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Fed Audit Finds Obama Administration Not Enforcing Border Laws

The San Antonio Express-News printed a front-page article today highlighting an audit that was done by the Homeland Security Department’s Office of the Inspector General.

U.S. Border agents are failing to fully enforce laws requiring U.S., Mexican, and Canadian citizens to present passports or other documents to enter the United States.

Basically, people are entering the United States without any identification whatsoever.  Not only is this an illegal immigration issue, but it is an issue of National Security.  In May of this year, reported that Federal officials were issuing warnings of terrorist crossing our southern border:

The warning follows an indictment unsealed this month in Texas federal court that accuses a Somali man in Texas of running a “large-scale smuggling enterprise” responsible for bringing hundreds of Somalis from Brazil through South America and eventually across the Mexican border. Many of the illegal immigrants, who court records say were given fake IDs, are alleged to have ties to other now-defunct Somalian terror organizations that have merged with active organizations like Al Shabaab, al-Barakat and Al-Ittihad Al-Islami
The federal government warned itself of terrorists crossing from Mexico and then failed to enforce its own document and identification regulations.
The failure of Obama’s administration to enforce the laws of the United States is well documented.  Especially when those laws would hurt Democrat party objectives.  You can pile this federal audit finding right on top of the report on the actions taken on the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.  It would appear that no law will be enforced that does not match Obama’s ideology.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I don’t suppose you realize that equating the actions of border control agents, who are neither employed by the “Obama administration” or whose positions aren’t even remotely controlled by said administration, with the policies of the Obama administration is about as far from a rational argument as you can get, right?

    1. Wow.. you lefties really do make it easy. This was an audit performed by the Homeland Security Department’s Inspector General – which you would have know had you read the post, but you didn’t. You just whipped out that old, tired liberal tactic of saying anything to confuse the facts.

      So allow an American with real facts to educate you better than the public school system and Obama’s talking points allow you to do for yourself.

      Customs and Border Security is a division of the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Janet Napalitano is Obama’s appointee and OBAMA ADMINISTRATION MEMBER.

      As I prefer to back up my facts with references: check out the Department of Home Security’s own website where they make it clear how CBP fits into the adminsitration:

      To make sure you don’t miss the important parts:

      “United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is one of the Department of Homeland Security’s largest and most complex components, with a priority mission of keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. It also has a responsibility for securing and facilitating trade and travel while enforcing hundreds of U.S. regulations, including immigration and drug laws.”

  2. As far from rational as you can get? How about the little fact that Napolitano is a hand-picked appointee of Barack Hussein Obama? That little fact must have slipped by the puppet product of leftist propaganda while he was getting his info from Media Matters or

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