Do Liberals Have America's Best Interest At Heart?

Liberals are pulling together an agenda that raises more questions than answers.  The left presents themselves as compassionate, protectors of the little-guy.  Upon examining their positions, it would appear that the left is interested in protecting anyone but Americans.

The left voices staunch support for illegal immigration.  Are they actually giving permission for foreign nationals to commit a federal crime in our country?  Yes, they can!  In a right-of-center country, the only way to get more liberal votes is to buy them.  Legal immigration is a great thing and America needs many hard-working individuals to go through that process, but having Mexican President Calderone come to our country, dismiss our laws, scold our law enforcement efforts and get a standing ovation from the liberals in Congress for disparaging our great nation .. is a disgrace and the utmost in hypocrisy.  Who are those Democrats in Congress representing?  The illegals.. or Americans?  Rhetorical question…

Certainly, the Gulf oil spill is a terrible disaster, but the solutions coming from the left don’t even make sense.  On Monday, the liberal media was crying for the nationalization of BP.

If the government can take over giant global insurer AIG and the auto giant General Motors and replace their CEOs, in order to keep them financially solvent, it should be able to put BP’s north American operations into temporary receivership

Over the weekend the government had already admitted that they do not posses the technology or know-how to “plug the damn hole.”  Why would you hand the experts over to an American bureaucratic mess?  Our government can’t do anything efficiently or effectively – heck, now health care reform is apparently not going to be as awesome as we were promised, Katrina wasn’t all that well done, and even the post office is being evaluated as unsustainable.   The left seems ready to ditch the constitution in order to destroy corporations.. how exactly will Americans have jobs without businesses?  We can’t all work for the government – we will run out of other people’s money at some point (check Greece).  Then again, maybe we wouldn’t have to be doing this expensive and risky type of exploration if the environmentalists would allow exploration on land, building of windmill farms in the Northwest, more solar fields in the deserts.. but they won’t.  The government buys all the mineral-rich land, the lefty enviro-nuts fight windmills(although I hate them too, they aren’t cost-effective at all)

Columbia Energy Partners wants to build 200 wind turbines (small ones at only 25 stories tall) along the edge of the Steens Mountain Wilderness. What could be better? No one lives there – so the incessant hum from the turbines will not affect people.. Who would not want this free, renewable, clean, energy coming from this desolate corner of the state?  The environmentalists, that’s who.

Unions are also preventing the building of solar farms in… the desert.

Tessera Solar plans to plant 34,000 solar dishes — each one 40 feet high and 38 feet wide — on 8,230 acres of the Mojave Desert in Southern California.. The labor group, called California Unions for Reliable Energy, sent an attorney and biologist to testify at the hearing. The group has come under fire for inundating developers who decline to sign labor agreements with demands that they conduct scores of costly environmental studies on their solar projects.

The joke about the definition of a liberal being someone laying on the floor with no electricity… is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In a confusing flurry of support, the left has been sparing no effort to get a Muslim Mosque built at the site of the 9-11 terror attack – ground zero.  Why is it so important to build a mosque there?  Wouldn’t the Muslim followers of New York be just as served by a Mosque a few blocks the other way?  Shouldn’t the Muslim leadership realize the strife this will cause and offer to build at a site further away?  Why is it that the families of the the 2,976(yeah, I subtracted the 19 dead terrorists from the death toll) that died in the towers should be distressed?  Liberal compassion – an oxymoron.

Immediate support for the armed thugs on the Palestine “flotilla” before any investigation took place is, at best, questionable.  Not one mention of the IDF position, the videos of the Israeli soldiers being beaten, or the fact that the Israeli defense force members that dropped onto the ship had .. paintball guns as their primary weapons and that they had to ask for approval to use their sidearms once the “peaceful” flotilla members started shooting at them, trying to stab them and swinging bats at them.  Of course, the left is required to omit the fact that a known terrorist organization funded the flotilla.  Imagine if Americans were being attacked on their home soil by citizens from a nearby, poverty-stricken, ill-governed country… oh wait, already happening.  Moving on, wouldn’t the American Coast Guard stop and board ships to make sure they aren’t doing something illegal? .. hmm, yup that’s also happening.  Then again, if some small nearby country were trying to build-up the capability to attack the U.S. would we put a blockade up?  No.. er.. well, except that Democrat Kennedy and that little Caribbean island , but …

Many of the progressive purists see socialism as the answer to all the woes of capitalism.  Posts are rampant on twitter of how welfare is the cure for the ills of capitalism, how corporations are the entire cause of hardship of the average citizen.  Look around, without those corporations, that capitalism, unions wouldn’t have anyone to bankrupt.

Capitalism is suffering at the hands of the entitlement-happy left.  More for me, me, and me.  Liberalism should be spelled with more than two I’s, because it’s based on that sole principle – what’s in it for me.  Lofty entitlement programs are failing all over Europe.  Europe has spent a generation reigning in corporations, pushing progressive taxation and giving generous national entitlements – now they’re broke.  California is feeling the pain of trying hard to emulate the failed socialistic European model – it doesn’t work – it has never worked – not once.  Capitalism may fail, but only because it is being burdened by the weight of socialistic big-government.

So basically, liberals want to shut down big oil (and any other job-producing company), windmills, solar farms, allow felons to vote, protect terrorists that wish to do harm to an ally, nationalize a foreign corporation (that will be harder than the takeover of GM and AIG – they were U.S. corporations), protect all religions other than the two that are at American Judeo-Christian roots, and allow the building of a religious facility of which the murderers of 2900+ Americans invoked.  These are highly-selfish motives that serve no greater purpose and prove little forethought.  Who or what are they supporting?

I often remember the quote mis-attributed to W. Churchill and G.B. Shaw, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brainand wonder if perhaps the left is just still stuck in the childish, “where’s mine” mentality or if it’s something more well thought-out.  Other than the fundamental transformation of America into another failed socialist enclave, what could be the purpose?   Perhaps there aren’t any.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Seeing what this oil is doing to our shores and wildlife is just terrible. The longer this goes on, the less the country will care – just like Katrina. I feel so bad for the people whose entire worlds are turned upside down.

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