QE2 and many other failed Keynesian measures and you have Jimmy Carter part II.  Food and Fuel prices will go through the roof, Obamacare will be shown to be too expensive to fund at both the State and Federal level, and liberal and RINO’s will take the heat for it – very soon.

Sets the Stage for Fixing Health Care Reform

If the vote for repeal fails or Obama vetoes it, voter anger against the Democrats for opposing the people’s will should lead moderate Democrats to be more open to changes in the legislation that might just make it palatable.  We could see tort reform, removal of the mandate, changes in Medicaid rules to relieve the State’s of funding Health Care Reform, allow the purchase of insurance across state lines and many other reforms that would actually make a difference.

It Just Might Work

There is the outside chance that between legislative persistence and load vocal support for repeal from the American public that it could succeed.  Obama is showing that he is already concerned about his prospects for 2012 as he pushed Gibbs out of the White House to start campaigning for him (as if Obama ever stopped campaigning).  If liberals start to feel that 2012 will be another progressive bloodbath, they may decide to be absent or vote for repeal – especially in moderate districts.

Conservatives have to keep Obama’s health care reform bill in the fore front of American’s minds for the next 22 months or until it is repealed or replaced because that’s what the people want.

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Rich Mitchell

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