The Wheels have come off of Axle’s Rod

David Axelrod

Can you imagine the agony it must be to be named David Axelrod? Being named after a shaft is bad enough – but try to envision his complete frustration at his own friggin’ incompetence. After all, it is his job to shape our opinions, mold our perceptions, and frame our dialogue concerning his lord and master Barack Obama. Truth be told, Axelrod’s job description is nothing short of manipulating our minds – brainwashing, as it were. And at that task Axelrod has been a miserable failure.

No wonder word on the street is that Axelrod’s influence within Obama’s inner circle is on the wane. It seems he is being held accountable for his failures. We are currently being spun a story that Axelrod will be leaving the White House staff sometime around March of 2011 so that he can move back to Chicagoland and work on Obama’s re-election campaign. And this is really kind of funny when you think about it because Obama is publicly trying to keep us guessing as to whether or not he is going to run for another term. Which brings up another point – considering Axelrod’s abysmal performance this year leading up to the midterm elections, if you were Obama would you want Axelrod performing the same quality of work on your presidential campaign for the 2012 elections? Of course not! Axelrod has got to be just a tad bit paranoid every time the phone rings and caller ID reads “Captain Kickass.”

Axelrod is presiding over the Democrat’s propaganda machine leading up to the midterm elections of 2010. Nice work for a guy with a mustache and a big mouth. The only problem is that he is better at electing Republicans than he is at electing Democrats. Everything Axelrod has tried this year has failed to stick. The lie machine must be broken, or at least the credibility circuit must be on the fritz. Let’s consider the memes the Democrats have used leading up to the elections this year:

  • Tea Party candidates are insane
  • Tea Party candidates are extremists
  • Tea Party candidates are racists
  • It is all George W. Bush’s fault
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using foreign money to finance campaign ads for the Tea Party
  • The American voters are afraid and thusly can’t think straight
  • Obama makes Einstein look like a brainless dweeb
  • We will fall in love with ObamaCare just as soon as we understand it
  • The recession is over
  • Obama has created millions of new jobs
  • Prosecuting terrorists in America rather than in military tribunals is a wonderful thing
  • The future of America is at stake so don’t vote for Tea Party Candidates
  • The Supreme Court acted stupidly
  • Obama is for gays in the military although he has instructed the Justice Department to appeal a federal judge’s order to dismantle DADT
  • Obama is not a socialist

The list of Axelrod’s failures goes on and on and on and on. But nothing Axelrod has tried has stemmed the rising conservative tide that will flood over Washington D.C. on November 2, 2010. Axelrod is like that little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke (yes that is spelled correctly). Nothing Axelrod has tried has had even the slightest dampening effect on the enthusiasm of the growing coalition of anti-Obama forces. If you have any pity at all for Axelrod please send a couple of boxes of Depends to him at the White House. He is crapping his pants now. This isn’t how it was supposed to turn out.

Axelrod’s former boss, Dick Morris, who hired Axelrod to assist him in the White House during the Clinton years, is now openly contemptuous of his former protégé. Click below to hear Morris ream Axelrod a new one over ObamaCare.


The American people have Axelrod’s number. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be David Axelrod. Axelrod and company managed to pull a fast one over the voter’s eyes during the 2008 presidential election. But, having seen Obama’s consistently bad policy moves over the past two years, the American people have had enough of the lunacy. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me,” is what the voters are now saying in response to Axelrod’s propaganda. They’re not falling for it again. The bloom is off Obama’s rose and now Axelrod is merely a thorn in the president’s side. His constant attempts to pull yet another fast one on America have had the reverse of the intended effect that Axelrod intended. Now, every time that Axelrod floats another piece of propaganda to see if it will stick, the voters are tossing it right back at him:

Here are some recent comments about Axelrod from bloggers across the fruited plain:

  • Axelrod marketed Barack Obama as a “transformational” leader who would “change the culture” of Washington and bring America into a blissful “post-racial” era because it was “time” for a black president, with the clear message for whites being that if you won’t vote for Obama, then it must be because you’re a racist.
  • David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel and other senior staff members are leaving the administration after the gathering electoral storm strikes the Democrats on 2 November.
  • Axelrod? Is the guy with the Hitler mustache? Yeah, he’s got credibility.
  • He’s an idiot…
  • Maybe yes, maybe no, but he sure as he11 is a commie!
  • Not only is he a snob, he’s an asshole too.
  • Somebody get Axelrod help…
  • The Axe is a filthy guy. He built his Chicago business on spinning lies about important subjects to reflect the libtard (anti-American) point of view. How would he know what the truth is about anything?
  • Errrmmmm…does anybody not set the obvious reply to Axelrod? Obama isn’t a snob??  Hey Dave, DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF THAT HE ISN’T???
    Axelrod is right, President Obama isn’t a snob. Snobs are people who only think they are better than us. According to Axelrod, President Obama is clearly better than all of us.

The wheels have come off of Axle’s rod. The bus is tilting. It appears that Axelrod will soon be joining the wave of Obama minions who are scattering to the seven winds. Once the genie got out of the bottle there has been nothing Axelrod could do to get it back in there.

He’s history. It does not matter if he retains his job or not. It is over. His ability to fool America has passed. He can’t get the job done. He’s history.

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