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New Whitehouse COS, Bill Daley. Capitalist, or Socialist?

New Whitehouse Chief of Staff  Mr William Daley was on the TV over the weekend, making some interesting statements aimed at the current GOP message of cutting spending and debt reductions. When Mr. Daley was appointed by the President to replace Rahm Emanual. the media was quick to celebrate him as a person who understands capitalism and who will work well with the GOP on heavy issues, such as reducing the National Debt.  That stated honeymoon came crashing down to reality Sunday, while on CBS’  “Face the Nation” where Daley made some interesting statements which were posted on The Chicago Tribune/ Nation and World* Sometimes it is all-telling what is left out of an article when searching for the truth. While The Chicago tribune continues to paint Chicago’s own Daley as a savvy businessman/capitalist, one statement Daley made didn’t make it into this article or any others that I can find so far. They do stay on message that tries to show Obama as a Centrist all of a suddden:

“William Daley, the new White House chief of staff, in his first Sunday television appearance, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” program that his past experience as a businessman tells him government investments in private enterprise, along with spending cuts, are the best way to spark the economy.”

“We all agree there must be cuts to this government,” Daley said. With the U.S. debt climbing to record levels, he urged patience, noting that Obama’s current plan for a five-year freeze in spending would save $400 billion.

First of all, Mr Obama’s spending “freeze” is not a cut, and there is no way to actually prove what, if any savings will be achieved. That would be like a person saying they will only spend as much as they have spent last year while taking a paycut at work, and while they are 6 months behind on their mortgage and car payments. That doesn’t work in the real world. A person has to live within their means of they lose their home, car  and end up bankrupt. They have to stop spending money they do not have, plain and simple. That is called economics 101 and it applies to families, businesses, and yes, even big bloated government. What part of this “cut spending” doesn’t Mr. Daley, the vaunted businessman understand here ? In what appears to be another smoke and mirror job in painting Mr. Daley as the Centrist Savior Capitalist that proves Mr. Obama has changed his Liberal stripes, the truth can be found in what was not printed in The Chicago Tribune piece. I heard it on the TV today, yet one line is left out of every single article on this interview.

Mr. Daley stated in his interview on CBS’ Face the nation, that, ” We have got into the hole over many years, ( blaming prior admins again) and “No businesses, when they get in trouble, just cut, and has much of a business left when the cycle comes back.” Then he goes on to say what Obama is talking about is “investing.”  You can watch the complete interview on metacafe. **  The 10 minute mark is where Mr. Daley makes his pitch for more irresponsible spending, via the new Obama codeword “investments.”  The USA is $14.5 trillion dollars in debt. We got that way by the now vaunted “investing” in America that our Congress has been doing for decades. Usually when people talk about investing in the business world, they are taking a risk based on projected returns on initial investments. If a company is bankrupt and has been operating at a loss for decades, who would be ignorant enough to risk their own money on that company without new management proving to them that there is  a stated plan to make a profit ?  That plan would include cutting waste and non-profitable sections of the company while installing strict oversight and accounting practices. It surely would not include continuing to write checks on a business account that is $14.5 Trillion dollars in the red.

So when the media paints Mr. Daley as the “New Centrist Obama Savior” when it comes to stopping the reckless spending in DC today, we are seeing that it is pretty much the same old Liberal song and dance of  putting this country into irrecoverable debt. New face, same old con job.



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  1. Hi Carol,

    While I do agree that Obama has made a habit of hiring blatantly unqualified people for most positions in his cabinet, this Bill Daley is a very different character. Both parties say he is a genius in business management and budgeting, yet I don’t really see him being much more than another politician. I know I wouldnt let him near any business I ever owned. This guy has been bought and paid for by the left, period. As I have shown in my article here, his words don’t match up with the trumped up image the media has tried to fool us with. Whatever his past creds, he is nothing more than another Obama puppet/ stage prop today.Otherwise he wouldnt have made the phony investment statement just like Obama did in the SOTU.

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