Even With Recent Losses, Congressional Democrats Double-Down

Democrat-led Congress gambles America's moneyAh, the ever famous black-jack bet.  Good or bad, not knowing what the outcome might be the gambler doubles his bet.  Damn the consequences.

Granted, in Vegas they supply alcohol to dull the decision-making and soften the blow, but in Congress, alcohol is replaced with the all-devouring drug:  power.

With less than three weeks of Congressional time left, the Democrat-controlled Congress is likely to keep pushing the progressive agenda by forcing yet another left-wing extremist law down our throats – the “DREAM” act.

The country has no budget, the largest tax hike in history is on the horizon (the Obama tax hike) and we are all about to be hit with AMT all because Democrats chose to kick their real work down the road like an election-winning tin can.  The only problem?  They didn’t win the election so now .. they just have a tin can.

If the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress doesn’t do the work Americans elected them to do, the new Republican-led House of Representatives will be left with the largest Congressional mess in recent history.  They will have to reverse all of the Obama tax hikes to take us back to at least 2010 levels.  They will have to put together a budget that reverses the last 6 years of Congressional over-spending.  They will have to do .. what the people want.

Nancy won’t, Harry has no choice and the slim number of remaining reasonable (aka Blue Dog) Democrats will probably do whatever their district’s or state’s polls tell them to.

At this point in the Congressional calendar, why is everyone worried about ear marks?  Wait until February..   For now, we need a budget, we don’t want our taxes to go through the roof (can you handle ~$300/ month more coming out of your paycheck?), and AMT is not for the middle class (wait until we have to pay taxes like “the rich” – it won’t be as rosy as the libdergardners make it).

Shouldn’t Congress be doing the the business of the people?  Not Nancy’s business, not Obama’s business, not Harry’s business – OUR business.  If not, Congress may feel the people do their business.

Clothing is about to shoot through the roof:

Some companies will try to move clothing production to a cheaper venue to offset higher material costs, according to the New York Times. Others will try to shave the bottom line by switching to synthetics, but that strategy is proving dicey. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that polyester is also growing more expensive, up by as much as 25%, again due to demand of the same manufacturers looking for an alternative to cotton, as well as fluctuations in oil prices

A realistic price survey shows that everything else is going to hell:

..new pricing survey of products sold at the world’s largest retailer (Wal-Mart) showed a 0.6 percent price increase in just the last two months, according to MKM Partners. At that rate, prices would be close to four percent higher a year from now, double the Fed’s mandate

And we’ve all started to feel the rising price of gasoline:

Take a look for example at the stats on gasoline. Gas prices soared, rising from a national average $2.694 the week of the Fed meeting when they signaled QE2 to a staggering $2.865 which is an increase of $.17 a gallon. That already seems to have impacted demand as the MasterCard SpendingPulse reported that gasoline demand hit a 6 week low and has fallen for 4 weeks in a row. MasterCard said that gas demand has fallen to an average of 8.99 million barrels a day..

Will the government concentrate on our pocketbooks or theirs?  Sure, Charlie Rangel is a recognized veteran – of the military and Congress, but he’s old guard.  Most of the remaining Democrats are starting to realize that they also are relics of a time long past and that without modification, may become history like those that fell victim to the tsunami of 2010.

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