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Securing Our Southern Border

While the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has declared that “The border is as secure now as it has ever been” which is a complete joke, there are several reports of Illegal Aliens committing murder, home invasions, and rapes, more and more reports of gunfights on and over the border, heavily armed drug smugglers, and human trafficking.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama took a different view.In a speech about Immigration Reform (not border security) he echoes Napalitano that the borders are as secure as ever by stating that, “We have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history “, “Crime along the border is down” and “The Southern Border is more secure today then at any time in the past 20 years.” he later backpedaled with this statement,

“But our borders are just to vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols, it won’t work.Our borders will not be secure as long as our limited resources are devoted to not only stopping gangs and potential terrorists but also the hundreds of thousands who attempt to cross each year simply to find work.”

Well Mr. Obama, you can and need to secure the border because your policy, on We can’t do it, is endangering American Lives. Now here’s my plan:

1. The Mexican Drug Gangs, have turned the American border into a warzone, then we must mobilize our military to respond to this naked aggression. These gangs even have terroristic plans to blow up a dam in Texas , maintain lookout towers in the Arizona desert, have made assassination threats on Arizona police, and have even conducted a coordinated attack on the Mexican Army.

If that doesn’t constitute a war zone then tell me where to buy fairie dust to feed my unicorn because I’m freshout.

US Army and National Guard Border Defence Initiative

Deploy the Army and National Guard to secure the Border

1. FOB Forward Operating Base, Main base for localized US forces and Command Hub for all operations within that FOB’s determined jurisdiction.

2. Static Guard/Overwatch posts Strategically spaced to control all traffic attempting to enter the US through illegal avenues of approach.

3. LP/OP Listening Posts/Observation Posts to maintiain lookouts on possible avenues of approach in either a static or random patrol fashion.

4. Vehicle/Foot Patrols of known high traffic areas, and random sweeps of other areas on a random basis.

5. Aerial patrols with coordinated QRF Quick Reaction Force response to control the situation on the ground.

6. I/R Internment & Resettlement camps. Hasty ones setup at the static overwatch posts and large rear facilities at the FOB will be maintained to turn over Illegal aliens to ICE. Subjects will be transfered from hasty to rear as soon as possible and in turn to the INS as soon as possible.

Its a simple plan, highly possible, and no doubt costly, but the problem cannot be ignored.
While the military is holding down the border the Federal Govt needs to begin building a wall that would make the Great Wall of China blush. Said wall must be reminiscent of a Castle/Fortress wall. Border patrol will maintain lookout towers and response teams on and within the wall.

This secures the border and will attempt to hold back traffic the rest is up to the Federal Govt. With the Military holding down the border, ICE agents & Border Patrol are freed up to pursue those that overstay tier Visa’s and hold them accountable, as well as conduct true illegal immigration raids on businesses as opposed to “Silent Raids” which leave the illegal without a job, but not a deportation, which gives them a choice between becoming a criminal or living off of Welfare Programs. Businesses need to be held accountable for the employment of illegals and steep penalties and aggressive enforcement must be conducted. Also necessary is to simply turn off each and every entitlement that Illegal Aliens are able to draw from. If there are no benefits to coming illegally, they will simply stop coming that way.

All this depends on the Federal Govt, which has made its case that everythings fine on the border, its America’s laws that are bad. Therefor the burden has fallen to the states to defend themselves. My recommendation for that is

State Border Defense Program

The state must attempt to secure its International Border because the Federal Government refuses to do enough to handle it properly.
1. Deploy the National Guard. I know this is a difficult one because the states are all near the fiscal edge.

2. Border Patrol Cooperation. Provide Law Enforcement officials and experienced volunteers, once cleared by a background check, to augment and assist The Border Patrol in day to day operations.

3. Independent Law Enforcement Sweeps. In the absense of Federal Cooperation the State must still attempt to have a back-up security ring behind the failing Border Patrol. The State can then accept and clear experienced volunteers, form them into teams led by Law Enforcement Officials and patrol known locations of High Activity for Drug Gangs and human trafficking. Patrols can be on foot, vehicle, or horseback. Detainees would be handled by Sworn Law Enforcement Officials only and overturned to ICE as soon as possible.

The key to security is high visibility, if they know you are active and there, they may stop coming, especially if all the benifits of crossing illegally have been removed. If you accept the Obama’s Imigration speech at face value, then we are all xenophobic hate-mongers trying to hold down people from another country simply looking for a better life, and that is far from the truth. The concern here is National Security, rampant crime, and loss of life, and we must put a stop to it and encourage people to come in the front door, not the back.

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One Comment

  1. CA, AZ, NM & TX Army National Guard cannot be mobilized and maintained in any significant strength on the border without Federal cooperation and funding. Besides, the Border Patrol Union doesn’t want non-union meddlers breaking their rice bowl.

    The California State Military Reserve, New Mexico State Defense Force, and Texas State Guard could be mobilized and mustered into State active duty, at State expense, with all the economic disruption that goes with requiring employed, productive tax payers to leave their private sector jobs to become paid agents of the State.

    Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics. The logistics required for effective defense of the Mexican-U.S. frontier will never be provided unless the people currently in power can be removed and replaced by people who honestly believe that America really is under attack and truly deserves to be defended.

    1. I am aware, and mention the states do not have the funds. I also mention using Law Enforcement and volunteer forces with Law Enforcement to conduct Security Sweeps through known High Traffic areas, something Sheriff Joe Apaio has been doing. My state solution is obviously not the end all, but a temporary solution till we indeed vote out those in power that are allowing this situation to continue for political gain.

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